Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Exuberant Irrationality

Mowk wrote:Wow that's some irrational rant.

Exuberant Irrationality

Rationality doesn't exist, everything is wrong (and right) at the same time, just give up. The economy needs mistakes more than anything else, it needs stupid people more than anything else, people making huge debts and unable to pay, buying things, huge home improvement projects that then can't be paid back and such. The economy is an On Going Process with no inherent rationality, just a lot of changes for changes sake, alot of different people doing all kinds of things, it needs stupid just as much as smart. One in every three american workers change jobs every year, that is science fiction for puny Europe and JAPAN, they are old, stagnant, static economies, too "smart" and careful and conservative to grow, too educated and careful and such. That is why the GDP of the USA always grow, at least 2 percent a year while puny Southern Europe and JAPAN can't ever grow (and southern europe stashed all their cash in home values, what idiots (but didn't I say we need idiots ? of course, and in fact All Contradictions Are Operating always and such)).

The economy is an on going process (just like work and jobs and science, politics, power struggles and everything in life and the world, all on going processes going nowhere but pretending to go somewhere) that needs a mix of all kinds of things, disjoint logical segments that clash and mix up and confuse, we need confusion and making mistakes more than anything else, we need all kinds of changes. Stupid people buy things at Walmart or Home Depot and decide to improve their house - that creates work and jobs and consumption and so on. So then maybe they can't pay back, who cares ? someone else will always pick up the tab and the merry go round continues. We need way more stupid people (than smart) for the economy to grow than anything else, we need all kinds of people, the more different and random and unexpected the better, this creates all kinds of random interactions amongst economic sectors, all changes, make and break, buy and throw away, hire and fire and so forth.

That is why the economists and JHK ( and others are all wrong when they think that society and economy as a whole needs more this or that, must do this or that (more "education" or "innovation" or "research" or "competition" or more public transportation, more "green economy" more local economy or anything else) since they think that such a huge intractable and pointless system made up of millions of random people can be condensed into some small logical segment and everyone is on the same page: nothing further from the truth, everyone is going in a different direction, all disjoint logical segments, it can't be condensed into a simple logical segment or reasoning within the comfort of your own minds, it is totally irrational, random, chaotic mess and so it must be to grow and create jobs.

We need confusion more than anything else, we need random people, millions of people making all kinds of stupid mistakes and such, this creates economic activity and growth and new jobs, always change, hire and fire, everything must become intractable, irrational, a mess, exuberant irrationality, exactly, we need all kinds of people stupid and smart, full of mistakes and full of wise and so forth, only a mixed economy can live and grow and create jobs and such, hire and fire, play your game, make your bet, lose and play another game, be crazy, be wild, mess up, destroy any logical segment, destroy rationality once and for all and the economy will grow forever and such.

Now go on Europe and JAPAN, keep on saving your cash in postal bonds or keep on protecting the values of your homes, keep on protecting the status quo, the moralistic Germany not wanting debts and irrationality and wild and crazy, they will kill all the economies in the end, they don't have a clue how a modern Technological Economy works, they are 100 % wrong on everything, the EU and JAPAN needs to imitate the USA all the way, print money and make debts and great consumerism and make a lot of mistakes and we need millions of stupid people doing all kinds of stupid things and all.

Instead, they all want to be the Morality Police of the world, what idiots...

Mowk wrote:
nameta9 wrote:Check out:


For further delucidations.

For further what? Checked your links out, they appear to be a reproduction of what is posted here, how is that any further "delucidations."

What is delucidation? is that suppose to be the opposite of elucidation? To elucidate: to make clear, would then to "delucidate" be to make less clear or intentionally cloud an issue. (are you making up words cause I haven't been able to find it in any dictionary.)

You must read the entire blogs, all of the blog posts and all of the posts of nameta9 on ilovephilosophy for further delucidations...
And also all of the blogs and posts on for further delucidations...

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