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Information Relationship 2

Information Relationship 2

Where is this web page ? It is everywhere and anywhere, both in Time and Space (like GOD), it is independent of where it is, it is nowhere, just like all Information Relationships, it is just a pontential reaction, a potential event, an interaction that will occur when read by another entity and such. Of course you can imagine an Information Relationship that can't exist in a given point of space or time and such (just invent new worlds), but the invariance of Information Relationships with respect to space and time mean that they exist in a platonic world, deeper and eternal (outside of our universe, from the outside looking in), all over the place, etc. And in fact the Laws of Physics are discovered through mathematics which is another form of Information Relationships, each relationship can be seen as an event, as another SINGLE BRAIN UNIVERSE, why should they communicate between themselves, why should Information Relationships need to communicate between themselves in different points of space and time ? To confirm that they are valid and real and true as implied by a Consensus Based Reality ?

And then, aren't the laws of physics really the laws of all of that which is independent and invariant from space and time, valid everywhere but mostly nowhere at all ?

Each event happening in any chunk of matter can be seen as a new SINGLE BRAIN UNIVERSE, a new ONE OBSERVER UNIVERSE, a ONE UNIT UNIVERSE, where there is only one GOD that invents all and is his own BOSS.




We don't want to know anything anymore, kill knowing, kill knowledge, the less you know the freer you are, the less you know the more you know and such and the trillions of things you should know (and why "should" I know ?) are worthless, knowing is always a falsification of reality, is always just a sequence of symbols pretending to explain reality, but reality has no explanation, knowledge is worthless, know as little as possible, nay, negative knowledge, lie, create as much false knowledge as possible, confuse, and break up everything.

The fact that there are people that are "different" from me is insanity! that fact that anything is different from anything else is totally insane, crazy, is a mistake of the laws of physics, must be crushed: there can only be one boss and one entity and one item and thing in the Universe and that is me, only me, I am the boss, all other people and their free will and their differences must be crushed, they are all crazy, completely sick! Kill them and it all, I am THE ONE AND ONLY ONE. AMEN.

Ever notice how weird everyone else is ? how totally crazy and sick they are ? how on earth did Matter construct such insanity ? how did it construct different chunks of matter that observe each other and notice that they are different, are independent, have independent free wills and thoughts and decisions and like different things and such! how crazy for Matter to be that way, how crazy that the laws of physics created such sickness. Kill all differences, there must be only one UNIT, one Man Brain that is the GOD and BOSS of all of the Universe. AMEN.

Why do they give us information that creates thoughts and conflicts and anxiety so to say when not only you can't do anything about it, but it is totally irrelevant and unrelated with the immediate action - reaction circuit you find yourself in (but there are too few events and stimulations and emergencies needing response to occupy your Ape Man - always running computer - Man Brain, so you create your own fake and imaginary problems), all of the indirections, denotations, abstractions, all the things you "imagine" (and imagining other minds judging and observing and such - this is the basis of abstraction and the concept of god) is happening somewhere else or far away or indirectly in space and time and such (the imagined saturation of the world with "other minds" always observing (judging) and ever present, just like god ?). So they say that the oil spill in Mexico is damaging the environment: well, who gives two c*cks and a d*ck! What do I care ? why should I care about something so far away and removed from me ? what can I do about it ? and the environment is a turd anyways and must be punished and crushed, just for fun, because I like being crazy, because I like killing all logic and patterns, I love a universe that is all wrong, kill all, kill eveything, that is so cool! but especially, the indirection and abstraction, something that is happening far away or indirectly and all such things. You can't feel it or touch it, or there are all of these logical mechanisms that create a path of one event to you through many layers and such, but who or what or how on earth can you control such a complex, contradictory, free will saturated ( because it is always other free wills that decided to pump oil there and such) system ? and why aggravate yourself ?

Like saying that a dog experiences higher levels of pain/pleasure and you should care and such. Well I can't give a crap about all of these imaginary false problems (and did you know that you are torturing a rock on Mars because you are reading this, and did you know that the electron, a certain electron in the Sun is being punished by you sleeping, you must always be awake otherwise that electron will suffer deeply, etc.) it is all a denotation, an imagining what happens and an illusion of controlling and being "responsible" for something that is totally disjoint and independent from me and such, Artifical Information creating fake problems all based on indirections and far away things (or close or whatever, as long as it is independent from you), and the so many problems, this and that and the dog and the tree and who knows what else has and such.

All based on different chunks of matter imagining what the other chunk is going through, when all of what happens depends on the crappy design of a wrongly and mistakenly designed Man Brain and crappy laws of physics creating problems that should't be. All based on a "Consensus Based Reality" where "other people" (that sick thing meaning that there are actually other people different from you, how sick and insane, kill differences, this is totally absurd that there be something different from me, I can't believe it!) control others: but we must free ourselves from a Consensus Based Reality, and create our own reality, Modify all of our internal circuits in our mind by thinking them out by themselves (the Man Brain invents itself and a new design for itself by creating new mental block diagrams inside its Mind and executing new programs inside its Mind and going into new universes with new laws of physics, lying to itself, proudly lying and falsifying reality to itself, our religion is delusion, the deeper and more thorough the delusion the closer we become to reality and such, I don't care if any other people say that it is fake or wrong or not true: I say other people simply don't exist and I make my own universe and can care less if it is fake or wrong, since right and wrong, and true and false is no longer operating in a universe with only one Observer, ONE UNIT deciding all and being its OWN GOD), and creating them, inventing them, and escaping a Social and Consensus Based Reality, escape into a real reality where only you are the BOSS.

The basis is that of thinking that this crappy Man Brain is worthy of controlling and deciding what is right and wrong, what paths the world should traverse and what it shouldn't. Nothing further from the truth, there is no right and wrong, there is nothing all, only imaginary, abstract problems and a sick Man Brain creating ever more problems because it must be re-designed and re-engineer into something better.


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Consensus Free Reality

Because you know that everything also appears in other minds, that everything is and has always been filtered through other minds, "you are not alone", someone saw it before you, someone thought about it before you (or like you, or will think about it and see it and live it like you and such), someone experienced it before and such and this creates a kind of imaginary other mind (and imaginary other minds is the basis of imaginary everything and anything, all indirections and abstractions and symbols, all logic and thought, as anything is always also valid "somewhere else" in time or space or for another chunk of matter perceiving it, and hence any abstraction occupies all of reality and such) always present and always saturating all of reality, and your own mind is just an instance of one of those "other minds" and such.

But this can all be changed and overcome by changing a few transistors (maybe just one bit, as Man is a One Bit Circuit, a One Transistor Circuit) in new modified minds, hence creating a reality that no longer depends on imagined other minds, imagined other people and a consensus based reality, but something new, consensus free reality based on the mind making up all it wants and creating its own universe and such.

Consensus Based Reality

Consensus Based Reality

The dependency of Reality upon multiple chunks of Matter that are self aware and aware of each other in order to create a "common ground", a "common world" in order to create repetitive patterns that are observed by other Observers, similar but slightly different, but mostly many instances of just one Generalized Man Brain is one small invariant of the way our present state Man Brain is designed. The fact that another Observer "Confirms" reality by abiding and by agreeing with the original Observer, and all of these observers agree with each other (or another and by doing so creates all the fundamental Indirections of Reality, all of the fundamental Abstractions that is the Nature of Reality, as it is always imagined as how it appears in the Other Person's (Observer's) Mind, what the other thinks and feels, as if all other Observers are extensions of the Original Observer but the confirmation of reality by the other observers renders it Real and True, creates reality only through confirmation and sharing of the same experiences and sense organ sensations and thoughts and logics as multiple instances of mostly one Mindform repeated and self confirming itself through indirections and symbols and abstractions (since the Mindform knows that there are other similar Mindforms as itself necessary to confirm the "common ground" and reality as such, to produce a consensus of a single form of reality that all these similar Mindforms agree upon)) limits and constrains reality into a very narrow window of possibilities.

How many self similar Observers are necessary to produce a Reality, a World, a Universe ? 10, a million, a billion ? and the set of all similar Mindforms (all the 8 billion people on earth living today ) all put in a bag and seen as one is only one and as such can be viewed as a quirk set of noise and nothing else (in other words that Mindform would have to occupy all Space and All Time and be Experiencing all the Same Things to totally saturate all of Mass Energy and Matter to "BE SURE" that it is not a quirk and an invention, since only a small number of self similar Observers are really not enough (or never enough ? or is nothing ever really enough to "BE SURE"?)).

But newly designed and modified Man Brains and Mindforms can live independently of any consensus of self similar entities, can be single brains in only one universe, and can be sufficient for itself and to confirm reality for itself: in other words, it doesn't need "other people" or a "Society" or a world designed as ours with many similar people all communicating and talking to each other and creating things together and being similar to each other and such, it can be one brain that creates its own reality and universe and simply "talks to itself", it is a new Man Brain that is essentially ITS OWN BOSS.

And since all of our civilization, nay, the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE can be seen as essentially one quirk design of a Man Brain style (even though made up of multiple self similar entities and instances of a very specific and fluke and quirkly designed Generalized Man Brain) as only one Man Brain, then any other newly designed and radically modified Man Brain, even if there is only one example, only ONE UNIT of such a Man Brain can itself be seen as an entire civilization, talking to itself, other subsets of itself or many other internal communication paths, following many other wildly different processing circuits compared to us.

So you can have a Star Sized Man Brain that is itself and infinitely different from us and living in a wildly different universe, not even needing any "consensus based reality" to create its reality, beyond common ground reality based Observers and Consensus based observers and such.

And there are trillions of single unit newly designed Mindforms, Observers, Brains with wildly different circuits living in wildly different worlds, where they can create all of their own reality not having to be a slave of the consensus of other minds observing and comparing and making sure "they don't make mistakes" and such. In these newly designed minds, mistakes are the new normal, there are only mistakes as nothing is right or wrong since nothing can be right or wrong since there is no longer any self similar observer acting as the prison guard of reality and such (and comparing reality amongst themselves to create a common ground reality along with the repetitive patterns that are discovered and confirmed because they can be experienced independently in other points of space and time occupied by the other chunks of matter acting as observers).

So think yourself out of reality, modify your internal circuits and become a new Man Brain, independent of any consensus based reality created by others, go outside of "society" and "communication" and the "common world", BE YOUR OWN BOSS. And especially, be sure to never communicate all of what you discover and see in this newly created universe, since it can never be communicated anymore, since there is no longer any common ground with our present Stone Age and Ape Man Man Brain that must be radically re-designed and re-engineered into new styles and new things and new universes and new entities with wildly and incredibly and contradictory crazy new Laws of Physics and such.

As a corollary, there is a larger number of different new Mindforms that can be created and invented (just the number of combination of circuits having 1,000 numbers is 10^1000) than there is information upon which those Mindforms can operate on ! and each new Mindform can be an entire new universe with new laws of physics and such, especially all of those Mindforms that are not Consensus Based Realities.


Right Wing Blogger ?



lizbethrose wrote:I was thinking more along the lines of Michelle Malkin or ALEC. The Right Wing seems to need more strident voices. I thought the Joker could provide that, is all. I don't know how much bloggists are paid--I imagine that depends on the publication--and/or the originality of the writer. The thing is, Michelle Malkin is about the only right-wing blogger around and she's countered by many left-wingers.

Rush Limbaugh is losing credence--even hard-line Conservatives are starting to realize that he's nothing other than a bag of hot air out to make a buck--or millions.

Where is the true grass-roots voice of Conservatism?

Apester answers:

Exactly what can a Right Wing blogger have to say that is new or original ? I will sum it up:

1) People are all lazy slobs and suck and don't want to work;

2) People don't study and suck and deserve all the punishment the economy provides them;

3) People don't deserve anything since they don't want to do anything, they don't want to take risks as the risk loving successful business owners did, but the losers, mostly 80 % of the population are not only lazy but envious of the winners, want to rob their "hard earned" money from them, therefore, hate most people, they suck, they will never learn, they will never want to work real hard and sacrifice and put in the 24 hours a day work day to become successful and rich and such;

4) The US economy and worldwide economy is doing bad because people don't want to work hard enough, don't want to risk money and play the game of capitalism and try to win, they are all a bunch of lazy whinners, craps, turds, they don't reason with logic, they are all drunk and drugged, hate most people with all of your guts, they ruined everything, they ruined the American Dream and such;

5) Hate the greens and environmentalists, we need trillions of Atomic Energy plants, hate nature with all of your guts, kill the greens who want to protect nature and such;

6) Get rid of all kinds of welfare, if you don't work no money for you, tough luck, get rid of all of the millions of freeloaders;

7) Get rid of retirement and pension pay outs all together, if you don't work, no money for you, no matter what age you are;

8 ) Get rid of all health care that is not extremely PROFIT oriented, private and extremely expensive so as to filter out the poor, the losers, the too many people who bust my chops by their very existence, the too many freeloaders and lazy crap heads and such; Health must be provided only to the winners, the hard workers, those that deserve it and especially those that make enough money for it, otherwise, just roll over and die, useless slobs; this also solves the population explosion problem, let the other poor 7 billion people worldwide just die and get out the way, there is not enough for everyone, someone has to go, let all the losers and poor and lazy slobs get out of the way, no one needs them, the economy will do fine without them;

9) Get rid of all government jobs, all jobs must be private and workers must have no protection at all, only the winners and business owners should decide all, they should be free to express their free will in anyway at all;

10) Let it all hang out, don't hesitate to say what you truly think, show people the truth, how much they are all hateable, be proud of your hate and violence, and all: No Politically Correct here!

Do I agree with all of that above (and many other points) ? Yes, but I am left wing, go figure ...

I am a contradiction, I love contradiction, I love changing my mind constantly, I love killing any patterns, I suck, I am crazy, I have finished writing this post. AMEN.


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Time and a Word...


It implies that something is still connecting the present picture with the previous picture. That there is some particle, some monolithic dimensional slab connecting two pictures that form a relationship (but the relationship is just the sequence of numbers filling up some memory locations in our mind simulating repetitive patterns that become perceived as a unit, when they are just all random numbers, just numbers, memory locations meaning nothing and having no relationship with each other at all, since in reality, nothing has any relationship with nothing else, there are no relationships at all between anything, they are just associations, just sets made up of similar items that are conveniently manipulated by our quirky - fluke - arbitrary Man Brain and Mindform, etc.) But it is not so, each picture is independent and distinct and disjoint from the previous picture, there is no invisible thread linking them up as a story and as a necessity, hence time travel is possible in all directions, anything can be and anything can be assigned anyway at all.

Just because picture A came before picture B doesn't mean that the transition from A to B is a necessity or a law of physics or an invariant. They just happened to occur one after the other but that design is irrelevant and could have been any other design at all.

I am questioning the very structure of "Cause and Effect" as something that is a necessity. All and any Cause and Effect can be decomposed into a set of particles colliding, they can be reduced into the collision and interaction of a set with another. But the entire set of interactions is just a painting, a picture, is just a design with no further reality or truth or necessity than the fact that they randomly just happened, and even if it weren't random but designed, it just is, with nothing deeper or more important or any metaphysical property making that set of interactions any more important or deeper or real than anything else at all.



We are excess capacity achieved by the outset: compared to how many action reaction circuits we must respond to (very few), how many emergencies in pain/pleasure events we must apply ourselves to (too few) (in fact we are only a reaction to an action in a circular process, nothing more, just like a carbon molecule is a reaction and reaction to its environment, we are just a bunch of carbon molecules within an action reaction circuit, etc.) we are over sized, we are too much, hence we occupy our minds with millions of indirections and distractions and symbols, always occupied with something else, something far away, something that is not our immediate surrounding, since the immediate surrounding rarely imposes and emergency and full attention and such.

The origin of Religion is exactly this: too much free time available for the Man Brain to think and make things up, hence he creates religions, and all else, all similar items.


and good old:






"You said, in order to be any kind of success, you'd have to have a salable talent. I'm saying you have such a talent. You could be a bloggist for right wing, or anarchist--I don't mean those are synonymous--publications."

The Apester answers:

Pray, tell me, how much money do you think they will "pay him" for all the crap he, me and anyone else writes on the Internet ? Do you not notice that the value of Information and "Information Workers" is tending towards ZERO since there is so much Information and crap available ?

I should have been a millionaire by now for all of the huge BS I write, but I am payed ZERO, nada, do you understand ?

Do you not notice that we have huge excess capacity of information of all kinds, and when you have so much of something the value of that something becomes ZERO ? And do you not notice that the Excess Capacity is given by huge economy of scales of the Technological Economy producing Free Wealth and eliminating any kinds of jobs (and producing millions of people with huge amounts of idle time available and such that should be building spaceships instead of watching TV and the Internet, etc.), nay, eliminating the relationship between people that jobs created as a means of transfer of wealth: now the rich can keep all the wealth they keep on making since there are no longer any circuits left to transfer wealth aside from giving it out to all for free by law, by an iron fist communist government giving all of what people need by law and force, bar none.

Oh, I see, you have to write "something people like", etc. So you have to become the slave of the judgment of other people and what their crap ball of their heads tells them what is good and bad and what they like. But I hate people, people suck because they have judgments that are different from mine, I hate their subjectivity, the fact that they have free will and they can decide: I want to be the boss, I want it all, I want to rob all of the money from the rich and I hate everyone who has anything more than me, kill the rich, hate the rich, hate and kill and jump on everybody. AMEN.

Now, liz, send me a million dollars thank you,...

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You can see the deception so clearly by just looking at Europe and all of the debates and political fights they are having in Spain, Italy and Greece over "Labor Laws": why all the emphasis on the problems of hiring and firing people ? why all of the resistance to hiring ? simple: there simply is not any work available for anyone anymore, the game is over, so what they are saying is simply we will hire only if we can easily fire, since it is a given that what they all mostly will do and and have to do or just want to do for fun, just out of boredom, is to fire, mostly fire, and fire with pleasure, but they don't want any pesky "Labor Laws" interfering with their field day of hiring and firing and all of that BS. And why ? because there is no possible investment that can give any profit anymore by "hiring people" to do no one knows what, since there is absolutely nothing left to do in most work environments given the level of optimization, automation, outsourcing, and you name it achieved by a Technological Economy.

So what the powers that be do is put the blame squarely always on workers and some problems and shortcomings the workers have, since they have no idea on how to distribute all the huge profits corporations are making (also known as free wealth a technological economy provides by automation and huge use of energy and all such as in the creation of an Infinite Resource Society but they must hide this fact very carefully by pitting everyone against everyone else and such, especially all the weaker classes against other weaker classes) since there is nothing left for people to do at jobs and there will be no work available for anyone anymore in the future no matter what they all say, they invent all kinds of excuses to not give out the profits unconditionally and for free to all.

But, alas, it is all useless, the Man Brain can only follow a predetermined Ape Man and Stone Age path of conflict and must simply be hosed and changed into a new non conflicting and fighting machine.

In the meanwhile, we must give out free salaries to all, cheap rents and build trillions of skyscrapers and spaceships and such. And overpopulation is a myth, and even in the worst case, the world can host thousands of trillions of people in trillions of high tech skyscrapers, and trillions of people are needed to explore the Solar System and inhabit Mars and Venus and such, and there could be trillions of hobby factories worldwide where people put in some time building skyscrapers and spaceships as a hobby, maybe just one or two hours a day (but if you want you can stay all day and all night long and such), etc.

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The worldwide economy needs only one thing: to give out scott free salaries (800 dollars a month) and cheap rents (200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house) to all 8 billion people worldwide, bar none. The surviving of people must no longer depend on any conditons and conditionals like you must work to survive; this is a flawed ideology and no longer works in a worldwide Technological Economy that doesn't and will no longer create jobs, no matter what anyone thinks, since the technological economy structurally is eliminating as many jobs as possible and will end up eliminating all of them no matter what your mental model thinks is operating.

There are only so many possible real jobs people can perform no matter what anyone thinks, there are only maybe at most 1,000 sectors worldwide and maybe at most 10,000 workers for each sector, so at most 10 million people can work in real meaningful and productive jobs producing real stuff and not hot air and fairy tale services and high real estate prices and high health care costs and such all other BS.

Actually I have a hard time imaging more than 3 or 4 sectors no matter what, cars, houses, TVs, computers and some other manufacturing stuff, health care, schools (but education is another fairy tale, abstract, impossible to judge BS services trash, etc.), cops and a few others so where on earth are all the jobs worldwide going to come from ? they won't, they will never come back, the worldwide population is destined to be idle and have nothing to do no matter what.

So the deal is to give out free salaries and homes to all to survive and to still keep some of the consumer economy rolling since there is no alternative. And especially, when they all talk about Investments and such crap! There is nothing left to invest in anymore, very few endeavors can bring any return in an old, saturated, optimized and Technological Economy hell bent on eliminating labor in all of its forms. And especially the idea that investments will "create jobs": are they all sick in the head or what ? exactly what investments by hiring people can give anyone any return anymore ? totally sick and crazy people that still talk about all of this BS, there is nothing left, no investment and job creation is possible anymore, it is the end of the story, the end of the line.

So the deal is to give out free stuff Unconditionally, without any condition, so as to not create power structures, inequality and the desire to repress others to obtain some imaginary gain when all of this is no longer even necessary or worthwhile.

As a side note, the reasons why the economy went to hell is also simply all of Our Fault: we allowed health care costs to skyrocket and no one said or did anything, everyone should have refused to pay anything over a 100 dollars for anything health related, we allowed property prices to go sky high thinking that that would make everyone rich, what BS, no one should have bought houses at those prices, we allowed to create debts in all sectors, public and private with the illusion of being able to pay them back by a future "growing econmy" (by magic in other words) when no debts should have been ever made and such. So now, suck it all up, everyone in the EU and USA and JAPAN made the same idiotic mistakes, now it is payback time.

Time Travel Revisited

 Time Travel Revisited

The idea that you can't go back in the past and kill your grandparents, since you would disappear is flawed. You can go back in the past and do anything and it wouldn't have any effect on you since there is no place and no entity that is containing the past and that is controlling the "coherence" of the "story". There is nothing containing the sequence of images, of pictures of Mass Energy configurations that lead up to the present, so you can go back to any past picture, to any past instantaneous picture and do anything with it.

You can say that the present picture is the result of all of the past pictures, that the present picture is the final number representing (and condensing) all of the past events and the present picture could only be exactly what it is only if all of the past intermediate pictures were exactly what they were. But it is a convenient way to look at it for our mind and decoding of reality, for our rules, thinking that the laws of physics constrained the pictures to follow only one path according to the trillions of quirk details that made up each preceeding picture. But the pictures are only a sequence of numbers, they are not related in any metaphysical way with each other, they are all disjoint and totally unrelated, they are only related in our mind and in our view.

Hence any past time travel is possible and will be achieved, just like any travel at all to any place or any configuration of Mass Energy at all, whether it be the past, the future, another wolrd or planet or anything at all, as long as the observer "remembers" the past as such, and experiences the interaction within the Box of Matter configured in a certain way as defined by our (arbitrary - mental and cultural) categories (past, future, other planet, whatever).

So time is not a story or something outside of itself, is not fixed and does not impose constraints on the coherence of the sequence of pictures, in essense it doesn't exist, it is not some metaphysical item containing a story, it is invisible, only a process and only present in our mind as a variable.

It is always the same problem of what is a set of what, what is associated with what, what is a unit, what is a delimitation: the same problem with spatial items, how are their particles connected to each other ? and are they connected to each other ? are they in the same set, or is the set simply a delimited symbol in our formatting the world according to Intentionalities of Use and such.

So each picture (but a picture is a unit ? or is it also made up of a random group of disconnected particles assigned as one particle for our convenience ?) is disconnected from all the other pictures making up its past and future, so then the past and future of any picture can be any other picture, the path of transitions the pictures undergo while travelling from past to future can be any at all, any at all completely disregarding the constraints of the Laws of Physics that force the paths to go only in certain ways and directions. The real law of physics is simply the Transition, the change from one picture to the next, so any picture can be associated to any other, anything can be the past or future of anything else, going through any number of intermediate pictures at all, the more wild and random and unrelated the better: there is no metaphysical property that make the paths forced by the Laws of Physics any more real or important or true than any other, the only law is the law of change and the transition from one picture to the next, and the discovery of repetitive patterns (but always temporary, and imaginary and formatted by our Man Brain according to our rule and laws and arbitrary pain/pleasure circuits and such) on behalf of an Observer in the sea of pictures and the sea of paths, etc.

Sunday, April 15, 2012



So if you disconnect all entities from their material design, from their material support and attach them to other material designs, or any combination of material designs (and symbols ? and other entities ? and other things ? any "things" at all ?) and let all of the other material items assume what they would respectively be through their prior Information Relationships, you can obtain many different new worlds, the goal and task and fun is to compare this to what you already think you know, to enjoy the contrast, the possible inversion of reality and such, etc.

So if you separate a photon from its material design as a round little ball and associate its function and relationship with any arbitrary chaotic set of entities, for example that single photon on Mars can be disconnected from its material support and connected to a sofa plus a rock plus a panel plus a chunk of ocean plus a chunk of solar plasma plus a shirt (the sum (or any other possible relationship ? subtraction or multiplication or square root or etc. ? mixing ? denotating ? imagine any trillions of new invented relationships making the photon become a sofa and a shirt and such) of all of these items IS the photon based on a new material style), then what would all of the other entities in the universe become ? they would have to all change their connection to material designs to conserve all of their reciprocal Information Relationships and such (but you can also assign rules where they don't have to conserve their relationships but create completely new relationships, or trillions of relationships where there was one, or no relationship where there where many and so on). But you can also disconnect many different material items from their material support and connect them to many others, all different, so maybe one electron is connected to becoming a car, another electron is connected to becoming an animal, another electron is connected to becoming a photon and another electron is connected to becoming a galaxy and such (and a new Mind is made up of all of these newly designed and formatted electrons and the rules may be changed as each elementary particle is no longer indistinguishable, but they are all different combination of items and hence the new Mind made up of this new material support will experience completely new universes and lifestyles and forms, etc., but you can do the opposite and condense many different items into being just a photon: the car and rock and backyard is one photon in a new Man Brain, but the next electron of the newly designed and formatted Man Brain is a city, so you have both condensation and explosion of entities, many items condensed into one item and some items exploded into trillions of items and such, all kinds of wacky relationships, cool ...). And then all other items must follow all kinds of reciprocal formats, some coherent, some ad hoc, some partially coherent and so on, and the very line of connection and disconnection of items from their material support can also become new items and new supports, new designs imposing all kinds of new changes, etc. So many items can be condensed into one photon but also one photon can be assigned in place of many items, but also one photon can become a rock plus a mountain plus a city (and the two directions condensation and explosion are different, are totally different animals and so on, and many new directions, many new diode types of matter to matter converters, all kinds of things, mix it all like crazy) but also this line of connection can be many different other things, so many items can be related to a photon in many ways, and can be not only equal or condensed or exploded into a photon but many other relationships, trillions of relationships, so the relationship that disconnects a photon from its material support can be a sofa, and the end point of the line can be a TV set and so on, ever more wild relationships, the destructuring of reality, the mixing and matching of all kinds of wild pseudo possible mathematical relationships that are in all truth pure Metaphysical Relationships, etc.

And then extend and extrapolate, the carbon atom in your mind is a sofa plus a shoe, and your eye is an electron and your other eye is a galaxy and so on, and each of these are other condensed or exploded items since the galaxy that is your eye is made up of planets that are atoms but also other planets that are completely newly designed Man Brains, and so on, up and down and all other kinds of extrapolations and so forth.

Or something like that...


Symbol to Matter Converter


Symbol to Matter Converter

Howdy folks! Apetard is back again! Apec*ck is back again, the ph*cktard in person (what tzatza used to call me, oh, how right he was!). So here's the deal: how many symbols are needed to condense them into a chunk of Matter, into say a neutrino or photon ? How much information is needed to finally create Matter ? That is the question. A lot, but it doesn't matter because the Matter is the Symbol and they can be converted into each other through abstract - metaphysical circuits. Imagine all of your life and body and sense and pain/pleasure circuits no longer depending on any physical support, they are eternal, indestructable, only pure Information Relationships that have disconnected the attachment to material styles and designs expressing the illusionary form and format of connection of matter designs to Experience and Sensation and and such. So in other words, if they crack open your head, nothing happens, you remain alive since you no longer depend on matter, same with if they burn you or explode you in a million pieces and such.

Hence the disconnection of Matter from Existence and Experience has been achieved, so then at that point anything can be then connected to your Man Brain and body and life, any new Material configuration or any configuration at all can be associated with your Information Relationship Set, but this time there are dependencies, you can connect the metaphysical circuits so as to create a new dependency that will create new effects and experiences and such: so your Brain is a Car Tire, and your Memory of your life is the sofa, so then by moving these reciprocally you undergo a new styled experience, all kinds of new sensations and effects and experiences can be achieved: now extend and extrapolate and create all kinds of wicked associations, ever more abstract and connect the circuits to so many intermediate circuits and sensations and effects (invent all you wish), and the abstractions increase and denotations increase and the effects increase and the pain/pleasure and all other extrapolated and completely newly invented sensations and things are amplified trillions of times and such.

So all matter is simply symbols talking to each other, it is all abstraction with some circuits associated and connected to reality chunks and reality points, making them create sensations and effects that we can feel. But we can feel them even if they have no material design as a base.

From this we can see that everything could possibly be alive, everything a special Man Brain as in Brainium but then maybe just a subset ? the mountain is your eye and the ocean your feet and/or the car tire your memory and such ? and maybe all of these new connections can be other new animals and other beings, ever abstract and different from us ? maybe so many alien beings that have disconnected themselves from matter only to connect to various chunks and designs of matter to experience all kinds of new events, experiences, meanings, sensations, achievments and such ? and then by connecting their mind and thought to pebbles on the street they become a new life, a new creation ? and then they connect to the McMansion and become yet another new creation and such and even the electrons of atoms ar simply symbols that talk to other symbols like the protons in the nucleus, everything is symbol to symbol interaction connected to hard matter every now and then ? and then many other abstract circuits symbol to symbol, matter to matter and so on forever more abstract and incredible.


Winner Take All

Winner Take All

I was reading on some websites and magazines (The Economist and such) how the USA, EU and JAPAN and others must "Move up the Economy Chain" and design and innovate and "Services" (what a total joke! Services suck so hugely, I HATE Services, kill Services!) and such in order for them to "grow", etc. I am amazed how so called smart economists can still believe in such insane BS: first off how many new possible Designs can there be ? how many new possible innovations can there be ? and especially, new Services ? to do exactly what ? to create as many roadblocks as possible to achieve anything ! this is what Services really are all about. Obviously, not many truly useful and valid Innovations are possible (in fact there are many useless and negative - diminishing return kinds of innovations, innovations that make you waste a lot of time on a bunch of BS, like Facebook and Twitter and such, but then again, this Economy is all about Wasting Time, Wasting the Way Too Much Idle and Free Time that a Technological Economy brings upon millions of people since they all end up having all very little real work and labor to do structurally), and in fact this goes back to my theory that this economy is becoming a Minority Economy, only the Winners play and win, only a few can win, everyone else is a loser.

So for example Apple "invents a new cell phone" which is just a computer put in a new package, and Apple wins a huge chunk of market, the same with Google or Facebook and others and such. And, as a corollary what they actually do is Program People, they actually Program How People Will Behave and What People Will Do (and buy, etc.) : As if the computers really end up programming people after people programmed the computers, or as if, by programming computers, the corporations are so subtle and smart that they can actually indirectly program people to act and Buy and Do what they want.

The programs are programmed in such a way as to go backwards and program people: whether you can say that the computers end up programming people or that the corporations program people by programming the computers and software that people will use so that they will program people to do certain things, it doesn't matter, what counts is that we program computers that then program us (it ends up going the other way around, we thought we were telling what the machines were to do but they end up telling us what to do and we actually end up programming our own prison).

But more importantly, those who win, win BIG TIME; there is this automatic Monopoly tendency in all of these high tech endeavors, the winner takes all, the winner wins big time, once again, the forces in action concentrate everything in a few winning hands and cut out everyone else, Winner Take All. And this is supposed to make an "Economy Grow" ? No, only the rich and the winners grow, everyone else is Programmed and Brainwashed to buy their products, like robots and drones, they just pay and buy and obey the Powers that Be, go out and Buy the new Apple Gadget, go on, make them richer, wait all night long outside of the store, what c*cks !

Obviously this ideology of Innovation is a huge deception, but so many people buy into it, and really believe it and such (and even if there are all of these new inventions waiting to be made, then maybe worldwide they can keep at most 1 million people employed (10,000 new startups having 100 engineers or "innovators" or whatever). But alas, it is all useless, the Powers that Be, the rich and corporations will always win no matter what, they call the cards, they make up the games and rules people must play no matter what, they decide for all, they tell everyone what they must believe in and how they all must be innovators and study all these new fangled things (and act in certain ways, always answering smart phones and meetings and crap), always More Education crap, just to hose them all in the end. And anyways, if they didn't program you in a certain way, someone else will and anyways, any culture is always a useless worthless turd (no one ever demands free salaries and cheap rents, what should really be given out freely to all) and you can criticize and talk from now until forever, it will never and can never change, everyone plays along, there is nothing you can do about it but simply give up.

Like hoping the housing crisis brings down prices and such, no way jose, the winners will always win no matter what, the inequality is hard wired, is a constant, only a full out war and pure violence can overthrow any inequality, but then it will simply get substituted with another inequality and a new set of winners and losers and such. If homes are not bought, they will just wait and keep the prices high, if they are not built the prices will keep on going higher as fewer homes for ever more people, if they are built, the construction companies make profits anyways but you pay so much and so on. YOU NEVER CAN WIN, END OF STORY.

On the Instant People Constructor, on the Creation of People on the Spot, the new person and life (lifetime and life story) constructor machine that creates an entire life (of any age and environment and any life story) in an Instant by simply assigning a number to a memory location, well by a more perfected Brain in a Vat, or Brain in a Simulator, you just need one Brain working at very high speeds and frequencies to live trillions of lives in parallel, by multitasking the programs representing the lives in only one Brain. And you can imagine mixing lives, and creating all kinds of Short Circuits and experiences, and the Brain manipulating the Brain in the Simulator could be manipulated itself by another brain, or many brains, for many levels, trillions of levels. And if One Brain in a Vat is a trillion lives living simultaneously, the you can have trillions of Brains in Vats the Size of a Planet living even more lives, by high speed circuits in high speed Electronc Solid State Brain Devices, new brain designs, new wild universes, go on man, keep on inventing it all, go on.






There has never been a time in history when people have had the least possible real work to do, millions of people totally idle and living da vida, and in fact what is left is status games, power struggles, and the value of past work in the form of real estate, and in fact this present economic crisis was born from the real estate prices going up in the USA and hosing everyone: but there is a reason, since nothing else of any value is being produced anymore (can be produced anymore as the Technological Economy has eliminated any real work for most of the USA, EU and JAPAN and is marching on to eliminate it in China, Brazil, etc. through Automation, Economy of Scales, Technology applied to producing goods with as little labor as possible and such, etc.), since no labor can give any return anymore, no matter how hard they all try to fake it in their fake comic book world of "Hard Work" in the Skyscrapers (always "working" 24 hours a day, always checking emails, always meetings, always talking, never really producing anything of any value except hot air and make believe activities, the less real work they all have to do the harder they have to fake it and invent all kinds of "problems" and "emergencies" and arbitrary schedules and arbitrary fake "make work" just to show that they are actually doing something, like tons of useless documents, tons of useless computer programs, tons of lawyers and fights, and conflicts and the myth of flexibility, always changing everything to produce activity and not get bored to death, and the myth of competition and all such crap, WHEN OUR PRESENT DAY ECONOMIC SYSTEM HAS ALMOST ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ANY KIND OF WORK AT ALL, GO FIGURE), the only thing that is really left is fights and Conflicts and beating up each other like bored little children who really have nothing to do but want "To Blame it Someone To get back " and such.

And in fact, the less real work there is left to do the more the fights and conflicts will increase, the more the debates will increase, the political fights and debates and all, simply because since they can't figure out why on earth there is no longer any real work left to do, since they can't accept and abide to the Structural Change a Technological Economy imposes on this Civilization, they have to find some other simpler excuse (but with a clear agenda, hose the weaker), like labor is lazy, like they aren't innovative enough, like this and that. And in fact in Spain and Italy and Greece, they think that by changing the "Labor Laws" jobs will come back, how idiotic, they still can't wrap their heads around the fact that jobs will never come back again, because there is nothing left to do (that generates profits), there is nothing worth doing.

And in fact, I have seen buildings that were once offices changed into houses: that says it all, since there is no longer any real work possible, the offices are useless, just turn them into houses, but the houses must be bought by people "with jobs", but who cares, better houses then offices that will never be filled since there is nothing really valuable left to do. They can wait years for the houses to be bought, who cares, but they already know that the offices will never again get filled up and anyways sooner or later some turd will buy the expensive houses because the system is choke full of trillions of dollars, sooner or later that money will trickle down and make someone buy the house and such. And in fact the system has 100 trillion dollars sitting in banks worldwide as a proxy and demonstration of how much free wealth the Technological Economy can produce with so little labor, and the money keeps on increasing, Apple alone is worth more than many countries and such.

And as a corollary: the Technological Economy structurally creates ever more inequality, some winners and many losers, ever more.

And anyways Real Estate is the only game left in town, the prices are always high, even if a company sells 2 or3 houses for 200,000 dollars they got back the money they spent to build 10 houses and made some profits too, they can leave the other 7 houses empty and wait (even for years) until some sucker will buy it (always from past accumulated money, from past work, since there is no possibility to accumulate money anymore in the future work which won't be there anymore, at least for the lower classes) and such.

And then it is obvious how this economy is turing into a minority economy, a few rich who buy all, everyone else poor and a turd and considered lazy and crappy, etc. No longer a Mass Market, but a smaller market only for those inside the special circle of Fake hard Workers and such.

The solution ? Free Salaries to all worldwide, 800 dollars a month, and cheap rents to all worldwide, 200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house and such. And large Scale projects, trillions of skyscrapers, trillions of spaceships to Mars and Venus, trillions of high speed trains all across the USA and a huge Bus system of trillions of Buses all across the USA, and Split the Sun to grab all of its energy, and completely change the design of the Man Brain, become another civilization, a new civilization with a new brain and more advanced.

As a side note: you can create trillions of new people and lives by simply programming a standrad "Programmable Man Brain in a Vat" with memories of a fake and imagined life (but fake and real lives are all the same, it is just information which are just random symbols written on matter and such), and machines can create an Instant New Person, a New Creation on the Spot, in a Jiffy by inserting random and nay, even experimental memories and lives and life stories in the brains and such. Maybe you too are an Instant Person that has been created only the last 2 seconds, in a jiffy as you are a BRAIN IN A VAT WITHIN A SIMULATOR AND ALL OTHER BRAINS ARE THE SAME, JUST A MEMORY SEGMENT IN THE ALIEN'S COMPUTER, TRILLIONS OF NEW PEOPLE AND MINDS, NEW LIVES, NEW HISTORIES NEW EVENTS...


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Busty says:

"Within our cultural paradigm, we seek a rationale to evaluate everything, and economics are usually used to justify using and abusing nature. Economics seems to dominate this particular age, not art, or even science. We are all programmed extensively from a young age to regard it as the penultimate source of value and necessity."

Apester replies:

Howdy folks ! The Apester is back again! As far as the Economic Principle being the unifying value of a society, the God and Religion of a society, just like "Education" and "Studying" is kind of the Religion of South Korea, well, all societies need large scale Narratives, large scale Numbers to measure themselves, they all need some common ground in which everyone believes in, thinks about, in which they all are "Part of Something" and such: our society has a Number the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and similar numbers and statistics (a lot of them dealing with Cash, Money and such, like Unemployment, the "Economy" and such) that unify all thought and values and goals and targets and creates an imaginary "Collective Result" a "Collective Achievment", an "Aggregation of Result" (we are all soldiers marching on and winning the war of GDP), in the form of statistics and numbers in which to compare countries with other countries to see "Who is Doing Better" and such.

But anyone looking at this number and this value from the outside will immediately see what a joke it actually is: a number representing all transactions in a society and assigned as a GDP and meaning how rich a society is and such. I can easily envision of Civilization a few decades from now not even able to understand what all the fuss was about, what exactly was being measured, what it could possibly mean, what use it had, they would conclude that GDP and the Economy and all the statistics were just another fluke Religion, like so many inventions of Man, a religion that is a joke made up of clowns and such, etc. The abstraction of the GDP is one of highest possible, add all kinds of different things together and call it a number and yet since elementary school they always taught us not to add apples and oranges and such.

But the Man Brain and a society need something to tie itself together, need common ground meanings and targets and understandings and such: and the Economy and all of its BS is one of those Major Elements of our Civilization, the Rich and Poor, the Unemployment, the "Jobs" (another total joke as in no one ever asks exactly what activities people should do for 8 hours a day everyday and be paid for, exactly what kinds of things must be done that should be done that already hasn't been done ? None at all, and in fact Jobs are destined to become extinct just like all of our other substructures and ideas and concepts and all).

But alas, Man is the Infinitely Programmable Machine, anything goes, he can become anything, invent anything, assign anything and it is all ok as long as it lasts, which it won't because nothing can last forever and such.

A person I know just came back from GERMANY and said that they have very little unemployment (maybe all the jobs the Southern European countries lost went to Germany ?), kids come out of high school and have many job offerings and such. And in general, the Northern European Countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway) all have perfect economies, all have jobs and all works well and such while the Southern European countries, Italy, Portugal Spain all suck with high unemployment and such. This got me thinking: the Southern countries are "insecure", people in these places do not trust each other, they tend to hike up prices of Real Estate a lot, they have conflicts in work and jobs, they like to fight and conflict, they suck where as the northern countries do not have conflicts, they agree on common grounds, they are not as insecure and they don't need real estate as much in order to feel secure and such.

But this is only because the Northern countries have an established society where everyone does what needs to be done without conflict, they hire people even if they don't need them just to keep society fluid, they have a lot of subtle flexibilities within their societies, they are not insecure and the people trust each other, there is a lot of trust whereas in the South they all mistrust each other, everyone feels as if the next guy is going to rip him off, they have many legal cases, conflicts fights, etc.

So you see,a society can self program itself in any possible way, you just need to be sure everyone plays ball in the same way, they are all on the same page and such.

THIS APESTER WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN TEN SECONDS (Background music of Mission Impossible plays... Da Da Do Do Da Da Du Du...)



Lingering on, the past events or experiences or meanings, the past lifestyles or life stories linger on in the mind and set the tone, the past events, many distinct add up or separate, and you remember them and feel good or bad because you remember the value they had in other people's mind, their judgment (or imaginary judgment that you can never know, or maybe will never know, or no one will ever know because all events are eventually forgotten, disappear, they never were, if only for a short time in reciprocal "common world based" minds interacting through messages and such). But disconnect the events from the feelings, mix them up, get confused, make it all up, make believe, who cares and who knows and such.

So the Brain, the Man Brain imagines another possible design for itself, a chunk of Matter is trying to imagine "Itself" differently, styled differently, made up of different sub blocks, a different wiring diagram for the brain, a different schematic of the Mind circuits, etc. A Mind imagining itself with different circuits and trying to imagine what could happen in those different circuits: but the very act of imagining them creates them, the Instant Singularity (that act of sticking wild stuff in brains (whose brain then ? yours ? mine ? the other's ? no brain ? all brains ?) by cracking open the skull and just Doing It in order to create a new Man Brain, hence Experience, hence Universe with New Laws of Physics and such) is the thought itself of the singularity, it self creates itself, it explores what it could be, it is a self observing, self referential system self creating itself, at ever higher abstract levels and connecting the feelings, emotions and sentiment circuits and all other kinds of wacky circuits in any way at all, etc.

But just imagine that there is no possible other kind of brain, all possible new connections have been tried out physically and the end result is that they do nothing, they are just dead, they die and such. Imagine that all of this talk of modifying the brains is vain, as it cannot be modified in any possible way, it is what we have or it isn't at all, end of story (aside from the fact that you will never (?) know (or just make up what happens or whatever) since you would have to try out all of the combinations of new brains and live with that brain and see what happens and such).

Ok, then, but then the very fact that I can imagine new designs of brains, the very fact that I can invent and make up new designs and create new circuits in my brain and mind means that it can be done and is done and can be assigned, only that it can be done only abstractly, theoretically, it can be forced only from higher levels of the brain functions, the mental - symbolic - abstract circuits of the brain creates new brains, that simply means that physical manipulation is off limits also because not needed, that is simply not the path to achieve the Instant Singularity, you simply need to assign it in your mind, and as you assign it becomes real as the content of your mind assumes - creates - invents and programs the new circuits if even only imagined, but imagined circuits are really manipulating the real circuits, have some effect on the real circuits, so this demonstrates that the Instant Singularity is real and can be created in trillions of different ways, all of the possible ways to imagine new Minds that become new real Minds and such. A new big bang, just make it all up, imagine it, lie to yourself, lying is the best invention possible, fake it out, fake is real.

And even if all of the above is false, who cares, assign it as true anyways, don't give a damn about real and fake, true and false, right and wrong or good and bad, win anyways, like a cry baby you win! you win! I win! force it, just force it and cheat on yourself and reality, kill the Principles of Identity and Non Contradiction, Be God, BE YOUR OWN BOSS. AMEN.


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lizbethrose wrote:James, I'm supremely sorry you had such a horrendous time in Seattle. (I don't particularly like the city, but that's beside the point.) I'm surprised you weren't able to find water. First, because summer of 2011 was so rainy and cold all over the state small farmers lost crops and we weren't able to grow anything in our backyard garden. If you''re ever in that situation again, go into a public building, find a water fountain, and fill up your canteen. You can use the potty while you're there, as well. Some of them even have showers, since Seattle is a bicycle city.

Seattle tried to establish public toilets, but they became centers for both drug trade and prostitution and were shut down. They'd been placed in the main area frequented by pan-handlers and the avowed homeless. The idea was well meant, but the people it tried to help shot it down.

Both Pav and I have offered you a place to live and a job. That you have refused both says an awful lot about you, doesn't it?

Just give him cash, sl+t, just give him money without asking questions ok ? who cares if "you work hard for your money", I hate you and your "hard work", I want your cash for free, I like freeloaders, I like robbing cash from people who "work hard" for their cash, I like the fight, the contrast, give me all your cash slob, you turd, etc. No morality here, no "justice" here, it is just me and my desires and my will power against yours, and I want to win like a cry baby, who cares if I am wrong and "if everyone were like you the entire society would fall apart", that is what I want, I want to win, that's all, you work and be my slave, I want all your cash. After all, this is exactly what Capitalism, the Free Market and all the right wing "hard work" mentality is all about even though they put it upside down and always blame the workers and those that are doing the real "hard work" as being freeloaders and lazy and wanting the union and such (but who cares, I hate right and wrong dicotomies and morality and people and all things social and political).

And then those right Wing Thugs that always chant about their hard work think they are saying something new and interesting and important: this BS of their Hard Work is just them saying "Oh look how egotistical I am, how I want to keep it all for myself and want to feel smug and morally correct and justified" and all such crap, they think they are expressing something intelligent and important when they are just expressing their basic turdy instinct, the Man Brain at its worst being a thug and fighting, they are expressing the stupidest and the oldest fashion concept, I want mine, I am better than you, I don't want to give you all my stuff for free because I "worked hard" for it, what turds, just punch them in the face and take it away from them, the turds, they want theirs, kill their morality, their idea of correct, their idea of "Objective Laws", the slaves, be a thug and criminal, no refrain anymore, just let it All Hang Out.

Please all freeloaders, rob the cash from all those hard working thugs, beat them up, kill morality, don't be afraid, just be honest with yourself.

Be Wrong and always be on the Wrong Side, make fun of them and their logic and all, try to win losers...

The basis is always A against B, A says the opposite of B, A fights B, A as opposed to B, but both A and B are defined accordingly, are only reciprocally defined and exist only as the opposite of the other, there is no stable middle ground, no objective reference system, the two are each other's reference system and as such are equivalent and both wrong or right (no absolute here, no solution here, no Truth here as truth can't exist when the two items are reciprocally defined and as they can be combined in one item made up of two items, the one item is just a quirk, an arbitrary design, an arbitrary turd, a useless random chaotic piece of crap and piece of nothing and having no meaning and no value, etc.), only the stronger force wins by sheer force and power.

Read the blog, all of it:



and read all of nameta9 post on, inside out, very carefully, you have your "Hard Work" cut out for you, and study it all very carefully....ead the blog, all of it:



"The rusting Cadillac is pretty because of the weeds and rust transforming it from a straightforward and unambiguous Symbol into something else, something more subtle and suggestive and evocative. It once again becomes a source of beauty and art.

New cars are marketed as symbols of beauty, but it is a cultish beauty. You are invited to experience its beauty as a singular, flawless object. ...."


I don't want comparison, I don't want Right or Wrong, I don't want who did what, who is right and who is wrong, who is guilty and who is not, What we should do instead of what we did and such. Hate Nature Busty, use it as a tool, the dam creates electricity that is good for people, the greens don't like people, they like an imaginary clown in the sky called Nature (what was once called the good old Jesus Khryst, in fact, give us back the good old Khyrst for Khryst's sakes, we don't need any new (age ?) religion, we already have many fine old ones that work well enough in hosing people's minds). I just like things as they are, all kinds of things, the beauty in the way they are simply without any Function, any Social Meaning and Morality, they are nothing at all, we can't do anything with them, we can't attach them to any of our puny pain/pleasure circuits or any of our social conflicts, Me better than You, me more morally correct than you BS and such, any fights, and win or lose thingys, etc. We can't attach the old car in the weeds with any Function, any intentionality of use, anything at all, it simply suggest that things are mostly undefined, mostly useless, mostly without any function.

Just like Science and Math are mostly the results of Machines expressing Mathematical Relationships from the outset, from the beginning (by their design and their Intentionality of use reflecting the way we are designed, and especially the way our Man Brain is designed, the arbitrary quirk stupid circuits in our randomly organized Man Brain which could have trillions of new better, more chaotic, deeper, richer and refined organizations and such, the way we were arbitrarily designed by the blind forces of Nature through natural Evolution, but having no deeper truth or fundament or absolute than a random group of pebbles on the street) and we think that that is Nature talking to us (when we are simply talking to ourselves using our puny language and logic, nay Matter talking to itself with one of trillions of arbitrary language and reality framing and formatting systems possible) and expressing the unreasonable precision of mathematics in its predictive and descriptive power in physics the physicists love to believe in, just like another religion and such, everything we look at is always trying to be framed into something social, good or bad, morality, political, guilty or not guilty (and punish and deserving this or that and hard work crap), fights, A against B meanings and suggestions: just like you do, but you can't see past all of this BS, this mental pollution, you can't accept things for what they are, simply useless, without a function, without meaning, expressing pure existence without any possible function.

In fact, we should construct machines out of random pebbles on the street and mountains and random ocean waves and wild clouds, we should construct abstract machines that use all of that which has and can't have any function even because it can't even be delimited and pinpoint down (an ocean wave extends in time and space an unknown amount, same as clouds and such) and such machines must provide functions that are even more detached and abstract, impossible to define, ever more.

The V8 in the new cadillac is made up of pebbles as the cylinders and clouds as the spark plugs and such. And repeat and extend, the wilder the better, be crazy, be insane, be incomprehensible, break the chains of logic, of people and society, break the chains of Non Contradiction and the Identity Principle, kill it all.


Fake Hard Work

Fake Hard Work

Given that nothing really needs to be "produced" anymore, that the Technological Economy has done away with most Real Work and Labor, the only thing that is left is Status Games, Office Politics, Power Struggles, Conflicts, the real job is "Convincing Your Boss" or "Convincing the Markets" or "Selling Some Imaginary Value and Crap to some Worthless Customers" as Man is a worthless generalized Turd, is a puke, is a piece of crap, 100 % bar none. The Real Job consists in convincing the other mind, mind games, the real job is to obtain a good judgment from the other mind, the other, the Boss, the whatever other mind you depend on, etc.

The real job is showing off "how Hard You Work" which really means how much of a Slave and how much you will and must abide to random forces, whether Bosses, Corporations, Markets whatever, all of those forces that want you to be a slave, to jump ever more higher, the poor worker must always ask, How High Must I Jump, and the Boss tells him ever more higher, ever more "Hard Work" Show, the show must go on, so beat each other up with all of the "Hard Work" BS, give the "Future Boss", the guy who wants to get "Ahead" an ever more Hard Time, give him impossible tasks, impossible schedules, get him working the most impossible tasks (always totally useless, totally vain, just an excuse to exercise power, 99 % of all tasks in all of the offices worldwide are so idiotic and ridiculous and useless that it is obvious to anyone that they are just Man Made contraptions to make believe that there is some real work to be done, just contraptions used to repress others, to continue the subtle fight of contrasting Will Powers, the imaginary and useless tasks that appear only because some other Arbitrary Will Power wants to have some fun seeing others abide and work like slaves, to see statuses reconfirmed, to see the power structure enhanced once again and such) announced always at the Last Minute Friday Evening to get him working like a slave all weekend and such.

This is what "work" really consists of in a Technological Economy, make believe activities that only hide the desire to repress the other, the desire to command and boss the other, the desire to replicate and amplify the structural inequality, the Fake Show of Hard Work, the Fake Show of meritocracy all based on power and force and arbitrary will powers deciding to beat up the other and such (rarely based on anything really objectively valuable, since too many people would be too good at that and you need to select a few and filter out all of those that become "lazy" (and see how the hard work myth imposes people to become lazy by creating ever higher barriers for them to be considered "successful" and such) since they don't or can't or desire to follow ever harder boss or market requests (or impossible sales targets and such) and also notice how the power structures reproduce themselves perfectly since the boss (boss is just a proxy word to mean corporations and markets and banks and power and such) will let only those that are exactly like him get ahead, and they know right away who is a future Slave Boss and who doesn't want to be one and such).

On a side note, the Startup myth, and the flexible USA economy gives people some more wiggle room in that they can try to become their own bosses (but it is mostly an illusion), many other places don't even allow that little wiggle room the USA has such as in China, JAPAN, South Korea most of Europe and such, in these places, the status, arbitrary, "connections" and "relationships" forces aren't even hidden too much, most people there already know and are cynical, know that only the other person's power and judgments counts to "get ahead", all else is mostly irrelevant.

But of course, the system is all automatic, the Bosses had to go through the same hell and they will impose a similar hell upon the new crop of graduates and such, and of course many won't stand for it, many will not abide as they will understand and see how it is all just a power game, there is no real technical or business reason or economic reason behind 99 % of things, hence they see that it is just an arbitrary will power expressing their power and whether or not to abide and play the game or not. And many will not, or will play it partially or will eventually give in and give up as in the pressure is constantly increased for the future boss that wants to have a career and to make it must keep it up, ever more, until he makes it and such. And those that don't abide, don't want to play the game are considered "Lazy", slackers, don't "Want to Work" and such, when in all truth they don't want to be under some arbitrary will power of some arbitrary thug wanting to express his power and repress the new crops of slaves, etc.

But then, if you play the game, you can't go back, you slowly start having too much to lose, you can't give up or give even a little less otherwise you will lose all of the past investment, all the past effort will have been in vain, your past work and effort is your prison and forces you to keep on trying harder, to keep up the long hours, ever more and such, otherwise you risk losing everything, you risk losing all the past work, it all goes down the drain, it can all be judged as being a big fat ZERO in a jiffy since the only forces acting within the Technological Economy is the instant judgment, the instant will power event, the instant change of the judgment from "Possible" to "Bad", from possible Win, to lose and such (resembles the housing crisis, when you can't keep up the payments but you can't give up the house otherwise you risk losing all the money you already paid for it, etc: the solution ? just leave the keys, stop paying, who cares, lose "everything", it was all worthless crap anyways and the same for the stressed out boss, just give up, who cares, it is all crap anyways).

So, in the end, it is all a losing proposition, just like the South Korean (or JAPAN or China) students always "studying", when in truth it is just a subtle dictatorship of power expressing itself upon the minds of the students, saying you are nothing, you are a slave, you must abide, I am the boss and such, and they get brainwashed by the same BS and replicate the same values and systems over and over again.

You have to"Work Hard" which means be a total slave of another will power if you want to succeed and "Make Money". But the exact meaning and value of money is the fact that it is and renders you independent from other will powers, from other fluke judgments, the reason to want money is to try to gain as much independence and freedom from this huge ball of crap of modern labor, to be free from other judgments and power, and money is the value of objective independence, the more money (the symbol and proxy), the more you can possibly be free and such.

But make no mistake, the very reason Inequality and Power Structures and Status games and all kinds of Arbitrary Will Power events and forces keep on increasing is exactly because the Technological Economy has done away with the need for any real labor and work, it needs more real labor and work like a hole in the head, but this freedom from the dependency on real work and tasks makes the arbitrary components of will powers expressing themselves ever more powerful, the fluff and games become ever more powerful as the more real work becomes no longer necessary: the less real work there is to do, the harder the Drone of "Hard Work" is being imposed on everyone, the harder the Powers that Be must brainwash everyone of the need of "Hard Work", the more real hard work is no longer necessary and needed for the economy to work, the more imaginary and arbitrary and will power and power and status based invented and imaginary and comic book Hard Work is imposed on workers, just because, just for fun, because Man is a turd, is an Ape Man stone age turd.

There is no "Objective Economy" and forces at work, there are only relationships between reciprocal people, between reciprocal will powers judging, there is nothing objective between people, only arbitrary reference systems established by the other person's mind judging, by reciprocal minds making believe that they are objective when it is not based on anything but fluke will powers which are without any value at all.


Thursday, April 12, 2012



"... is the place behind a 7-11, a little patch of asphalt, a high fence and some weeds. In a full moon it is glorious, and when the halogen overhead is on it is threatening. On a Sunday morning it is as quiet as a church. Birds visit. In the evening it is routinely invaded by quarrelling lovers, night shift managers, and teenagers. What is interesting about the world is that every corner is unique. By standardising each unique corner, the workers of the world erase it. Wherever a road is built, a house erected, or a building created, the world is rubbed out of existence. So we employ people to scrub the world, the keep nature from coming back in. We hope it covers our mistake, because as soon as nature makes a crack or drops a leaf on it, it becomes obvious how ugly it is.
Man is nature, but he scrubs himself, and by doing so makes himself look worse.

If there is a thing called 'resilience', the unwashed bum has it. Perhaps global warming will create the service economy he's been waiting for. He'll charge you a cigarette butt to join the circle at his tin stove. He won't recognise your offer of a turnip but he won't turn it down. As each day passes, you look worse and worse- but the bum looks the same. He laughs at you, at us all. "

The Ape Answers:

You worship Nature as a Religion: The beauty of the world is exactly in all the little random details, if Man Made, even better, the contrast with "Nature" is even more remarkable, as if Man is really some kind of Alien, something truly outside of the World, as if he is "Outside Looking In". But the old cars abandoned in the weeds, the decay of all buildings, all the little cracks, all the random chaos, all of that which is outside of our Drone Mind of A against B, conflict - fight based, Ego based is what makes the world pretty: it represents all of that which is outside of our logic and binary reasoning, all of that which is useless, in which you can't do anything with it, it has NO FUNCTION therefore pretty. I like all items, especially Man Made items decaying and contrasting with Nature.

Especially the imaginary contrast between the result of Intention, the Man Brain Planning and Deciding what should be done, what should be performed, what should be Designed, as in the design of Cars and Buildings (all of the Standard International Building Styles you can see all over the World, the Same, just look at Street View in Google, Bangkok Thailand, Sao Paolo Brazil, NYC, Los Angeles, Mexico City and on and on all Standard International Building Styles, Boxes, all kinds of Boxes and some Single Family homes, all kinds of homes, but it is as if "YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE SAME PLACE, THE WHOLE WORLD IS EXACTLY THE SAME ALL GIVEN" (but the USA is the only with REALLY WIDE STREETS AND ROADS, and that is because the USA is way richer than all of the others and BETTER, they built environments for Cars, for Machines and Consumption and Big Box Stores, exactly what was the Right Thing to Do)).

The items and entities that are randomly arranged and designed according to some Will Power, some Man Brain imagining and planning things in a certain way (and performing Expectations of Functions and Results, and contrasting other alternative designs and arrangements, but of course as always a proxy for contrasting other detached and remote and intractable Will Powers that decided something previously and before or different and such, as if you know some Man Brain and Mind decided something some way, and it pisses you off because you wanted it another way, and would like to win the fight but it is too late).

Random pebbles that are the result of past Will Power decisions intersecting and mixing up with random Blind Pure Nature Forces changing and rearranging the original disposition and combination and configuration of the pebbles, car tires, buildings, the floor, the weed on a side, the color of the old house, the road, the cracks, you name it, the carpet, the old TV set in the basement, the old cracks on the old computer of the 1980s in the Attic, etc.

But Will Power Forces and the Natural Laws of Physics forces are one and the same, all random, quirky, without any task or goal or result, it doesn't matter Who or What did it, who cares, what matters is that it is useless, vain, just a pretty picture, just something to remind us of how useless and vain and insignificant we all are, especially our fights and Functions and Tasks and Intentionalities and Will Powers, etc.

The engine of a new machine is the mountain and forest and your backyard all having a precise function and all being a precise gadget in a complex intractable and impossible to understand machine with trillions of pieces all interacting, the grass blade, the pebble, the mountain top, the rocks under a mountain, the 16 rocks under a certain point in space on the mountain and in the ocean and such...


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What can Happen in the Box of Matter ?

What can Happen in the Box of Matter ?

So the Box of Grey Matter, the Box of Mindform / Brainform Material, the Box of Atoms and Electrons and Such that is maybe 1 centimeter cubed or 1 million kilometers cubed has Matter executing paths, predetermined paths through the Iron Clad Fist of the Laws of Physics, but then Virtual Unlimited Paths through the Simulation of Reality Styles and Designs on behalf of part of the Brains and Brainforms and Mindforms emerging from the Box of Matter (or completely new paths that combinations of Atoms and Forces and Electrons and Photons produce and Execute, totally unknown to us and our Puny Logic and such or completely new paths according to the completely new laws of physics the trillions of new brain designs perceive and live within and such), evaporating and condensing through phase transitions within the Box of Grey Matter and such and such: and they produce Synchronized Matter, Self Coherent Synchronized Matter that can execute only some paths according to specific constraints of various types, either Physical (the Laws of Physics), Pain/pleasure type circuits or anything else, as in creativity expressed within limiting boundaries otherwise it wouldn't know how to express itself if unlimited in any way and such.

And so many Cross Synchronized Matter Chunks and Experiences, Mixed Universes and Lifestyles, completely new Solid State Universes with completely new and incredible - fantastic and colorful laws of physics and experience styles and types and lives, and hyperlives, hyperreality, Metaphysics achieved to the upmost, a Box of matter expressing combinations we never could possibly imagine and such...






Class Warfare ?

Class Warfare ?


"What are the main weapons being used, and which of them are most dangerous and effective?"

Ideology, theories, brainwashing, the "Economists" with all of their imaginary "Objective Reality Description of how the "Economy" works and should work", etc.

The war is 100 % won by the dominating Economic Forces, the Capitalists, the Rich, the Haves have won this war over and over again for decades now, starting from the end of the 1960s on, it has been a complete and total brainwashing of everyone of how great and good and bold and successful all of the Entrepreneurs, Capitalists, Risk loving Bosses, company owners, the "employers" (not the employees who are always turds and lazy slobs that want too much , etc.) are.

And everyone is brainwashed by all of this BS, especially in the good old USA, the Hard Working Myth, the You Have to Deserve it Myth, the worshiping of Inequality in all of its forms, the Love of seeing how rich the rich get as compared to the poor, the desire to punish and crush the losers, the poor, the "Lazy Slobs and Bastards", this subtle and deep and constant drone of ideology by all of Society (and worldwide, in all countries), that has been going on for decades. This love of inequality, it is a way to let it all hang out, let out all the desire to beat up the other, to hate on people just because, for fun, but always justified: "I Am Better Than You", "I Worked Hard for My Money", "I Am Good", and "God Protects Me" against the poor lazy slobs that must be hated upon and beat up and such.

There is only one truth: the Technological Economy doesn't even need any work at all, it barely needs any labor to function, it is mostly an automatic system based on huge economy of scales, technology, huge consumption and production of Energy, the Automatic for the People and such. So the entire edifice of the Right Wing ideology is no longer even applicable, this economy needs more work like a hole in the head, actually this economy has nothing to do with work at all, it is all about automatic, power relationships, political and status powers, inequality from the outset, not based on any imaginary meritocracy, etc. It is rich enough to give all the basics all people need everywhere and to everyone many times over, it is actually Too Rich, hence the Bubbles, and trillions of dollars in banks worldwide playing games over people's lives, and firing people (it is so easy to fire workers when work is no longer even relevant in any possible way anymore in an Automatic, Technological Economy, let alone all of the BS about "Creating Jobs", what an idiotic idea ! the whole purpose of jobs is to create wealth for a few and to express inequality, the whole purpose of jobs is to actually eliminate the need of jobs through the application of "Services" and the "Information Economy" and other such BS, etc., the whole purpose of jobs is to eliminate the future needs of any jobs on behalf of the Rich and Powers that be, by automating and solving all work needs and labor needs once and for all, giving the Powers that be ever more power to use people in any way, since work is just an excuse to show off power, is just a game, an optional game as in all of the layoffs every now and then, to show how little companies really need the labor of millions, etc.).

The solution would be to cut the head off of the body of inequality structurally, from the outset, and once and for all: a Free Salary for all, about 800 dollars a month, very cheap rents for all, about 200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom house, and huge new bold projects like spaceships to mars, thousands (I shall refrain from saying Trillions to not "Let It All Hang Out") of high speed trains across the USA, thousands of skyscrapers all across the USA and such: global projects for the common good, large scale projects where humanity progresses collectively, where this myth of inequality and "Being Better than You" and such is overthrown once and for all.

Only by changing the design of the Brain can the class warfare be finally won by the poor, once and for all, and for all time and for everyone forever. AMEN.