Saturday, December 29, 2012

Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits

I was reading that chips, CPUs now have a billion transistors and such: wow what a waste! all of those possible signals and interactions all dedicated to a one point linear logic, to solve a "problem", and such. What they should do is create thousands of independent signals and circuits criss crossing each other and interacting randomly, the expression of independence and randomness, or each its own goals and programs independently from the other paths and colliding every now and then, interacting and messing up everything, just like any model of an economic system should express independent will powers and goals colliding conflicting, influencing each other and destroying the others plan and goal, the other "program", but sometimes collaborating, and sometimes creating temporary aggregations of common goals, only to depart and collide or conflict or ignore each other and such. Imagine how many possible circuits and interactions, programs and chunks of goals all talking at the same time, not there to solve any logical problem (NAY, TO CREATE EVER MORE PROBLEMS, TO CREATE EVER MORE IMPOSSIBILITIES!) but there to express parallel interactions, point like interactions happening in parallel, all at the same time, simultaneously and doing all kinds of surprising things and such.

With a billions transistors you can have so many signals and processors, each different and so many microprograms doing all kinds of wild stuff, all kinds of insane stuff that leads to nowhere, since the real goal is to break away from logic and break away from the past, to see really new things, mysterious things, things that cannot be decomposed into any kind of logic, wild and parallel and full of analog signals along with digital signals, imagine how many wild registers and circuits, all kinds of wild and crazy circuits, all kinds of crazy things, with so many millions of transistors there are trillions upon trillions of combinations all crazy and cool, all insane, just like reality, where no possible laws can operate, where logic is finally defeated and a new brain is created and such.

Scientific Research should not discover laws, it should hide them, demolish them, we need to understand and be on top of things like a hole in the head, we need confusion, mystery, we need the end and death of any kind of logic.

Research is always bound by a problem, by an intentionality, by the desire to solve some problem and such (and use it socially, economically, create a new "product" and "company": so shallow, so stupid, so undemanding, so much more of the same crap that has been going on forever), to predict and such, but this is so stupid and simple, a one bit mind with one bit logic with one bit problems, simple yes/no linear problems that are irrelevant, that are not important: we need crazy, we need insane, we need wild and creative, we need ever more mystery, ever more impossible to understand, we need parallel logic, me need to make as little sense as possible, we need to be completely free from any kinds of problems or boundaries or intentionalities, we need trillions of crazy circuits trillions of crazy and cool and mysterious, and the more you research it, the farther you get away from any logic and understanding, inverse research, the more you analyze the more confusing it gets ever more impossible, the defeat of any kinds of laws and logic and then you are finally free and can have fun.



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Friday, December 21, 2012

Cinderella Candy ...

Cinderella Candy ...

A Universe essentially thinks itself into existence. It has no fundament, no stage or background, all of the relationships within any Universe (which can also be conceived as an Entity Composed of a Subject <-> Object, an Observer <-> External Rules of Engagement (external world), Matter self manipulating itself) can be seen as Self Referential, only a part of the Universe being related to another independent (partially ? or if independent is 0 and dependent is 1 what is 345 or -6.788 ? and all other kinds of projections and abstract extensions and so forth) part of itself, but itself essentially simply talking to itself and such. Talking to itself and creating itself, thinking itself into existence, creating itself from itself, creating self referential Information Relationships that create existence or the illusion of existence and such (hence this is why Science is 100 % wrong and will always be 100 % wrong, Science doesn't exist, only Arbitrary, Pure Invention of the Universe inventing itself just because, for no reason at all exists, all else is making believe that there is some reference system, some absolutes and such). Just like any thought you have creates itself as a reality, just like the thought of the Instant Singularity actually creates it and makes you escape this Universe and enter a new Universe with new laws of physics, just like the thought of the Instant Singularity is the Instant Singularity itself and such (and any imagined reality is trillions of times more real than the reality you perceive with your sense organs, any imagined construction or contraption (in your mind or where ?) is a Universe that is becoming real and popping up into existence by itself, as all is a monlithic slab of pure thought creating itself and inventing itself into existence and such).

A part of the Universe Observing and Interacting with another part of itself, but creating all kinds of arbitrary delimitations within the set of entities it decided to compose itself of, therefore creating an infinite array of possible "Observers" and "External Realities" (like a tree is an Observer and a car tire is the External Reality, or a Star is an Observer (the Star is a modifed Mind, Man Brain type but trillions of times more complex and elaborate, with trillions of new circuits inside of itself, all of the plasma reactions, all the particles interacting between themselves are creating an experience and Mindform and Brain type and such, so far and higher and superior than anything our puny Brain can ever do...) and this letter X written right here (try to find where...) is the External Reality and such).

A Monolithic slab of relationships that exist nowhere, in no time, in no space in no background in no reference system: hence if something appears in no reference system, if something appears NoWhere than anything can appear (even though these words are a very clumsy way of expressing these ideas which are trillions of times higher and more complex and impossible for all you puny humans to comprehend, only ME the ULTRA GOD and ULTRA MIND can understand it, so I win, I am the winner and you are all the loser, I win all, there, I am the winner, all the rest of the Universe is the loser, all items have lost, I am GOD and the winner, I am the BEST, I am the ONLY forever...).

So the Universe, or the Modified Brain or the Processor Experiencing Existence (or consciousness or whatever) is not composed of anything, neither Matter or atoms or logical connections or anything at all: it is simply an arbitrary quirk that appears, relates to itself in any possible way and disappears and such, even though appearing and disappearing imply some kind of stable - absolute background (even if the background is only Logic, but logic is just another Information Relationship, any other kind of relationship and interaction and Experience set and anything at all is possible and so forth, the more far out and abstract and impossible the better, even Non Mathematical and Non Logical Worlds having trillions of properties trillions of times farther from anything we can ever imagine and such...).

Definition of Information Relationship: any sequence of symbols or blocks of text defining it can do since they all are just a one bit explanation, any complex set of bits can always be reduced to just one bit, the logical non contradiction and identity principle; therefore we must project abstractions that escape these straight jackets and prisons and abstract ever more, the more vague and impossible to understand the better: increase the mystery, mystery is fascinating, who needs logic or relationships ? who wants to understand ? Misunderstanding is all there ever will be. Misunderstanding is All in Life. The most important thing in life is to Misunderstand Everything. Misunderstanding and Ignorance is trillions of times superior to knowledge or understanding and such, Make Mistakes, Make Errors, Errors are everything, we need ever more mistakes and errors...kill Science and Kill Knowledge... create a negative Science, create ever more confusion and lies, kill the idea of being correct, kill Science...


Dominant Ideology is Killing the "Economy"

Dominant Ideology is Killing the "Economy"

The dominant ideology in Economics and Politics all rotates around a few basic ideas repeated over and over again in all ways:

1) Economies must be "Competitive":

What on earth does this mean, really ? Competition means essentially fights, conflicts, winners and losers so entire countries must fight other countries to grap a piece of the pie, wow what a nice formula for the economy, this will make us all better off, won't it. In all truth, competition does exactly the opposite, some superstar players, corporations, manufacturing centers (and guess what, mostly the same old ones that have been winning always in the last decades, Germany (always has been an economic power house), Apple and Silicon Valley, South Korea and Samsung anyone ?) grab ever bigger pieces of the pie and all the rest can go to hell, simple as this. Very few will really ever be able to compete against them and similar types no matter what, yeah some countries improve, some other older manufacturing centers decay, but mostly it is all a game of concentration of power, wealth and success in the hands of fewer and fewer, the top notch, the winners (the better connected ?) and so forth.

2) Economies must increase "Productivity":

Totally ass backwards idea, what on earth does this mean ? Do more with less people, less energy, less resources, again concentration of winning in fewer hands, the necessity to hire fewer people and so forth. Because increased Productivity means and can only mean fewer people at work, fewer people needed, optimized production methods, optimized engineering designs requiring less material (hence less other corporations, hence less other people no matter what) and so on. So this "Increased Productivity" will have the net effect of Increasing Unemployment, and I challenge anyone to serious show me how this is not true.

3) More "Education", "Research", "Innovation":

Totally ass backwards idea, what on earth does this mean ? Innovation and Research and so forth, if it is useful and valuable in anyway at all means the same thing as increased Productivity: Do more with less people, less energy, etc. But especially there is really very left to innovate and research anymore, science is over with, it has all been done and discovered, now it is optimization time, which means kill as many jobs as possible time and so forth.

4) More Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesss, Be you Own Boss, invent your job and such:

Another fairy tale that is chanted over and over again (the desire to believe in miracles and magic creating employment "for everyone" and such) believing that all these new fangled startups will hire millions of people, all new corporations that will grow and become like IBM, GM and Microsoft and such. How can anyone really believe such BS ? Where are all these new businesses and ideas and inventions that will hire millions ? To do exactly what then ? What one earth can so many people do in a start up anyways ? Most startups in technology and science and such really rely on only a handful of top notch talented people, maybe 10, 20 or 30 at most, the rest are not needed, and most technology has nothing at all to do with creating jobs or employment (and in fact it has much more to do with eliminating jobs and employment by the boatloads, all the Music Industry has been ditched thanks to MP3, there are no longer Music Stores, or High Fidelity or Stereos anymore, now it is all crappy MP3 in you crappy IPHONE and such, and this killed thousands of jobs worldwide).

There are many other words and concepts and ideologies that are repeated all over the world over and over again to brainwash everyone that this is the way to make "Economies become rich" and so forth. No one ever challenges all of this BS, along with the BS of "Hard Work" and such, we "Must Work Harder" when in a Technological Economy work disappears structurally, is not needed, needs more "Hard Work" like a hole in the head and such.

And then this idea that Economies Must Grow and such, must "Create More Wealth" and such: what exactly must be created ? More homes, more McMANSIONS, more empty cities in China, more cars ? We have loads of wealth already created and then wealth isn't created, economies are a process, wealth should be "distributed" (not created) from those that are stuffed with money to those that have less money, simple as that: Spain has created a huge amount of "Wealth" in the form of homes (what more tangible measure of wealth creation ?) but they have millions of empty new homes and people that can't afford them (and kill themselves when evicted) and unemployment and such: in a rational economy, Spain should be amongst the richest in the world since they have so many homes, a basic problem solved for all. Economies grow only when they go from being poor to middle class, this process is over and finished for the USA, EU and JAPAN and will soon end for Brazil and China.

The real solution is to dump this Economic Ideology and do the only thing that must be done: Give a Free Salary to all worldwide, and very cheap rents for homes to all worldwide and huge public private projects and such, governments should hire millions of people and give them a high salary to do Proudly and Bluntly and Boldly NOTHING AT ALL, to be IDLE, to FREE LOAD since the Technological Economy generates loads of free wealth enough for everyone, etc.

Will this ever happen ? No because people are turds, are envious of those that are getting a free lunch, don't want to give a free lunch to all, want to fight and compete, because Man wants conflict, otherwise he stagnates and such, and so forth, but the truth is this Technological Economy shows how deeply limited our economic ideology is.

Eurpe wants to fire the public employees because that is "waste" and such, everyone in punishment mode, all want to take away from all others, everyone wants to fire everyone and punish everyone, well this formula will kill off the economy no matter what, they should be hiring millions in Europe and the US to do nothing but give them a salary but they prefer to fire people, what turds.

Flanel Jesus, Now, go on tell me what is new in this post compared to the last 1,500, go on, scribble a one liner as a reply, now go on stick it in Mundane Babble, Rant House, or just erase it, go on.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mundane Babble (blabber ? ramblings ? or 1965 Rambler ...)

Mundane Babble (blabber ? ramblings ? or 1965 Rambler ...)

Abstraction Kit. Ape Cock says. So sentences and blocks of text condense always to the very last sentence or word or concept or letter or bit, the condensation of all past events into one item and entity, the conclusion of all is always the very last instantaneous configuration of bits in the Universe, or bits in the Abstraction Kit Set and such. But you can also go backwards or jump around all over the place within all of the blocks of text ever written, you can create any path, any wild and crazy path through all items and entities in the "world" (or even just some, like a pebble and car tire and the word GOD create a new concept and conclusion and such) all bits and numbers and letters, and every point can become the final conclusion, the result of all of the effort, the final number with respect to all of the sequential sequences of entities that finally compose a "conclusion" and such.

So the final word or concept in the last paragraph is composed of all of the entities in the Universe that lead up to it, reductionism, the decomposing of a word into its constituent parts, but really a word is composed of all of the words that lead up to it, like an atom, they rotate around the final word, but not just metaphorically but actually, really, a true construction and such.

So all can be composed of all else, reductionism, explosionism and such and so forth. But all is a repetition, but you can invent infinitely different, and assign each bit infinitely different from the previous, or all is a monolithic block of the same, no differences between anything and all cases in between, and extend, project, projections all over the place, invent the craziest, make it all go wild, make it all hang out and such. And this is all nothing compared to what crosses my mind, all of the combinations and all of the extensions and abstractions and recursions.. you would never believe it, I am trillions of times more powerful than GOD or any GOD, I am the ULTRA GOD, Nietzsche would understand, Richard Feynman would have fun with my ideas of Matter creating its own Universe and Laws of Physics and such.

But such is the case, it isn't Matter that really creates new Universes and Laws of Physics, it is an Abstraction Kit, a set of symbols and Information Relationships that can create events within itself, a monolithic slab of pure existence that creates universes and never ending surprises and such, and it can go on and on. And abstractions within abstractions ever further removed denotations, ever more abstract and also becoming infinitely real through completely new and powerful sense systems and sense organs and emotion systems, trillions of times more intense than anything you could ever imagine, but also invisible and all possible cases in between and outside of the set and so forth, and ever more, like an atom bomb and my thoughts and concepts explode like an atom bombs with trillions of new things, inncredible, you would never know or imagine, not even any GOD could imagine my level, the greatest possible genius of all time, I know all I am infinitely greater than all of civilization I am the ULTIMATE.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Discover Electricity a Million Times!

Discover Electricity a Million Times!

Discover Electricity a Million Times!

So any system of constraints, of impediments of interdictions that Matter imposes upon itself, imposed upon a subset of itself (a chunk of a slab of Matter acting as an Observer, as the Subject compared to the other parts of itself, of the slab acting as Objects (but they can mixed up, or a monolithic linear slab of continuous Observers and subjects mixing and converting into each other and all cases in between and such)), and the forcing of that subset (in the instantiation of an Observer, a Processor, a kind of Man Brain type and similar, but I mean something trillions of times deeper, more sophisticated and such) to navigate a Universe type can simulate and project upon any Experience Set imaginable: it can also correspond to the experience set of a scientist discovering Electricity all over again and such (or equivalently, as the equivalent Information Relationship Set and such). SO you can imagine an organization of Matter that is flat up to the point of being one bit and such, hence impossible to discover anything, but you can fool it into becoming infinitely deeper than anything our world resembles and such, and all cases in between, so the fake scientist chunk of matter can discover electricity all over again in a certain configuration of matter, or can discover things trillions of times better and more exciting, or can be closed on a flat one bit universe where all is discovered but enjoy deeply anyways, or vice versa and so forth...

So Matter self programs a part of itself with a Knowledge Set and Possibility Set and lets that subset of itself live a life and experience in an arbitrary Universe according to how the Chunk of Matter representing the Observer is programmed, the memories it has, the Information Set it has and all of the rules of engagements and the arbitrary interdictions and impediments the chunk of matter (acting as the Processor, a kind of Man Brain) must navigate through in order to exist and live, as the opposition to constraints is what defines its experience set and life style and such.

SO Matter casn self manipulate itself and create any kind of Observer, any kinds of constraints, any kinds of rules of engagements the Observer must follow and overcome in order to navigate the completely arbitrary and programmed Universe Type Matter decides to impose upon itself.

So imagine discovering Electricity all over again (of course your memory has been erased so you don't know all the further - future knowledge, but the same way memories are erased to let you lose knowledge, the same way it can be written to to increase your knowledge infinitely, it doesn't matter what correspondence to truth it has is, it just must have some correspondence to a configuration of Matter inventing itself, being its own boss and such).

Matter self manipulates itself and creates its own Observers, constraints and Navigation Path Sets, its own impediments to simulate anything even discovering Electricity (and even similar and more incredible things trillions of times higher and over and over again and such).

We are at the end of Science, now only modified brains will give us new knowledge, unless we erase and rediscover forever old knowledge, but old and new are arbitrarily defined, time is a joke, invent all, lie to all, Matter loves to Lie to itself...


Sacrifice for the Invisible...

Sacrifice for the Invisible...

Or for (Nothing?), as in all of our actions and models and ideas, and imagined effects are all denotations, are all imagined effects happening to things "outside of us", to other chunks of Matter, and "what they are going through", or the importance of the other chunks of Matter and such: the "common world", the "laws", and laws of engagments, the statistics that reflect what is happening in the common world, like the GDP or the Unemployment rate and such, all abstract entities and concepts and ideas grouping a set of other chunks of Matter and assigning them a state of imagined "well being", measuring them and seeing how close they approach the "good values"; the good numbers, the "Good", the "generalized metaphysical good", that accumulates in some abstract space, reference system where all of our acts and all of the narratives accumulate and serialize, an abstract stage where the indirect and the denotations are real or imagined such, as if it is a container where all of the acts of people are accumlating and creating a monolithic slab of history, a monolithic slab where all actions have an effect, a slab outside of everyone but belonging to everyone, just like religions, just like the idea that "you will be judged by your actions" (by a generalized mind ? by generalized laws people can apply to each other, the entire fundaments of LAW and LAWYERS are all based on this), all of your actions are recorded and memorized and part of a huge painting where each act must contribute to the "common good"; the imaginary "common good" and the imaginary "common world". And so it is with so many statistics and measurements, like "how many books does the average American read yearly" and if this number is bigger than a better sign and result is being written to the monolithic slab of "common good", the imagined world where everything accumulates and is being measured by an imaginary mind judging (but all minds can judge, but the implication is always from religion, GOD judging (but any and every mind is a little GOD judging, and being completely in control of the imagined "common world" and such), and religions create the idea of "common good") it as a "population achieving and constructing a better common good" as opposed to those that are scribbling and breaking parts of the painting of entities that are all being serialized and accumulating in the Volume of Space and Existence made up of the "commmon good"; the "common world" and such.

But nothing like this really exists, only instant disjoint events exist, reality is infinitely shallow, is a point like event in a point like space with no further extension and no outside world or "common good" world or whatever. We are infinitely shallow and there are no denotations and indirections, the fact the more or less people read more or less books and the imagined effect this has on an imagined "Volume of Space Containing the Accumulation of Morality and Results, the Serilaization of All Actions and Signals and Events and Will Power Decisions and Effects" is all an invention, a ghost, a figment of the imagination believing in outside worlds, in other people and other minds, in common worlds and such. There is nothing but instantaneous configurations of Matter and Mass Energy "believing in things and imagining things and such", a slab of Matter that is configured with a set of bits (all of the neural network configurations in the Brain where all of the rules and memories and narratives of a lifetime are recorded and all of reality is constructed through this quirky configuration of bits pretending to be real when it is just a simple random memory write operation, a random number written in a random memory slot pretending to become reality and truth and such) making that slab of Matter believe in some kind of Objective Reality and with Objective Reality, the Outside World and Other Minds and Morality and Other People and so forth.

But the metaphysical invention of the outside world can even be played with and extended, lets create ever more complex and abstract Volumes of Space Containg all Events that crystallize as Serialized, as Accumulation of Result, that will be measured and judged by a GOD (any Mind, another Mind, as any Mind can decide to constuct any interdictions to any other Mind and hence then, at that point, become all very real, especially if it induces pain/pleasure and such and this is why Lawyers and Law and Politics (and especially the Will Powers acting out and the Fights, the final truth of A against B, end of story) is infinitely more real than Physics and Science, it is Man who creates the greatest interdictions and constraints upon himself, not the more detached Laws of Physics...), so then all of what I said can be put upside down, only infinitely deep exists, only a never ending recursion of denotations and results and serialization as really everything is just a consequence of abstract and such.

But this goes without saying: all of what I say means that the opposite of what I said is true, the opposite of the above is true (not the above), invert all I said and that is the truth, and then invert it again and so forth. All of the opposite of what I say is the truth, all I say is false and so forth.

So a slab of Matter can live in an arbitrary "Subjective Bubble" made up of any false laws, any configuration of bits in its Mind creating any imagined reality and truth, as long as it is all coherent (nay, it can even be completely a mess, who cares, the slab of Matter enjoys confusion more than precision...), so insert rules of engagements and memories and narratives (and histories of a life or a lifetime, a five year old baby having the memories of a 200 year old man and such) and imagined "other minds"; "outside minds judging" and anything else, no matter how far out and remote and impossible and create ever more insane virtual realities, all fake (but exactly because they are fake, they are real and such, since all reality is just a set of bits written to memory slots in our Brain and such, a set of memory locations in the Observer, the design of the Observer creates and invents and designs the Universe in which the Observer lives and such), hence Matter can self create any Universe it wants by writing to itself, writing new truths and reality in the Matter chunks representing Observers and such, and all of the combinations in between, a never ending array of combinations between outside worlds, imagined outside worlds, Observers inventing Universes and so forth..

Matter designs new Universes within itself and then designs Observers to navigate them and such...


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Matter Self Manipulates Itself and Creates New Universes

Matter Self Manipulates Itself and Creates New Universes

It is hard to accept the concept that a different Observer implies a different Universe and different Laws of Physics, implies a radically different Experience Set the Observer can undergo and such. But that is exactly the case since the Observer is just a slab of Matter, a group of entities that are arranged and acting like ONE, like a unit and interacting with an environment, but the environment that the Observer interacts with is defined by how the Observer is designed, the sense organs, the arms and muscles it has (but I obviously mean way more than these puny examples, way more elaborate and complex sense like organs and arms and such), all of the input and output signals going through the Observer and how it reacts to them, etc. It can easily be imagined that just by changing some of the sense organs, some of the rules of engagement of the input/output signals and impulses and the resulting input/output signals and reactions, the Observer can Experience a completely different Life Form, Experience Set, Information Relationship Set and hence really Universe and Laws of Physics and such so to say.

But even us, we are really all simply a set of point like Observers, a diffused Observer where Matter is conscious of itself only in the points corresponding to Brains (people), we are all and always like particles and points receiving and decoding signals and executing output results and signals that other particles (other people) can decode and interact with, but it is a set of discontinuous points that only amongst themselves and between them, do they perceive and interact with the "Outside" world, all of the intermediate points between them (the outside), all of the land and items between people themselves are dead, are not part of the party, are not conscious and such (since the Observers would have to occupy all space and time and completely saturate all, but such is not the case for us at least, but we can invent hybrids and projections and imagine linear Observers and such merging into the Outside world...), so we are a given organization of Matter that allows us to see and decode and interact according to repetitive patterns that this particular organization of Matter provides us with, but it really essentially provides us with a complete Universe and complete set of Laws of Physics (all illusionary and only locally valid, local is valid for the given local Observer design), even though this is perceived only amongst a few particles of the entire ensemble of Matter (but this perception, for the particles is complete, this perception completely saturates all, it looks completely continuous and real, all the items between people seem to occupy all space and existence - real, we fill in all of the blanks so to say, but it is really much more similar to computers talking to each other through a network thinking that the whole world is only the computers and their network while in reality the whole world is infinite, infinitely more complex and never ending as there are a never ending combination of possible Matter Organizations creating Observers and completely saturating reality (but it only appears to be saturated, a kind of optical illusion, Observers filling in all of the blanks by simply not even being aware of the blanks, just like we are not aware of how arbitrary our Brain and neural networks are (and therefore our entire decoding of reality and our entire experience of life as conditioned by this), we take them for granted as being an absolute and the measure of all when in fact they are just one quirky number amongst a never ending set of numbers)), but radically different Universes and Experiences and such, only a very small volume of the Matter is really participating in this Movie, in the decoding and Universe and instantiated "Laws of Physics", all other items are dead or unknown or part of the outside or are the Objects of the Subjects and such.

So given a new configuration of Matter expressing new Observers, imagine new interdictions and delimitation sets, new laws of engagements that Matter expresses by talking to itself through this new configuration, those Observers are really in a new Universe, 100 % different universe in a sense infinitely far away from us, we have no possible point of contact unless we become somewhat like those new Observers and such. Imagine Matter creating a slab of Iron that decodes and interacts through a wild and crazy contraption and very complex elaborate description of Outside reality (it doesn't matter how wild and invented it is, all is invented and fake when Matter becomes "alive", Matter lies to itself always when it starts talking to itself, so any invention any simulated Universe, no matter how far out, anything, no matter how far out is real and true as reality is expressed through the interdictions Matter imposes upon itself as the chunks behaving as the Observers navigate the configurations of Matter according to what interdictions are being invented and imposed upon it).

But the word Matter here really means any Symbol Set, an Entity Set that can talk to itself, and in fact even Matter and Mass Energy don't really exist, only Information Relationships exist so to say, and no matter what I say or any Man Brain says, it is always a very local and partial reality, just a reality according to that one Observer type, nothing more general or deeper than that, so the Laws of Physics and the Universe really don't exist, only a given interpretation and organization of symbols in an arbitrary Mind of an Arbitrary Observer trying to fool itself that it is Absolute and real and valid in all cases, trying to fill in all of the blanks, trying to saturate all possibilities and reality with a few puny items it perceives and interacts with according to his tiny puny Brain, but it is just a quirk, an invention and such.


Kill Maps

"science has begun to map everything "

But I want to get lost...

So an old man doesn't really know more than a baby, so a modern civilization doesn't really know more than a stone age ape tribe and so forth since they are simply two different configurations of Mass Energy, two different Chunks of Matter that interact with themselves (with the external chunks of matter defined as such because of the degree of independence each chunk has compared to another, the degree of surprise and confusion one chunk can have on another and such, but essentially when all of the arbitrary delimitations defining outside and inside, belonging to one chunk as opposed to being part of another chunk is removed, it is all simply Mass Energy and Matter self manipulating itself, talking to itself, it is just a confused and wild chemical reaction and such).

So each chunk of Matter (the old man and the baby) will navigate a series of interactions, will navigate through a path of interactions, will create a narrative, a story and history of a series of changing configurations of Mass Energy, some based on what they think and their "knowledge" and their "memories " or whatever, and the interdictions they have to "overcome" or abide to accordingly and according to their Mind and Will Powers and Thought Processes and such. But they are equivalent, none is better or superior to any other, they are just Matter organized in a certain way and traversing a sequence of configurations, just because, for no other reason then "just because", "No reason at all", even though the old man (or older, more "advanced" civilization) thinks he knows so much, thinks his model of the world is correct and he can play the chess game against the random independent forces attacking him better, but in the end, there is nothing better than anything else, each chunk thinks that he is better, nay, the baby is better, he enjoys without thinking, he doesn't need to know anything, and he is much more wiser than the old man because he directly without all of the imaginary, denotational, target deceived thoughts and emotions the old man has and such.

Economy is based on statistics, large scale "common world" concepts and denotations, imaginary accumulation of results, numbers, it gives the illusion of sequential building of accumulated results through their numbers, unemployment, GDP as if all are working towards ONE GOAL, all is serialized and accumulative, whereas, in all truth each atom of the economy (each person) is simply producing random results, some accumulative, some disjoint, mostly chaotic and the numbers really are just a metaphysical invention, just like religion, but very convenient to make believe that we are all on the same page, we must be more "competitive" or "increase productivity", when there is really no "we", just fightings amongst all, since if there really was a "we" then they would try to measure the output of all the office workers worldwide and notice that nothing accumulative and serialized is being produced, just spinning wheels and hot air,and when they see this this just forget all about the large scale measurements, and switch back, no we must be "more productive", "more competitive" when there is really nothing but fights, etc and no one notices the implied "common goal" ideology behind all of the statistics, and questions it....

But we can extend the idea of serializations and accumulation to all items and entities in the universe and for imaginary accumulation of result and call it a number, a result, a job done, a result achieved and such, the pebble and car are steps in the accumulation of some abstract result, and you and me are working together for an accumulated result, the more abstract and impossible to understand the better and such.. all is accumulation or disjoint destructions and all measures in between and such...

Kill the Maps...


Friday, December 7, 2012

Ball of Grey Matter

Ball of Grey Matter

So take an Observer, a chunk of Matter that experiences some form of consciousness or life or undergoes experiences or whatever anything that is similar to what we think "Life" is or "Life for Man" is or something like that. Now imagine the Ball of Matter that represents the Observer, now imagine the limits of the size and complexity of the Ball of Matter varying from an Electron Sized Brain to a Star Sized Brain - Observer - Processor - Modified Brain with new wild and wicked, groovy and crazy neural circuits, electronic circuits or explosions or atomic bomb like explosions that are actually thought processes or chunks of thoughts or atom bomb explosions that are letters or words or even just pixels of a complex Super Thought or Super Mind or Super Emotion that are / or many trillions of complex elaborate explosions that are a narrative and part of a very complex and deep experience or feeling or emotion or many other ever higher, trillions of times higher than all of that situations and such wild symbols or / and wild chemicals and chemical reactions happening inside the crazy Ball of Matter representing the Brain and Soul of the "Thinking and Living and Experiencing Being That is Supposedly Alive".

SO imagine the limits of the universe and the laws it discovers and the engagements that that chunk of matter has with other chunks of matter and such and how the design of the Observer influences (nay, defines, designs a new universe with new laws of physics...) the universe it perceives and interacts with and such: if it is an Electron Sized Brain it can interact within a subset of possible interactions that Matter (or Mass Energy or whatever you want to call the slab of entities we swim within) can have with itself, only a given set of symbols and Information Relationships can be executing by the tiny brain within its environment, it will never know or discover larger scale items and entities, it can't see the car engine or the skyscraper and such, it can't conceive or render them in any way with its Possible Information Relationships Set and such. And now imagine a Star Sized Brain, the same applies, it can't see the skyscraper or car engine or relate to it because its size and design and interaction mode, its dialog of Matter with itself effectively precludes certain configurations and interactions, hence even the awareness of certain laws of physics, of certain worlds and experiences and possibilities and such (it can't conceive of what it means to run in your backyard or take a swim in an ocean and other things and such).

But then just imagine how many things those brain types can conceive and experience compared to our puny brain and life, and then just imagine how many new ways of engagements with matter and mass energy they can have, with many new and different sense organs and interaction points and such, if the brain has trillions of sense organs and arms so to say or just one, if it interacts through a diffused gas (if it is a diffused gas, or create any possible set of delimitations of groups of entities defining them as in or out or the mind or the body or anything at all) or if it doesn't even have any concept of what is outside of itself or inside of itself and so forth. Invent all the possible sense organs and interaction points and arms so to say the new Observer, Chunk of Matter undergoing experiences can have, an ocean is a sense organ and a cloud is an arm, a planet is another sense organ and a galaxy is another arm, a car tire is a sense organ and a tv set is another arm, and all of those belong to one Observer, a diffused brain living in a very large volume of space (at least the size of a thousand galaxies) and made up of random contraptions all acting together (or not even together, disjoint and crazy ?) to provide the brain with a lifestyle and Experience Set, a new Universe as Perceived by a new Observer Type and such.

If it is a Galaxy Sized Brain then it can't discover or use the laws of physics that we use to produce microchips, if it is a Universe Sized Brain it can't discover, be aware or ever use quantum mechanics or car engines or other different scaled entities and laws and such, if it has only trillions of sense organs and a small processor as a brain it is another kind of entity, if it has only a universe sized memory and abstraction kit, it lives in another kind of universe and so forth, the possibilities are never ending and such.

And if it is a photon then it can't discover "the speed of light", nay, the "speed of light" doesn't even exist, so imagine the limits of all of these possible chunks of matter going from the smallest to the biggest and eveything in between, how many new possible universes and laws of physics are possible ? a never ending.

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Why Philosophy and Science is Wrong.

Why Philosophy and Science is Wrong.

We are always in description mode, in denotation mode, in discover the laws, the principles, the patterns mode, we are always abstracting from reality to thoughts and concepts, always putting in words, concepts, formulas, mechanisms in the mind and in the imagination to then plan the future and perform a free will event on reality, to make it go in a certain direction according to theory and such. We are always in logical mode, logic mode, etc. But it is always like a chess game that you will lose, no matter what, it can't last a trillion years and you will be hosed by some random event outside of your theories always, and this explains why all is relative, all is just a momentary configuration, a momentary situation that will change and contradict all of your ideas no matter what. This also explains the fights and the inequality between items and people and such: each is a configuration wanting to be the only one, or the reference or believing that it is right or whatever, but each is just a random fluke with no one more right or better or more "general" or closer to any "absolute" than any one else, etc. Each is just a temporary event, temporary configuration of Mass Energy and Matter that has nothing more or nothing less than any other chunk of Mass energy, they are all equal, no matter what.

But that is the problem with science and philosophy, it pretends that increasing your knowledge or your theory or your precision or your generalizations (as all language is based on pattern abstraction and generalizations, but generalizations and pattern abstractions are always partially true, partially correlated to reality, whatever reality is since reality doesn't exist at all) will make you better, superior or unequal to a pebble or to a baby and such. Only partially is this the case and only temporarily, but you lose a configuration by becoming another configuration, you lose knowledge and experiences and possibilities just as much as you gain them by moving on to another configuration, by changing your configuration, but configurations are always changing if only because you are constantly memorizing new data, new histories of yourself and so forth, accumulating new "knowledge" but in all truth, not at all as the law of conservation of knowledge is always operating, you never acquire more, you just acquire different, you just change, you just erase an old configuration in your mind and write a new one in it and such.

This explains why when you are in pain, all of your ideas and past thoughts are worth nothing, since you only need to get out of pain and such (all else is irrelevant and you finally see this). This also explains why any new Mind design is just as valid as any other, any degree of knowledge is just as valid as any other, even a baby knows as much as Einstein since each is just a slab of Matter organized in a certain way and interacting in a certain way with itself and with what is outside of itself (but inside and outside is just an arbitrary definition, it is always just Matter talking to itself, self manipulating itself, it doesn't matter what delimitation is interacting with what other delimitation as any delimitation is arbitrarily chosen and grouped always according to some scheme in some mind, to some grammer in some mind, to some other generalizations, imaginary generalizations that in all truth never existed, as generalizations, any at all from numbers to words to thought to anything in our mind is fairy tale that makes us feel comfortable, that makes us think that we are on top of it all, when we are just fooling ourselves, just for enough time that Random, Chaotic forces will allow us to fool ourselves, after which our true worth, and all the true value of all our knowledge is revealed, is finally exposed for what it is and that is nothing: a big fat ZERO, no matter how many new and elaborate theories you thought up, no matter how many trillions of years of knowledge and science and philosophy a civilization or a super brain has accumulated, that final little quirk that will break all will occur and your real worth is finally exposed (and even if it its gradual, even if a civilization decomposes in thousands of years, it doesn't matter, the law of conservation of true value of all is always zero, or infinite or anything you want, etc.), this explains why you can lie and believe in lies and invent any truth you want (just like religions do, etc. and especially economists do as all of their theories is just a huge pile of BS trying to hide the real class warfare going on as Man is fight always just fights itself forever and such), so everything knows everything and nothing, all is achieved and unequal and equal, the pebble knows more than Einstein and such.

This is why a newly designed modifed brain and a newly designed simulated universes - realities that makes Matter perform and undergo new expriences is just as real as anything else, you are free to lie as much as you want, to invent as much as you want, to make it all up, be wild and crazy and you win forever (just as I have finally substituted GOD, I threw him off the thrown once and for all, now I am the most, the top, the infinite, I am the Ultra Mind and wins all forever and such), since it is all true and valid at least within the time span that the joke lasts, at least as long as it lasts, just like a movie, just like a civilization that had a good time or good moment, it was all great and true and valid at least as long as it lasted (maybe our civilization, the Technological Civilization will last 1,000 or 10,000 years before self destroying itself or whatever, so it was all valid and good in that time span), so even if your new brain style lasts for a microsecond and you are GOD for a microsecond, well that universe was valid for that amount of time and such.

But as you can see, even these block of texts are generalizations, are pretending to be more than what they are, are trying to be on top of it all, finding the more general patterns as a path to the more absolute, but all ideas and generalizations are false, irrelevant and worthless as in The Mind Is Always Wrong No Matter What.

And especially, all generalizations, patterns, abstractions pave the way towards religions towards useless pain (as when one tries to find the general laws of how a sociey must behave, we are all sinners and such), or as soon as someone thinks in larger scale terms like (what have I done with my life and such, the denotations, the other mind judging you, or you wanting to be judged as such by another mind, the useless effort in trying to modify the other person's free will and judgement which will always be arbitrary and a random fluke and always just a causal one point event with no deeper reason than "just because") all kinds of larger scale ideas, abstractions, then you enter targets denied, a sense of failure, or a sense of problems or a sense of being wrong morally and so forth and you have to do something about it, you are guilty with the guilt complex, and all information (the Information Economy, the Information Age means the Constantly Increasing Never Ending Problems and Conflicts Age, Kill Information and the Internet, erase all information and knowledge, let's go back to very little communication, no need to know anything) just does exactly this, brings on ever more abstractions, generalizations, models that must be respected, models and targets (but the models are never reached so failure is guaranteed, and conflicts and fights and unhappiness is guaranteed, as more informations means more models and more problems and more targets failed and more conflicts and so forth, and more science means, just like religion more "correct ways" things must be done, or more correct techniques or whatever).

ON a side note, since a Technological Economy kills so many jobs, just repeat the same actions over and over again, repeat the same jobs and the same duties and tasks performed over and over again (like build a skyscraper and then tear it down and build it up all over again forever, or write a book and then erase it all and write it all over again forever, now extend that to all the work that has been done in the last 50 years and let everyone do it all over again or better yet, let new people that don't know how to do it do it all over again adn take an infinite amount of time and make mistakes, and mistakes will create ever more work, make everything a mess, complicate everything infinitely, millions of new programming languages, systems a total mess, trillions of man hours worked all in vain, but at least being paid and such and so forth) it is easy to create work, So work is infinite just do all over again the the work that a hundred workers did in a year, just keep on doing everything all over again forever, kill memory, freeing knowledge and memory will create an infinite number of jobs and such.

Funny how all the "smart economists" never measure what exactly has been produced by millions of workers, they never reason in terms of accumulation of results, accumulation of outputs, but just in terms of statistics and numbers, concentrated on the process not on the product so to say. But if they would concentrate on the real product of millions of workers worldwide, they would measure a huge amount of negative productivity and waste, since nothing is accumulating, nothing is going forward, most work is just spinning wheels, like Microsoft could have used all their workers for something much more than just writing windows over and over again and such, and Apple writing Apps (which are just good old fashioned programs called with a new name and such) : but if they concentrated on output, they would realize that millions of workers worldwide aren't producing anything anymore, nay, are not even needed by a Technological Economy, that would imply Free Salaries and Cheap rents for all, and real projects should be devised like rockets and skyscrapers and high speed trains and such, but this would imply that they can't reinforce the idea that people must fight each other must fight and be "competitive" (another vague word not meaning anything) and also produce nothing at all but fights and conflicts and lawyers and such.


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What many people seem to want out of religion is some sort of purpose imposed on their lives. And religion does this effectively. While the universe itself does not tend to imply much by way of implicit goals, aside from simple survival and procreation, religion provides rather elaborate and meaningful fictions about the place of humanity in the cosmos. As science has filled in the blanks about our place in the world, it has tended to deemphasize our importance. The earliest philosophers and the subseuqnet pseudo-scientists they engendered place the earth at the center of the entire universe. When that turned out to be obviously wrong, the helio-centric universe was proposed, so that at least our own Sun was the center of everything. Well, it turned out that our Sun was only one of billions of stars in our galaxy. But at least our galaxy was special, right? Not really. It turned out to be one of billions of galaxies. At least our universe must be special then. Well, not so fast. Now many modern theoretical physicists are seriously proposing that their are many universes, much as there are stars and galaxies.

So the trend in our knowledge is towards a diminuation of our place in the overall grand scheme. We are bugs, actually proportionally something almost infintesimally smaller than this. Compared to the vast scale of what's out there, our existences really are small and rather inconsequential.

And most people just cannot deal with it. They want at least humanity to have some kind of special importance, if not their own lives. Yet the universe does not conform to our petty and arrogant wishes to be at the center of all things.

Intellectually adjusting to this paradigm is simply too much for people, who are terrified of the (nearly?) infinite scales represented by empty space and the rather cold and mostly inhospitable void. It turns out this was not all fashioned out of nothing by Yahweh to provide a human habitat.

Reply from GOD: (reply from the Ultra Mind)

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The design of the Observer defines the design of the Universe that the Observer will interact with, the design of the Observer implies automatically, from the outset, the only kind of universe and hence laws of physics that it can live in and have, the set of Information Relationships that it can express and "Experience", as the kind of life it can Experience, etc.

Interesting to see how Man has gone from being the center of all in old religions and even Science, to being an ever more relative item compared to the rest of the Universe, and then at the End of Science, he becomes once again the center of all, as the design of Man defines the universe he can interact and live in, but at the same time, automatically makes the design of man the utmost arbitrary and random choice, just a fluke choice amongst many trillions of possible Observer designs, of possible Processor designs and formats, and each Processor design can interact with a completely different Universe and set of laws of Physics. And hence even Man's universe is just one of many possible Universes and Laws of Physics, his very Science and Logic becomes Arbitrary and Relative, the last substance of any ground and reference system evaporates forever. Bye, bye any Absolutes...

We are just a number written on a wall, with other numbers looking at us...

So Man being the most non centered item in the universe, the most irrelevant, the most totally void of any meaning, significance, consequence, a true pure nothing coincides with the discovery that he is also the complete universe, he is all, he is the universe, he defines the universe totally, he is infinitely important (at least when you become GOD, like I am).

SO once again, the principles of non contradiction are not valid, nothing is ever what it seems, the opposites coincide and become the same thing, or even better, the opposites become many things, trillions of things all different all the same and so forth.


on another note, JHK's example of people not having purpose, being bored, being irrelevant or just waiting for nothing has nothing to do with our present society, or any society (it has always been this way in all societies worldwide since the beginning of civilization, actually being bored and without purpose is a luxury, is a point of achievement and arrival, it is the maximum we can aspire for!), it has all to do with our Mind, the moment we became conscious, the moment we became capable of will power and actions and decisions to modify and do things by imagining them first and executing them and all. Our Man Brain is a weight on us, is our prison, it has to "do something", "define something", "have a goal", but goals don't exist.

Also the moment that we have to fight nature less and less since technology is solving all our practical problems, we end up having to fight each other since there are no longer any external ,objective constraints, only the other Man Brains, their minds and will powers become the constraints against which we must "fight and win", hence technology will end up creating a self destroying entity unless the Man Brain dumps this old clunker of design of a Mind and Brain and starts to design a new brain, completely different and such.

So since there are a never ending number of new designs of Brains and Observers, Processors and the life, universe (with widly new and incredible laws of physics) and experiences they may have, our enitre universe, life and experience is even less than zero, is less than nothing given that there are so many alternative existences possible, and many higher, more advanced, more interesting and such (minds with trillions of sense organs and emotion subsystems, and so forth, nay, Matter, Mass Energy configured to express metaphysical experiences trillions of times past anything we can possible imagine and such..)