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Re: Economic Growth will be low for Many Years...

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Amorphos wrote:interesting.

The USA has 100 million home valued at about 150,000 dollars each and you really think that the USA contains 100 million jobs paid 15,000 dollars a year for 10 years

Um no, that wouldn’t make sense at all. I agree about the pricing hike, it seems the capitalists just think that one can allow ‘the markets’ to inflate by their own mystical properties. If people can afford ‘x’ then the markets [that term probably meant something in Victorian times] are at ‘x’.

So are you saying that in the main the credit crunch was invisible money becoming real, then realising it largely didn’t exist?

Everyone jumped on the bandwagon, everyone loved that their house price kept on going higher and higher for decades. Look at London, totally insane prices, look at New York City or Los Angeles, Madrid and especially a place like Rome (no industry, no offices, no job market at all, a truly turd of an economy) which has absolutely no logical reason to have sky high home prices, 300,000 dollars for a 2 bedroom home, etc.

The banks pumped the prices, the people loved it and bought into it, everyone was and still mostly is brainwashed that their home is worth so much, when in all truth, homes are the value a current economic system can sustain according to the current play of forces operating, the economy is a process, is not a static accumulation of Home Values outside of any logic, you can't freeze value into a static box that is a home, etc.

And especially the rich that pumped up the markets in center cities worldwide, the rich buying homes in London and hiking up the prices, kill them, beat them up, punch them in the face, they are crushing all the poorer people who can't compete with such prices, they are making the prices go up all across the city and region, same in Tokyo and NYC and Madrid, etc. etc.

The damage done to people who are simply a little less well off is huge with this housing price hiking that has been going on for decades all over the world, but they all pretend it is real wealth, well wealth backed up by exactly what ? The value of the owners or their capability of providing work, their talent, their capacity to Innovate or what ? The value of the owners are a big fat ZERO, they are stealing money from the poorer classes, they are using property as a weapon against the weaker class just because, for no reason at all, because they are to hate with all of your guts, hate the system we need Free Salaries and Cheap Rents!

The money doesn't exist but makes believe it exists in High Property Prices and the banks backing up their capital and worth with imaginary Property Prices they use as collateral, as assets, as their "capitalization", that have nothing at all to do with the real capability of the present economies worldwide.

I want the prices to crash like crazy worldwide.

Banks ?

Banks ?

The banks simply don't want to take the loss, they don't want to admit that Houses, Real Estate, the loans made to insecure clowns (who know that work and labor is meaningless today since a Technological Economy has rendered work and labor not only irrelevant and not needed, but a liability, not even an asset, a loss, a pain in the a*s, as hiring people is a pain in the a*s since they are all useless (freeloaders?) turds, they are worth nothing and cost way more than what they can ever produce, etc.) who thought that buying property (and flipping it, and hiking up the value and prices of homes evey year for years on end thinking that they were all getting rich, they were creating free wealth out of thin air ?) was a good investment, was the right thing to do, protected your hard earned money, etc. exactly when this was no longer possible and true because the economy will never be able to create all the high paying jobs to which the high values of homes should correspond. How are you going to pay back a 20 year mortgage when they fired you, or outsourced you or "cut waste" and gave you less money, etc. when they are killing jobs since they don't want to give out Free Salaries, the only true way to distribute weath since jobs are irrelevant and no longer needed ?

How can 20 year mortgages be backed up and guaranteed when the economy can't even guarantee a few weeks of a steady job since companies are always hiring and firing and restructuring and changing everything because they don't know how to make a profit anymore and blame the workers who are always too lazy or not trained enough or not innovative enough, etc.

So they don't want to take the losses, they don't want to accept that the 100,000 or 200,000 dollar loan given to some clown will never be paid back again because the money wasn't in the Economy in the first place, the home values are way out of line to what the real economy can ever generate, the illusion of all of this wealth that was supposed to pay for inflated home prices in the future through "high paying jobs" that never came, that were never possible from the start since a Technological Economy not only eliminates all high paid jobs always, it eliminates any jobs at all completely as a Technological Economy no longer has anything at all to do with Work and Labor and Jobs at all. So how are you going to pay for the inflated homes ? How is that imaginary wealth you though was in the economy going to come out anymore ?

The wealth in Spain and the USA doesn't correspond to the high home prices, the imaginary wealth that is assigned to the high home prices doesn't correspond to any possible reality of the underlying economy, the economy can never again generate such huge wealth through jobs or any kinds of exchanges at all, this is and was one worldwide huge Home Prices and Property Prices and Values inflation that took place all across the world, starting from JAPAN and ending in Italy, all super inflated home prices that don't correspond to the reality of any of the underlying economies.

So the banks simply, and society as a whole simply can't take the loss, can't accept the loss, be honest once and for all and declare that home prices are worth not even 10 % of what they though they were, a 3 bedroom home in the midddle of Los Angeles or Manhattan or Tokyo or London or Rome, etc. should not be worth ever more than 50,000 dollars bar none and the rent not more than 200 dollars a month. And the banks should just write off all the imaginary wealth and money they thought they had, the economies worldwide thought that was in the system as a fariy tale, as a mistake, as a bad bet, simply as money that was never there in the first place.

China and Canada are still hiking up home prices, they think they are getting rich they think that there economy can generate the equivalent jobs and exchanges, what are they crazy or what ?

The USA has 100 million home valued at about 150,000 dollars each and you really think that the USA contains 100 million jobs paid 15,000 dollars a year for 10 years in terms of potential exchanges and jobs that need to be done ? In Italy and JAPAN the situation is even worse, they all have this huge illusion that their economies are way way richer than what they really are because all of the assets and wealth are based on property prices and values which are totally fake and false and inflated way beyond anything that can possibly correspond to their real economy.

And then an economy doesn't ever need so many jobs, after you build some cars and homes and furnish some services (a few hundred thousands jobs at most), an economy doesn't need to do anything else, the idea of all of these millions of jobs needed to be done is the greatest illusion of all.

Now go on Europe give the spanish banks billions of dollars, keep on fooling yourselves..


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One Shot - Part Two

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One Shot - Part Two

One way to understand the Information Relationship, the non extension or existence of Space or Time or the outside world is to see what happens when you are under pain, just a very local, small part of the body in pain, hard pain and everything else disappears, nothing is important or counts anymore, there is no world or universe or global, only that little localized pain that is absorbing all of your attention (but we are condemned to use logic to avoid or try to find out a way to escape pain, but often better to not even know you are in pain like animals, etc.). That shows how really small and little and insignificant the Universe really is, that is the bottom line, that is the real "Elementary Particle" of physics.

So we really only have local, localized, fleeting events, nothing General, no Global, no Common Good, or Rule of the Law, etc. just random events that occur just because, for no reason at all (and even if there are reasons, and you can know all the reasons of the world but you can't control or predict anything in the long run (and often also in the short run), all knowledge and general knowledge is worth zero anyways, is irrelevant) and the best reason and explanation for anything at all, the truest and most honest Science is that that always replies for anything that occurs or any process or whatever: No Reason At All, Just Because.

Funny how the general good and common good is used as a superstructure in the psychology of Man to repress his instincts, as in psychoanalysis, and Freud, etc. a control system...

Just like the programmer that has to fix complex systems, his boss tells him to do it fast (it is always an emergency, but there is a hidden agenda for making everything appear as an emergency, you are sure things will just get worst and worst which is the real reason everything must always be done right away (doing it fast you are sure to make more mistakes, aside from the show of "Hard Work"), the deadline, to create more money flows, more problems needing more contracts, etc.), really fast knowing that the faster you try to fix a bug the more bugs you introduce, but that is the real goal, solve one problem to produce 10 problems down the line, so more cash to fix 10 new problems, and fix 10 new problems to create 100 new problems down the line, so ever more cash, the worst you fix it the better, the real goal is the cash, there is no general or common good here, only someone gaining cash and someone losing cash behind all of the make believe and all of the hot air and excuses and large scale fake common good everyone talks about. But the boss is 100 % correct, only the local gain and event counts, only the local gain of any random person counts as opposed to some general good, only naive babies believe in the general good or common good, the boss just wants to increase the bottom line, cash baby cash, all the rest is irrelevant. And simlar examples can be found in many other sectors and jobs and corporations, situations etc. not only Software, etc..

Especially since it is always a simple Man Brain judging and evaluating and perceiving and assigning the value of anything arbitrarily without any real absolute reference system aside from his radnom free will and random taste and desires and pleasures, and in fact the pleasure of one Man Brain as opposed to the pain of a billion Man Brains is perfectly ok, in the end it is always a useless, insignificant contraption that is gaining or losing, there is no General World, or Common World, or Common Goal, or Common Good, only instantaneous fights between opposing will powers both of which are useless and meaningless and valueless and arbitrary, etc.

When you realize how totally arbitrary everything is since it is all based on some turd, any random turd in the end (all Man Brains are turds and always wrong), you finally see how worthless all choices and decisions and paths really are: just the one shot event exists, nothing at all, the one shot fight and winner or loser and so forth, a one transistor circuit nothing deeper or better.

There are occasions when the common goal and good is achieved like in wars, like in the USA Space Program of putting a Man on the Moon, etc. And we could achieve a huge amount of results, common goals if it really were desired and wanted, if Odumbo said that by 2020 the USA would put a Man on Mars, it could easily be done, just like any goal can easily be done, we have everything to do anything at all, we have millions of technicians wasting time in idiotic technical gadgets like the IPAD and idiotic political games in the offices, millions of idle workers worldwide, millions of hours wasted over millions of worthless procedures and documents and rules of the game all designed to repress the huge productive capacity and excess capacity a modern Technological Economy has.

But it could be done: Free Salaries, Cheap Rents and Huge Public Private Projects building Trillions of Skyscrapers, Trillions of Rockets to Mars, Trillions of High Speed Trains across the globe, Split the Sun grab all of its energy, etc.

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I was viewing a youtube video (Time of Change, Trip) and noticing that only 1,000 people viewed it, the chunk of Information exists or existed for only 1,000 people, 1,000 Point Like, One Shot Interactions, no extension in Space or Time, only reciprocal, the collision of two chunks of matter interacting (the collision of Independent Particles (systems or minds or machines ?), independent from what ? all one or all disjoint ?), the Information Relationship that exists only outside of Space and Time (these reference systems are redundant, not needed or necessary for the Information Relationship that exists only according to itself and nothing else), nothing is fixed or constantly existing, everything is only an Instantaneous Interaction, the collision of two chunks of Information Relationships defining and existing for each other for only a fleeting moment (therefore doesn't exist, nothing exists), the end of any constant, reference system, of any External Fixed Reality, now only the Information Relationship, the Event, the Point Like, One Shot Event exists for only a fleeting moment and nothing else, no external universe, no past or future, or extension in space, the (local random ?) Information Relationship is the entire universe (for that Information Set ? nay For All), defines all, if only for a fleeting moment, etc. The instantaneous Interaction and Event defines the entire Universe, nay, all of Existence, the entire possibility of all, the totality, and then it is gone, because nothing exists, nothing exists long enough to create a fixed External Universe with a fixed Illusionary Space Time Matrix.

An entire New Physics can be developed along this line of thinking, only One Shot Events, only Reciprocal, only reciprocally defined and Interacting Chunks of Matter, only the Reciprocal Information Relationship (and all the permutations of possible delimitations, what is a unit and what is independent, what is contained in what, etc.) defining and measuring each other reciprocally and nothing else, nothing outside or inside the said Abstract, Platonic Information Relationship, information measuring and defining another chunk of Information and by doing this creating its existence, as existence is only what exists Relative to what else, as in the Observer defines the Observed Universe, and the Observed Universe defines what kind of Observer said Universe can interact with, how each can decode each other reciprocally.

As the extensions of Einstein's Relativity, you have Special Relativity, General Relativity and finally Absolute Relativity where the Universe is defined according to how any Random and Arbitrary Observer is designed and how that random design interacts with the only possible corresponding universe it can decode.

The frequency of repeating Information Relationships defining an illusionary constant existence, and the reciprocal frequencies of all other imaginary constant items adding up, creating a total reality that is only a set of frequencies of fleeting momentary events, repeated over and over and existing only in minds having memories that assign them as fixed, (but the memories can be written in one shot from the outside and you would never know).

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"PLUS you acquire very hard-to-replace expertise after years on the job that, if given out to some young college grad - as under your dizball scenario - will just fuck up a well-running system and cost the company tens of thousands to several million dollars, depending on the application involved."

Sometimes they give it out to some young grad exactly to break a system and buy another, exactly to create a new money flow, or for political reasons or many, many other obscure reasons, especially in financial affairs: never underestimate the oblique and hidden agenda of so many actors in corporations, often, nothing is at it appears: and don't believe in the brainwashing they gave you too much either.

Anyways, in your particular company, or in a given group of corporations you may be right, but there are many other situations, you simply can't generalize.

But I generalize, but don't think that I am always right... I love to be wrong and in contradiction.

And I am the best philosopher and thinker of all time, I am the best genius of all time, bar none, read all of my posts on, you will see that I am number ONE.

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Obsolete ?

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Obsolete ?

Like when they say that you can't still be a programmer at 40 years old, after 10 years as a technician (engineer, whatever) you have to change gear and go into "management", try to be a King Boss, etc. And why is this ? Why are engineers and technicians Obsolete after 10 years of "Hard Work" and experience ? because if they were good, with good college grades and serious workers, after 10 years in a technical field they would have become so good (but they all make sure this doesn't happen by always changing the technology and making it hard to master anything by complexity and ever changing confusionary items, etc.) as to render useless and vain hiring any other new technicians and kids from college since they would have become "so productive" and so expert so as to be able do the work of 10 young kids without experience, you wouldn't need the kids, the technicians already working would be more than enough. And in fact this is exactly the case, after a few years of experience the technicians become too good to remain "doing the same things", etc. But this contradicts the dictates of "productivity", but no one notices it, everyone accepts all the quirky and random rules of the games the corporations and business culture imposes on everyone, but subtly, imposed according to a very clear and hidden agenda: hose the old guy, hire the new kids, etc. That is why they are always changing programming languages, always inventing new techiques to do the same old things, etc.

But since we have a huge Excess Capacity in terms of people and skills, we have way too many possible workers and even good workers to know what to do with them since the Technological Economy needs more workers and more technicians and more "Scientists and Engineers" like a hole in the head, they subtly brainwash everyone that after 10 years the engineer is Obsolete, no longer good enough, not fresh enough or flexible enough to learn all the "new technologies" and all other such BS.

The truth is, they have to create room for the young and hose the old turds that are no longer functional to corporations and their ritual, their little club like mentality where the rules of the games are totally arbitrary, totally disconnected from any real needs or reasons simply because the work is unecessary, there is no real work left for the "experienced technicians" to do, now we need a new crop of kids ready to slug it out in competition and see who wins the career game, the workforce is always overbloated from the start, there are way too many people for way too little real work left to do: the only thing left is to make them all play office power games, struggle and especially struggle against other people according to all imaginary interdictions and roadblocks and fight other people's will power as that is what "Advanced Management" must do in a Technological Economy that doesn't need people at all anymore, etc.

Of course they can all become very creative and create all kinds of problems and interdictions and difficulty to anyone by creating ever changing rules of the games, ever changing documents that must be produced, ever changing complex and vague procedures, etc. you get the idea.

And always change everything, hire and fire, restructure, much ado about nothing, a lot of activity that doesn't really produce or change anything anymore.

But they always say they need more "Scientists and Engineers", as if to make fun of all of those who have chosen this path and have seen how they all become Obsolete and useless turds for some mysterious reason. Of course there is no truth behind 99 % of what they all say, they are all slogans and sound bytes and crap, etc.

We would need many more technicians and there would be many more real jobs if they (who is they ?) finally decided to invest in Trillions of New Skyscrapers, Trillions of Rockets to Mars, Trillions of 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety Eights, Trillions of everything, not caring about nature or Peak Oil anymore since we can split the Sun and grab all the energy etc.

We need what I have been saying for years: Free Salaries, Cheap Rents, Huge Public Private Projects for the Future...


Distribute Wealth ?

Distribute Wealth ?

So given that the Technological Economy has absolutely nothing at all to do with Work, Labor or any kind of Effort of any kind anymore, how on earth are you going to distribute the wealth that it automatically generates by the boatloads? Are you going to force fake and make believe and imaginary exchanges people will perform for a salary anyways ? Are you going to give the cash out for free to all ? are you going to LEND it out and make everyone have huge debts in the end (subprime loans to buy McMansions: another sign of Huge Excess Capacity and Free Wealth Generation the Technological Economy generates automatically, thousands of McMansions and such, thousands of high rises in China and such) all in the name of trying to desperately hide the truth that labor is no longer needed, is redundant, nay, that any human interaction and social exchanges at all are redundant, not needed and not necessary anymore, the system is mostly a huge Automatic Economy, generates wealth and goods by huge economy of scales, networks, huge flows of Energy and Oil, Electricity, Machines, Automated subsystems, automated and optimized production processes worldwide (and even if not automated, then run by very cheap and abundant labor in poorer countries, etc.) ? No ? Well then just be honest and give it all out for free, let it all hang out, give out free salaries and cheap rents to all worldwide and get it over with once and for all.

And you can easily see how unecessary work is in this economic system when all of a sudden companies layoff hundreds or thousands of people (for the bottom line): obviously all of those people and their labor was worthless and optional anyways, it wasn't really needed, otherwise you couldn't do that, on two feet. And how much time millions of people waste in offices, in meetings and interactions and fights and lawyers, all of the people goofing off in Education (and probably a good deal in health Care) etc. all the while the economists and politicians are always making believe that there are all of these deep "Structural Reasons" why the economy must be organized as it is, labor must be "flexible", globalization must allow outsourcing or whatever.

All of the talk about Innovation and always changing kinds of jobs every two years and so forth goes to show how not necessary and optional and all fun and games all of those "Innovations" and "New Jobs" really are, how they have nothing at all to do with the Economy at all, nothing at all to do with the Technological Economy generating free wealth and providing all of the basics to all. All of the new startups, IPADS, APPS, new jobs, are all about fun and games and fluff and make believe comic book jobs and work: things that are just cool artistically and aesthetically, it looks like real work, but the Technological Economy doesn't even notice, and needs all of those jobs like a hole in the head. It is all just a ritual, a make believe, no real necessity or needs behind it. The only need it satisfies is to make people think that they are necessary and important and that their labor counts: nothing further from the truth, all of their labor is totally irrelevant.

There are no structural invariants for a Technological Economy, people can simply get a free salary, it would actually make the economies way richer by wasting less energy to go back and forth to work and printing loads of paper that is useless anyways. All of that imaginary work and activity just tries to hide the fact that it is a cultural and social ritual, a make believe that our culture imposes, just because, for no real reason at all, because that is how the powers that be programmed it to be (or the casual forces of society programmed people and the people let themselves be programmed by), not because LABOR or WORK is a real necessity for the economy to work anymore, to feed people or to produce goods: and in fact notice that the parking lots of malls are always full no matter how high the unemployement rate or how bad the economy is doing etc., the goods flow always, people travel and the airports and highways are crowded.

The limitations are all cultural, psychological and are all based on an artistic - aesthetic, arbitrary, random choice of wanting people to "work" 8 hours a day and pretending that it is needed: it is hard to find a substitute to this ritual because all of the values, ideas, all of the distribution of wealth must be performed through "work" or what passes for "work".

It was all true and necessary (work and labor was needed, factories needed the 8 hour a day labor, etc.) up until the mid 20th century, then the Huge Productive Power of the Technological Economy started to show its force, just look at how much production went into World War Two (All government paid, but in that case, welfare was ok, the government paying for it all was ok, etc.), Germany alone produced enough to battle half of the world for almost five years, then the productive power of the USA kicked in, etc. By the 1950s we were essentially already living in an Automatic - Free Wealth Generating Technological Economy and this is even before the power of the Microprocessor, Computers and the Internet kicked in and with a much more primitive technology compared to today.

The Hippies knew this, that is what the counterculture was all about, they knew that humanity was essentially free from labor by the use of Technology and expected the Utopia to kick in: it didn't happen, the Right Wing Conservatives won and kept everyone brainwashed about all of these limitations and the need for Work and all of the Resource Scarcity Myths, etc.

Oh, I forgot, Man is the fight, the conflict, without the fight and conflict and everyone against everyone else, and everyone wanting to be the boss of everyone else and impose "Hard Work" on the loser, Man is undefined, gets lost, cannot measure himself against others. He needs inequality always, the "I am Better Than You" (or especially I "Deserve" more than you (but who judges who deserves ? another arbitrary clown, that's who)), the contrasts, the conflicts, the fights, complexity, and problems, the problems and the freeloaders and lazy turds to blame why the "Economy Is Not Doing Well" etc.

Well, the Economy Is Not Doing Well because there are no long any circuits to distribute the wealth it generates automatically unless you finally decide to give out free salaries and cheap rents to all worldwide. AMEN.

The Punishment Mode

The Punishment Mode

The same set of processes that made the money accumulate and then be frozen into real estate, in other words, the same set of jobs, interactions, exchanges, social interactions and exchanges and especially the psychological environments (culture), the expectations, the desire to invest and make a profit, etc. that were operating and abundant and blooming in the Bubble Years, or Boom Years, (or mostly probably the Inflation Years, or better still the Home Prices Inflation Years) are no longer operating or are operating at much reduced levels, can no longer be activated, the jobs have changed, a lot of work is no longer necessary, or the jobs have been offshored or automated or whatever.

So, just like a diode can conduct current in only one direction and not the other, just like a Cash to Property Converter that crystallizes the Money into Property Values, but you can't make it go backwards anymore, you can't convert the Property Values to Cash anymore because that would mean you can extract money from real estate and activate processes with it, exchange processes, but this is no longer possible, you can't create jobs anymore, you can't convert Home Prices and Values into a Process and reverse the set of events that froze the money into Real Estate in the first place, you essentially get stuck, you get stuck with High Property Values and Prices and No Jobs (and millions of empty homes in Spain and the USA).

The only real solution is to make the property values Crash, Baby Crash hugely worldwide, all over the place, kill those Home Prices, a 3 bedroom home in the middle of Manhattan or Los Angeles, or Tokyo or Paris or Rome, etc. should not be valued at more than 50,000 dollars or 200 dollars a month rent. In this way, there may be a chance to activate some exchange processes again, to create some jobs again, etc.

But everyone is in Punishment Mode, everyone blaming everyone else of why the economy sucks, everyone wanting to punish everyone else by calling them lazy, firing them, they don't "Work Hard Enough" hence they don't deserve cash anymore, they don't "Innovate Enough" and so forth: exactly when a society goes in Punishment Mode, and gets stingy, and no longer wants to pay out Free Salaries, Huge Welfare, give out cash for free, but wants People to "Deserve It" is exactly when it becomes poorer and poorer since eveyone doesn't trust or value anyone else anymore, everyone is an enemy of everyone else who "Doesn't Deserve Anything" since they are all freeloaders and don't want to "Work Hard Enough" and so on.

But the 20th century west got rich exactly by being less stingy, less demanding of others, less fixed on this Punishment Mode, on the Myth of "Hard Work"(which is mostly an artistic, aesthetical choice, the boss wants to see you "Work Hard" and suffer (and creates so many useless tasks in order to make people Work Hard at essentially nothing but wasting resources, mostly working hard at selling fluff to other people and fighting other people, the interaction and conflicts and exhanges with other people and their opposition to your will power is what work essentially consists of today in the crappy "Services Economy") etc.) so that you deserve your money when this is all useless and meaningless and just a show, especially when our present economic system has absolutely nothing at all to do with work anymore, it is mostly an Automatic System with huge economies of scale, a Technological Economy that needs work like a hole in the head and needs more than anything else consumption and people buying like crazy, buy baby buy. A Technological Economy creates Free Wealth by the boatloads and can easily give it all out to everyone for free, etc. but we are stuck in the Stone Ages with our Ape Man Mentality.

Hence we need:

1) Free Salaries to all worldwide (800 dollars a month);

2) Cheap Rents to all worldwide (200 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom home in Manhattan or 50 dollars a month for the same in some suburb, etc.);

3) Trillions of huge large scale Public Private projects for the future, Space Exploration, Skyscrapers, High Speed trains, you name it.

But then again, when you know that all judgements, choices, all interactions and politics and all the possible ways to program a society as Man is the Infinitely Programmable Machine depends simply on what a dominating random Mind thinks is better, just the judgment of another person, and you know that the judgment and choices and preferences of any mind are worthless always, meaningless, arbitrary and have no value at all, everything is mostly vain and useless anyways..


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And notice:

The only Economy that is doing well, namely Germany, never had this kind of Housing Bubble, actually it should be called HOME PRICES BUBBLE, since more than anything else, it is the constant and continuous hiking up of Home Prices, everyone trying to get a home and buy one, so that they are also "Getting Theirs", their "Imaginary Wealth", like a panic, like an imaginary Resource Scarcity myth, homes are running out, you will be left in the streets and such. And notice that this Home Prices Bubble occurs in static economies that are insecure (Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.), where a majority of the population are home owners (freezing all of their wealth and savings in buildings fooling themselves that the buildings will always have a future wealth), Germany has only 50 % home owners and 50 % renters, and in fact the renting part is what makes an economy "flexible" and such, let's hope that Germany too doesn't decide to have their own Home Prices Bubble.

And China is now constructing entire cities on this mythology of High Home Prices meaning that they think they are All getting Rich, etc. They are building like crazy, hiking up prices, and have millions of empty homes. Good Luck With That, China Also Is TOO BIG TO FAIL...

The moral flaw is that Increasing Housing Prices is money being used as a weapon against the poorer segments of society: the richer (or those having more money) hike up home prices in cities and use money as a weapon to beat up the poor in this manner.

The logical flaw is that of not recognizing that the Economy is a Process, nothing can be fixed forever, everything can be defaulted upon, the value of anything can always change according to how the forces play out and such. By hiking up home prices, people think they can establish fixed wealth in the future, when this is not the case, the Economy is a constant Process, ever changing, home prices are not a given and such. You can't freeze wealth in homes and any other thing...




Klein 4:34

"More colloquially, they want to change things without really changing things. Too bad that defies logic. That's why they invoke "Deus ex machina" AKA technology. For something to work that defies logic, you need a miracle. No problem. Technology will provide that. This from supposedly mature adults. God help us."

Also, hoping for "miracles", they use other abstract terms, imaginary concepts, words and ideas that are impossible to pinpoint down, to define, to understand concretely what the hell they are all talking about, etc.: like INNOVATION, TRAINING, EDUCATION, COMPETITION, GROWTH (in all of its very vague and foggy permutations, such as "Economic Growth", "Sustainable Growth", "Development"), GREEN TECHNOLOGY and so on and so forth, with vague, foggy, undefined (because you can always switch what you really mean at the last second and keep on confusing everyone with such deep and scientific concepts all the economists and politicians and sociologist always talk about and especially you can always connect any cause and effect by defining and using abstract words and concepts like "Less Taxes Creates More Jobs" (and very generalized and global concepts, so global that they are essentially undefined, like "Taxes" (which and for who ?) and "Jobs" (which jobs ? in what sectors ? etc.) and such) and intractable concepts and goals).

The bottom line is that they all create abstract words that don't really mean anything, to then define an imaginary "cause and effect" that is really hiding a subtle agenda a given part of society wants to pass: case in point, all the talk about "cutting welfare" in the EU so that the Southern European countries can "Grow", changing their "Labor Laws" so that they can hire and fire easily and so forth and so on without ever telling what the true reason for the EU crisis really is and namely:




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Growth ?



nameta9 wrote:Why most of the USA, EU and JAPAN are destined to low to zero or negative economic growth for many years in the future no matter what structurally, no matter what economical policies they choose (either left or right no difference), Anything any government does, any politics either right or left, Democratic or Republican won't change any of these deep large scale structural effects killing any future economic growth for years:

1) Technology kills more jobs than creates;

2) Hundreds of millions of new workers worldwide available now, China, India, Indonesia, etc;

3) Saturated markets, the west has bought all it needs, it has already way too much stuff;

4) Resources are strained, Oil is running out, agriculture strained, etc.

5) No new big technology novelties that can create many jobs;

6) Population is higher and higher, too many people for too little wealth;

7) Green ideology and evironmentalists kill developments and possible growth (against, skyscrapers, high speed trains, etc.);

8 ) Environment is strained, pollution and such;

9) Much older population, too old to work, old people not good enough for technology;

10) Accumulation of debts, too many pensions to pay, etc.;

11) Competition kills a lot of jobs in a lot of places, like Germany is the winner take all in cars, Spain and Greece can't build their own BMWs or Mercedes models, they are not good enough or smart enough or "work hard" enough whatever;

12) The west killed unions and worker protection because it thinks that that is bad for the economy, but it mostly just makes the rich richer;

13) The financial and fluff side of the economy dominates and hence makes the rich richer and takes money away from all the middle class and poor, etc;

I forgot the two really HUGE reasons why Economic Growth will be very low for many years:

14) A HUGE INCREASE IN HOUSING COSTS AND PRICES, EITHER TO RENT OR BUY, ESPECIALLY OUTSIDE OF THE USA, LIKE IN EUROPE AND JAPAN (in their big cities especially, where all the cough, cough "Jobs" are) killing any possibility for an expansion of the middle class (the new potential middle class made up of young people who can no longer afford housing costs!) that would buy things and furniture and such but can't since they have to pay such huge prices for rents or mortgages, so they decide that it is better to live in Mom's basement, etc. And in fact we need a huge Deflation of Housing Costs and Prices in New York City, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, etc. a 3 bedroom house in the center of these cities should cost no more than 50,000 dollars or no more than 200 dollars a month to rent, END OF STORY. Will this ever happen ? NO WAY, JOSE', well then kiss your imaginary "GROWTH", "Sustainable Growth", "Economic growth" and all other BS, and the possibility to pay back the huge debts in the USA, EU and JAPAN goodbye forever. Real Estate must Crash Baby Crash, like a wild dying PIG! Oh, I forgot, the fake, imaginary value of real estate is what backs up the banks worldwide pretending to be hugely richer than what they are, what c*cks...

15) Huge increase in Health Care costs and Education costs (especially in the USA), since the only way to make money is to sqeeze money out of people by making them pay basic needs a higher and higher price (exactly those 3 needs that are the basics: houses, health care and cough, cough "Education" since without education "no one hires you" according to traditional monopolistic old and static societies that are decaying and dying).

Is there any Political Party or Political Program in the USA, EU or JAPAN that can change any of this ? NO WAY, JOSE'!

Technology ?

We got really spoiled in the last 200 years or so. We discovered everything and applied everything (or at least a good 90 % of what is still to be discovered and applied, etc.), we discovered and learned how to apply ELECTRICITY, then STEAM ENGINES, THEN CARS, THEN PLANES AND JETS AND ROCKETS AND COMPUTERS AND TV and so forth, etc. And now we are essentially at the end of the "Novelty Era", there is very little left to discover and apply, we are just optimizing and changing form factors and just making believe that we are reinventing most of the things that have already been invented over and over again: Any new Passenger Jet Plane going faster than Sound ? NO. Any new Flying Cars ? NO. Any new fangled battery substituting Oil ? NO. Any new Planet Exploration ? NO. Any new Fusion Energy Power ? NO. Any new Real Artificial Intelligence (that isn't just the same old bad voice recognition idiocy ) ? NO, and so on so forth forever. We just make gadgets that do the same old things over and over again and sell them as new and revolutionary, like smart phones with digital cameras in them (the camera is an old invention, been there, done that) or putting all of the computer power of a PC in a small gadget, etc. And by doing this we are simply sponging off the Moore's Law that says you can keep on creating transistors in a smaller space, but even in this realm we are at the end of the line, a few more years and the Moore's Law game is over too.

So we expect the future to be like the past, but it won't be so, it just can't happen anymore, that short era is over, now we have to deal with ourselves and our political systems that hugely suck and the debts and the betrayed expectations of a future that never came to be.

Of course we could do a lot more, like Free Salaries to All, Cheap Rents, Trillions of Skyscrapers, trillions of Rockets to Mars and especially change the design and functioning and architecture of our Man Brain, of our Mind to become a better machine, a more progressive machine that goes towards the future and wants the future: but pepole are too Stone Age Apes to want to do this, and they love nature (which should be despised and destroyed in order to create space for the new Machine Men that will come, etc.), so suck it up, we will simply decay, stagnate and go back to the Stone Ages. AMEN.


One Shot, something that happens just once is no longer within the realms of Science, Science means the discovery of repetitive patterns, replicable, something that can be repeated to obtain a constant result and such. But a One Shot universe is outside of Science, no repeatable pattern, no repetition etc.

A detail, a quirk, just like Evolution, Natural Evolution is outside of Science completely because it is the accumulation of millions of One Shot events, random casual detail One Shot Events, that can never again be repeated and provoked again, the single design, the one shot job and that is all. This also is not within the realms of Science anymore, it is just random detail, occurs for no reason at all, just like the Universe...

THE APE, THIS APESTER WILL SELF DESTRUCT IN TEN SECONDS (background music of Mission Impossible plays....duh duh dee dee duh duh do dah...)

One Shot


"Our universe has been described as "one brief moment of light, in between two eternities of darkness"; that this is the only universe that exists, or will ever exist -- nothing came before it, and nothing will come after it ends."

What makes this fact noteworthy ? What makes this stand out ? To see the universe as a blink in time and then coming from minus eternity and going to plus eternity, with just a moment to exist (although the moment can be and is broken down into maybe 10^200 discrete time intervals, and the universe as an item extends into 3 dimensional space by maybe 10^200 millimeters and such, but these values and measurements are made according to our size, both in space and time, and especially by our frequencies as compared to all of the other frequencies observable in the universe as the frequencies define the repetitive patterns we become aware of, nay define reality completely as reality is just the end result of millions of events cycling over and over again, the entire construction of a Human and his Man Brain is made up of millions of repetitive cycles (repetitions with slight variations, adding up in the long run into a large changes, etc.) all operating at different frequencies and interacting and all frequency modulated reciprocally and such, and how those repetitive patterns intersect with all of the other repetitive patterns of the universe and how they compare and synchronize and how each frequency modulates each other frequency (starting from the frequency of light waves, to the frequencies of protein foldings in our cells and molecules, to the frequencies of the electrons circling  atoms, and such)).

Because it is a one shot ordeal ? Just ONE, just something that occurs and disappears with no further story ? No cycling events ? No frequencies ? No repetitive patterns ? And since we are used to patterns and repetitions and frequencies, a one shot universe coming from the eternal and going to the eternal is wrong or illogical ? It doesn't make sense ? It is weird ?

No, nothing is weird, nothing makes sense, nothing is more acceptable or less acceptable than anything else, it is all just a feeling, an opinion, a judgment on something that can't be judged anyways.

And then you would need to be an Observer from the Outside Looking In, an External Observer of the Universe looking at it from Eternity and seeing it appear and disappear and judging how weird and how strange that looks ....

And then is not everything just an Observer comparing all of the input signals to himself, to how he is hardwired anyways ? isn't the universe just the relationship between an Observer and his Environment (the input signals and the laws of engagements accordingly), so then given that the Observer can be of any design, hence the Universe can be of any design, hence that particular design of the universe (the one shot ordeal) is just one according to what Observer is looking at it and judging it and how he is decoding it....

Friday, June 8, 2012


An APE sayeth:

Please, please, pretty please be a loser, be a sissy, be a wimpy coward like me, don't "be a man", but be meek and weak, you can do it man, do it! and hate the winners, those that are "successful", try to rob their success, their cash, be wrong and bad, be a weak coward, wrong and bad and envious just like an ape man. Invert all values, assign that which is "bad" as "good", kill all ideas of worth, be the opposite of how "they want you to be", etc.

At one time in the past Queers were considered sissy and weak, now they are heroes, go figure ! So then just be a declared wimpy coward and sissy ! And let them all bully you and beat you up (just like Jesus, who let them beat him up, a coward and a sissy, go figure!), be a sore loser, be a pissed off loser, but try to win by fooling yourself like the APE does, but in the end he loses anyway.

It is all about "The Other Mind looking at you and judging you", all about other "Judgments", the judgments of other "independent" minds and such. We need constant interaction, as a constant judgment by others, trying to impress, any judgment, good or bad does't matter, but any judgment, but kill all judgments, you judge all and lose all, etc.

The reason why judgments are so important is because there is no real reference system, only the reference system of other minds and other people's judgments.

Change these mental circuits, fool arond with them all, invert them, go on, manipulate all the Man Brain forever and change all...

No Solution Ever !

From: ... mhole.html

No Solution Ever !

There will never be any solution to any problem, to any possible kind of problem ever (personal, political, society, etc.) no matter what, learn to give up, give up real fast. The Mental Model Mode of imagining a future that is supposed to "follow a path", "a predetermined path" that we wish occurs and happens and such, and if it doesn't happen we get mad at the world, ourselves and others (and are jealous of others having been successful in following that similar path, why him and not me ?, etc.), try to find the blame, and keep on trying to push the path the way we wanted, or simply cry forever because it didn't happen, our expectations didn't "come true", the "world betrayed us", the random luck, factors, events betrayed our linear model, of "going forward", of "achieving our will power", of "having success" is flawed, wrong, must be hosed: since we expect the world is going according to a Mental model of the Future, what is planned, what is expected and such but then in almost all cases it doesn't.

Nothing further from the truth: the world follows its own path, anything can happen and often happens, so it is better to give up ahead of time and avoid failed mental models and failed expectations from the beginning, don't believe in anything (especially don't believe in your mental models or plans, since all mental models and plans are wrong always, they are always 100 % wrong), don't believe you can do it, be a failure from the start, don't try, don't even try, do nothing, have no model or goal or expectation, be free, free your mind, don't punish yourself by trying and wanting to follow a failed mental model, that was wrong and flawed structurally from the beginning, from the outset, by definition because all mental models are wrong, are just wishes, fairy tales, have mostly nothing to do with the real world which has no models, no direction, no goal, doesn't care about anything, etc. And who cares if other are winners and have achieved that specific mental model, just don't assign any value to any model at all and be free and be the real top winner of all, everything is always and has always been achieved this way, you are the absolute winner always, you win, you won.

Especially the expectations that other people or someone etc. will follow a path you take for granted, or events will follow a given path and such, etc. Nothing further from the truth, people are fickle, change constantly, just like the random forces of nature, especially you getting mad at someone because he didn't follow your plan or expectation and you trying to force him or them or whatever to follow a plan when your are fighting a losing battle always, from the beginning, because the other person or people or events or both or society or whatever have their independent and often opposing will power, nay, often oppose your will power automatically, for fun, just because, etc.

So don't punish yourself believing in a given future path or expectation, fail immediately, give up immediately, etc. Like when a soldier dies and the mom of the soldier is in grief: no way jose', it happened, give up, don't care or think about it anymore, kill your mental circuits, don't make them become your prison guard and make you want impossible expectations and paths that cannot be, fail always, be a failure, don't give a crap, free your mind instead, etc. For the mom: it happened, forget about it the next moment, erase the story, the past, the memories and such (if ever it was so easy, but it is since it is just the mind punishing itself, we need to activate bad feelings and are searching for an excuse, actually all feelings are excuses and all reasons to activate any feeling is an excuse hard wired by information and society and such, the goal the ever present constant goal and then the failure, and how much time we dedicated to the goal now lost forever etc. no way jose' kill it all).

The grief is the Mind's way of punishing itself, and we worship our own punishment, but the event is just a few bits, just some random information, disconnect it from any emotional attachements and such, so there are many ways you can start to modify your own brain and mind without having to stick a V8 engine in your head...


Absolute or Relative ?


Absolute or Relative ?

But any Modified Mind, any new design you can draw and think up of, any new Processor, anything at all is not a "Discovery" or something "New to Know", but always just an invention, an "Art Form", something that becomes real only by assigning it as real and such: the entire process of "Scientific Discovery" is meaningless in this context, since no background reference system of invariants, of truths, of invariant "Laws of Physics" is operating anymore, there is no background, no stage, no ground state from which to measure all, etc. There is only random design and invention, all you can think up of is reality and true, it IS simply, etc.

But then any Alternate Mind is simply somehow a subset of our present Mind or Reference System or Laws of Physics: and in fact we can always and only imagine something that is always somewhat similar to us, that has at least some minimum resemblance to us, if only at least within the Principles of Identity and Non Contradiction (otherwise we couldn't even talk about it or design it or think about it, etc.), at least something that extends in Space and Time and works in some way, etc. A new Processor Design as a Mind can be as complex and weird as possible, but it is always a design, a picture, a something, an anything, it must always have at least one point of contact with us, and how our mind works, and how we can even simply contain it or delimit it, etc.

So we can see that any new design (we can think up of and invent), any New Mind will always be of a given class, always a subset of our Mind (no hierarchy necessary! we could be a subset of the New Mind, etc.) or at least within the same class of Minds as our Mind is, at least having the minimum properties of "Existence" or "Being" somewhere and somehow, etc.

So we can imagine at least two classes of Modified Minds: the first is those that we can invent and design, no matter how crazy and far out, but always having been designed by us, has something, at least if only even ONE BIT similar to us, but even one bit is enough to make it go into a class of minds that is the same of which our mind belongs to and a second class of Modified Minds that don't even have one bit similar to ours, that are totally alien to us and are totally disjoint in any way from ours, etc.

And the second class of modified minds doesn't operate (or operates randomly and weirdly and as crazily as possible ?) according to even the basic Identity Principles and the Principle of Non Contradiction, even the basic principles of "Being Somewhere" (in time or space or any other reference system ?) of even "Existing", etc. And it is probably in these minds that a real New Universe Appears and really New Laws of Physics Appear or something like that.

In short, what I am saying is that we can make up all kinds of new Mindforms we want, new Man Brains, new Processors and Observers as complex and huge and intricate and having any properties and functionalities and mechanisms, no matter how far out and complex as we want, BUT WE ARE ALWAYS USING SOME OF OUR OWN LOGIC TO DESIGN IT, TO ENVISION IT, TO CONSTRUCT IT OR DRAW IT, ETC. And the fact that we are using our own logic makes it at least connected to our world and universe at least by ONE BIT.

But there are many other New Mindforms, New Brainforms, New Brainiums that don't even have One Bit similar to us, and are even farther away from anything we can ever imagine, and those minds probably live in completely new universes and worlds (nay, they do live, we can assign the rules and laws of Reality since that is what happens when you change the very Observer of "Reality", the very "Reference System" and "Ground State of Reality" (as that is what our Mind and Man Brain is) the very STAGE OF REALITY, ETC.).

And notice, all of the above was written and thought up of using Logic and Language, etc. So of course, they are all some kind of subset of Our view and Mind, etc.

So imagine a Planet Sized Integrated Circuit with untold number of Transistors operating and creating a new Observer, imagine a Planet sized piece of paper with an untold number of wild symbols, designs, new letter and alphabets and block diagrams, incredibly elaborated, intricate and complex, the blueprint of a NEW BRAIN, the Electronic Schematic of a NEW OBSERVER and such. And design wild drawings, little symbols, little tags and designs, all kinds of curves and new letter types (like Chinese but ever more intricate and cool looking and such) and wild connections and signals, an Ocean of Wild Symbols and Signals and imagine what all those symbols and transistors and diagrams are doing, how many new Sensations and Emotions and New Realities they are Experiencing and Creating, go for it man, you can do it, First Gear, it's All Right, Second Gear Hold on Tight, Third gear You're Out of Sight, Sock it to me Baby, Cool, Sock it to Me, this is Groovy.

This is the game I should have played when I was a child, those are the drawings I should have drawn as a child...(I always drew cars, 1966 Oldsmobile Ninety Eights...).

There are no solutions to any problems no matter what, personal or social or emotional or career wise or anything at all since any state can change in a jiffy and you lose once again and have to start all over again to reach the previous "state", to win once again or any "better state", but as soon as you reached it or anything, it can always disappear all over again or get worse or change as change is the name of the game, etc.

But then, only the random detail is really Absolute, we are only detail and a quirk story (our neural network designed by our life story and history and our "Relationships" and such), or Relative is the only Absolute in a sense...


Friday, June 1, 2012

Exactly What does That Word Mean ?

Exactly What does That Word Mean ?

They talk about Economics, Growth, Jobs, GDP and so many other Abstract and essentially Undefined Words, like Productivity, Competitiveness, Innovation, Eduaction and so on. But exactly what do they mean by a word like Innovation or Productivity ? No one knows, or everyone defines it as they please, or it can mean anything and the contrary of anything at all and so on: no one ever says exactly What Must Grow when they talk about Sparking Growth (more car production ? more houses built? or simply higher prices for houses, which is the only thing that really grew from 2000 to 2010, etc.) and that the Southern European Countries must Grow and such. But the real reason why all of these ideas and concepts are undefined, abstract, impossible to pinpoint down (intractable, remember this word: intractable, impossible to follow) is because by using ambiguous concepts and ideas and words, you can make any kind of politics pass as correct and reasonable, you can connect any cause and effect any way you want to since no one can ever really control or follow such intractable concepts such as Education and Innovation "Creating jobs" and such.

So all of language and thoughts and concepts are full of undefined, abstract, unknown, inventions meaning mostly nothing, very questionable "Causes and Effects" that pass as "Economic Science" and such when it is all Arbitrary Power Plays and Games, and convincing the victims to believe in an Ideology that essentially hoses them and robs them: that is why they should Proudly and Bluntly ask for the only thing that really counts: Free Salaries and Cheap Rents. AMEN.

Abstract World




And in fact we simply talk about imaginary worlds and logical structures pretending that the Economy will work according to what we decide is the model and such (but it could also work since there is a positive feedback loop in as if everyone believes in the models and thinks that "that is the truth and operating", they will actually make the model become true and such) but they are all fairy tales, mental models, words putting large ensembles of unrelated things together in a box and "talking about it" (like unemployment, JOBS, GDP, etc.) and pretending that the ensemble operates as a unit, a single item, like a number and follows simple logic, simple cause and effects (especially since the ensemble contains individual people with their individual will powers and decisions and random actions and such that is ever changing, that can change from any moment to the next (to anything at all, any fight at all or anything at all) and the will power decisions and events can be anything at all since the Man Brain is a totally unstable, chaotic, random entity that can change moment to moment to anything at all and the connection of random events and actions between people can go anywhere at all)."

Actually, all language operates like this, all words are often "putting large ensembles of unrelated things together in a box and "talking about it"", many words, sentences, concepts, blocks of texts, ideologies, theories, you name it, many ideas are simply abstractions, gross simplifications, using words to mean many things, but that can only be applied to a very small and specific subset of events, items, effects and such.

All words and thoughts are huge abstractions and simplifications, hence this is why we are always in Mental Model Mode, and always fighting our own mind, fighting ourselves and the world and others, since very seldom does our Mental Mode, our Desires coincide or have anything to do with the world, and especially fighting and blaming (not entirely wrong though) other people and their power and will powers and choices, political choices and effects and you name it they have and such.

Cause and Effect ?

Cause and Effect ?

Like when it is said that Unemployment is due to high taxes and such: the goal is really less taxes, not to solve Unemployment and such even because no one can ever demonstrate that connection, or better yet, everyone will demonstrate the connection they want according to what examples they take or just because and such. Because Unemployment is an intractable systems wide (culture wide, values wide, psychological etc.), process wide effect, that isn't even clearly understood as even being an effect or "problem": high employment seems to be much more of a flaw than unemployment in a Technological Economy or in a high productivity economy and such, since the work being done should be optimizing and eliminating more work than it creates, or else the work being done is not only a diminishing return endeavor but a negative return endeavor, more present work should mean less future work if that work is really being productive, not more future work, etc.

But of course, the effect wanted, the process, the causes and all such items get all confused when a Man Brain with its desire to have an advantage over some other Man Brain is trying to "explain" the "Problems" and the "Solutions", etc, when it is all ideological (as in all things economical and political) as usual, but especially when the bottom line of all is simply the fight, A against B, the conflict, the contrast, the game, A wins B loses, etc, no matter how sophisticated (and hidden the agenda) they get with the explanations and politics and ideology and theory, it all boils down to a simple fight, A wants to gain, wants an upper hand by making B pay for it and such, a one transistor circuit.

But this method of always saying there is problem B that must be solved, the solution of the problem is A, but A gives an upper hand to the party talking about and describing and discovering the "problem" is done all the time: like saying that unemployment can improve and "more jobs can be created" by "a more flexible labor market and no unions" (who says so ? who invented this cause and effect ? who can demonstrate it ? or are you (corporations) creating this invention and applying it so you can get rid of unions ? etc.) or "more jobs can be created" by "more education", another example of totally disjoint causes and effects that no one can demonstrate, that are totally intractable, and anyone can demonstrate this as true or false according to what statistics, numbers, examples, countries or companies they take as an example and such.

Add to this that all of these (imaginary ?) causes and effects have feedback loops, with both positive and negative feedback paths, since "more education" may mean "more teachers" but also "more books printed" and such and at the same time companies themselves are brainwashed by the imaginary "cause and effect" to hire more people who are educated, in a complex loop confusing the cause with the effect (desired ?) and invention and the process and all else.

In short, all things Economical and Social are Processes, complex intractable Processes with both positive and negative feedback loops and ESPECIALLY WHERE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PROCESS ITSELF MODIFIES THE PROCESS, THE INFORMATION WITHIN THE PROCESS INVENTING OR ASSIGNING THE "PROBLEMS" AND "CAUSES AND EFFECTS" ACTUALLY CREATES THOSE VERY "CAUSES AND EFFECTS" AND ALSO DESTROYS THEM, in an ever changing intractable random and chaotic systems wide process with millions of moving and distinct and independent and separate (but every now and then combined and unit creating) parts.

Of course as usual, all of the above is false, or true or whatever, and even though you may discover that all political talk is "hidden agenda based", you can be sure that there will always be something else, some new invention that will always hide the agenda all over again without you noticing it again, as there are ever clever ways to deceive and invent and hide the real simple fight and conflict and contrast that is the only true thing always operating.

My agenda is not hidden: I want a Free Salary and Cheap Rents, if not for everyone, at least for me, so I am honest, I am saying exactly what I want and I want the Government to Pay for it all, so there, I said (and I could care less if "someone" else is working to "pay me", who gives two c*cks and a d*ck ?, what clowns!).


Mental Model Mode ?

Mental Model Mode ?

We are always fighting ourselves, actually fighting reality as it must abide to all of our Mental Models, the past was A (or we want the future to be A, hence we constantly compare the present with our expectations, and what we expect should be with what is, and get mad and angry at someone or something or the economy or politics or society, etc. who is at fault for not letting it be A and such, etc.) and now it is B, but I want it to be A, it must return to A, my Mental Model of the world having to be in state A is forcing me to constantly compare the present state of the world and hoping, forcing, thinking about how to make it go back to A, or why it isn't back to A, or why A will never return, or anything else regarding A and B, or a pity party on how I lost this and that since the events, random, independent from me (or sometimes depending on me, or was it me, or was it me in conflict with myself and any other?) made the world go from A to B. And the same Mental Model Mode of being a prisoner of our models and ideas and causes and effects we think should be and are operating or hope are operating or wish to make operating deal with the future, with our plans and expectations and projects and comparing how events, and luck and effort or whatever is bringing us closer to the goal , the target that the Mental Model imposes must be achieved no matter what, etc.

But these Mental Models are all worthless junk, have no value, throw them all away, throw away the past and future and all Mental Models and expectations and projects, free your mind instead, don't be a slave of Mental Models and comparing you state with the past or future and how it should be, or should have been, and how unhappy you are because your Mental Model did not come to be or has been lost, the entire idea of the "good past being lost", of losing anything is a false loss, the myth of the Loss, I lost A or I lost this item, situation whatever that I had and such, in all truth we never lose anything, we are always in the same steady random useless state, the Law of Conservation of any State a Man Brain is in, no state or situation or past or future or anything has any higher Metaphysical or Spiritual value compared to any other, they are all fake inequalities we impose on different realities to make our Mind fight with itself, trying to achieve as reality future Mental Models or going back to past Mental Models, and punishing ourselves uselessly on all of this BS, comparing the Mental Model, the theory with what is actually reality and trying to force things to go in certain directions.

Free Stuff Will Set You Free

Free Stuff Will Set You Free
Redistribution of wealth is impossible. Exactly as we have become rich enough (mostly thanks to Technical Knowledge and the Technological Economy) to do anything and give all the basic needs to all and then get on with the Future finally, project and design the Future by building trillions of things, things upon things like crazy, like a robot, like a drone, like insanity achieved, such as Trillions of Skyscrapers, Trillions of people with new Brain Styles having new circuits, wild Brains, really wild and creative new Processors as Brains with many new subsystems and new block diagrams (trillions of complex block diagrams and symbols and components and schematics, like electronic circuits describing brand New Brains and Observers and Processors doing anything and Experiencing anything imaginable), Trillions of Cadillacs, Trillions of Rockets to Mars and to the Sun (with trillions of people inside them, so they roast, baby, roast) we have no way to redistribute the wealth and get the projects going anymore: the model of distribution of wealth based on Work and Labor (which has been rendered Obsolete by Optimizations and Automation and such) can no longer work since "work" is no longer available and especially necessary, and especially the Technological Economy has made the random Free Wills of the Powers that Be (the rich and those that can "Invest" in any productive activity) ever more powerful and dominating (and quirky and flukey) since they are the only ones that can choose if and on what millions of others will work on or not work on at all, etc.

So given that there is no way, or a random fluke, ever changing way to distribute wealth by hiring and firing and always changing the "value of what is being exchanged", as it is all about Services, Culture, exchanging mostly symbols that are supposed to have some imaginary and arbitrary value and such (like Blackberry smartphones are now "out of Style" hence the value of that device and that company is now a big FAT ZERO, and so on), since the number of possible new exchanges that could correspond to "new jobs" is ever more reduced (since optimized and automated, etc.), since THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH POSSIBLE EXCHANGES BETWEEN PEOPLE IMAGINABLE SUCH AS TO CREATE THE CORRESPONDING NUMBER OF MILLIONS OF JOBS NECESSARY WORLDWIDE (after all when you exchange some food, some manufacturing goods, cars, houses, some health care and some other crap, very little is left to exchange between people, there is no way you can force other exchanges, no matter how hard you try, and in fact, the exchanges that appear - that are then produced are mostly created, invented, are mostly imaginable and imaginary, symbols, fluff, "Information" (Facebook ?) which can have any value at all and can be exchanged (and forced on people by laws ?) but they have no real basic value, since only housing, food, cars and some other basics have real value, are really part of an economy) then the only solution is to give a Free Salary to All and Cheap Rents to All Worldwide and huge public - private projects like Skyscrapers and Rockets, etc.

Absurdity of the Science of Economics ? But the absurdity of Economics or any Science that wants to describe, predict or discover the underlying laws of Economics or Sociology or all of the Social Sciences is that they are based on imagining that societies and groups of people follow any rules at all, are stable, follow some kind of invariant logic and such: nothing further from the truth, societies have no rules, they are just a huge mess of actions and reactions of everyone against everyone else (or collaborating or anything else) of point like random quirk decisions and will powers changing everything constantly, a series of chaotic events, random events that cannot be put in a box and "talked about" and such.

Like a box containing a material where any point can influence any other point or points or volume, area and reciprocally and such, since Information connects all with all, and the ensemble of Man Brains action and reacting constantly in all kinds of possible ways.

And in fact we simply talk about imaginary worlds and logical structures pretending that the Economy will work according to what we decide is the model and such (but it could also work since there is a positive feedback loop in as if everyone believes in the models and thinks that "that is the truth and operating", they will actually make the model become true and such) but they are all fairy tales, mental models, words putting large ensembles of unrelated things together in a box and "talking about it" (like unemployment, JOBS, GDP, etc.) and pretending that the ensemble operates as a unit, a single item, like a number and follows simple logic, simple cause and effects (especially since the ensemble contains individual people with their individual will powers and decisions and random actions and such that is ever changing, that can change from any moment to the next (to anything at all, any fight at all or anything at all) and the will power decisions and events can be anything at all since the Man Brain is a totally unstable, chaotic, random entity that can change moment to moment to anything at all and the connection of random events and actions between people can go anywhere at all).

Failure of mental models anyways ? everything is a description of make believe large scale items encompassing many distinct and independent items all based on many distinct random will powers, events, totally unknown and unpredictable fluke events happening for no reason at all in any point in time and space at all, etc. (like the twin tower attacks) and having any large scale consequences at all, etc.

But all of the above is false, since all of the above is just another "Mental Model", all crap, all useless crap that can be and will be contradicted by reality in a jiffy for any reason at all.