Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Instant Singularity 3


Instant Singularity - part 3

The old fashion Technological Singularity that thought that computers (or minds) smart enough to design smarter minds would trigger a progress forever into an incommunicable and unknown world is no longer valid and necessary for the Singularity to occur: it can occur by direct manipulation of the mind - brain, leapfrogging any science and technology to make things "smart". Smart is not needed, the new experience is the only goal, so those that started with LSD have already been closer to the Singularity by decades.

So given that science and technology have finished progressing, and given that the Technological Singularity that will occur will happen by sticking wires and signals, chips and wild chemicals in brains and minds in an extremely chaotic and haphazard way, as confusing and "wrong" as possible and completely ignoring any logic and science as possible, we can now proceed to examine the third step: namely thought induced singularities.

The last thought that a mind will have is the thought that self manipulates itself into infinity and oblivion. How the mind is modified, whether through logic and science manipulating the neural circuits according to some imaginary models of the mind or by directly sticking wires and signals in the ball of meat that is the brain - skull, or by pouring wild chemical in the mind, or by any random - fluke - quirk combination of all of the above is besides the point: what is important is that the mind - brain changes its form, architecture, its emotional - memory -pain/pleasure and logic circuits, its sense organs, invented new sense organs, its organization in any new of an infinite array of new formats and encodings.

So even thought and meditation can be used, direct thoughts manipulating the organization of the mind - brain. Lies are accepted, in fact the mind lying to itself is one of the most powerful techniques that can be used, since in the end only the mind itself confirms if something is true, it can assign any truth since it measures its own construction and the reality principle is no longer valid in variant minds that no longer are forced to follow any logic.

So this is where the Technological Singularity has occured, occurs and will occur.

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