Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Be Sure...

The basic idea is that intelligence is not needed for a singularity, and no scientific knowledge is needed: the singularity will be achieved by direct manipulation of the mind, it is not dependent on a linear accumulation of knowledge on how the brain works, and the brain to experience the new singularity does not have to be intelligent at all, it has to be a different entity than what we would consider a brain, cannot be understood or explained from our reference point because it has nothing to do with any of our reference points: it is another entity in a new other universe living or experiencing a new life (if it can even be called life).

The manipulation of the brain can also be through direct thought and the brain can lie to itself to any extent: the point is that up until now the world has been decoded and understood with the brain and its sense organs and organization being an INVARIANT and a static structure while the outside world was being manipulated (the traditional scientific - pattern searching method, the evolution - progress of knowledge), but the new Instant Singularity will change the very item that is measuring and perceiving the outside world.

Change the invariant nature of the brain and you change the universe. So open brains - minds, change the neural circuits, add wild chemicals and the Instant Singularity will occur.

Of course, the method of manipulation of the brain could be through thought only, after all what difference does it make, and then one model the mind has of itself that modifies another part of itself according to how it imagines it will react ? but if the "model - mind" is invented and if it lies to itself ? is the model the invention ? is it real or is it not ? At this point you also have the complete breakdown of science, of any possible science and logic....

Maybe the singularity is the thought and idea itself of the singularity, the singularity creates itself by thinking itself into existence ....

To be sure:

Why must the machines become "smarter" and "smarter" ? What exactly does "smart" or intelligence really mean ? It is a concept that makes sense only to how our body - minds are configured and how they interact with matter - reality on this planet.

But the classical Technological Singularity model where a computer becomes smarter up to the point of designing one that is smarter than itself, implies that intelligence is necessary to achieve some form of "transcendence" into a higher mind - experience.

I debate this point and consider it as completely wrong: we need intelligence and smart to solve our only local , quirky problems associated with how our minds are designed and operate, and how they decode reality and how we interact with matter accordingly. But a smarter computer or modified mind can simply achieve a state where it no longer has any problems to solve and can enter simple "pleasure loops", or states of meditations or experiences that have nothing to do with "problem" solving or figuring out how to manipulate biology to achieve immortality. Aside from the fact that said super smart computers or brains may not even have any of these goals in mind, but their goals and their decoding of reality may not have anything to do with any form of logic - intelligence and problem solving whatsoever.

So a modified mind, either by kind of guessing how to do it scientifically and logically, or by randomly changing the neural circuits, how they are connected to memory - emotions, or even completed by blind chance and completely chaotically (stick the wires in the brains, send signals, dump wild chemicals inside it) may bring that mind - brain into a new universe and state of experience that is under all accounts like a singularity from our reference points and measuring points: we have no idea and can never have any idea what is going on in said new minds unless we are exactly those new minds.

Anyways, intelligence is greatly overrated as it is simply a small self referencing language humans use to manipulate their perceived - arbitrary reality. There are millions of other realities and universes modified brains - minds (maybe with computer chips inside them also) live in that we cannot know.

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