Sunday, April 28, 2013

Green Movement Demystified

Green Movement Demystified

The Green - "Tree Hugger" - Environmental protectionism movements and followers are essentially mostly old, utopian, "spoiled brats" who have had theirs, who have lived the "life" who have lived through consumerism, the best periods of economic growth, who have bought all the new cars they wanted, all their color TVs, their McMansions or "new homes" (that have increased constantly in value over the years, but more on this mechanism later) and so forth and so on, the best times of improving lives, technology applied to all things economical and so forth, and now they want to stop it, they have had theirs (they are satisfied, have stuffed themselves more than enough with the good life, now they are tired and need a change, an ethically and morally inspired change) and they don't want no one else to have theirs, neither the emerging economies nor the young generation.

They don't notice or see themselves as egotists, they can't see through their huge bias, they can't see through their huge desire to protect their own and to not let anyone else go forward.

They start off trying to convince everyone worldwide that "Nuclear Energy" is the "devil", is "bad", is "evil", will kill us all, that an atomic energy plant is like atomic bombs and such. They have this totally irrational and absurd desire to kill the cleanest, most truely environmentally friendly and efficient energy that we have available. No pollution, an extremely efficient cycle to produce energy, very small problems regarding Nuclear Waste, that is just an excuse to make the energy cost more and more, to complicate things to create as many roadblocks as possible against Nuclear Energy. And why ? because if nuclear energy became as widespread as it should be, all the energy problems of the world would be resolved once and for all, there would no longer be the excuse of Peak Oil, Pollution, global warming and so forth, all the guilt complexes that the greens like to feed (especially in the terms of making the poor or emerging economies or the new young generation that won't have any future anymore feel guilty about how much they will damage "Nature" and such (what do the greens care, they had their party, they have had theirs, they are mostly all well off, notice the social class they all belong to, upper / middle upper class)).

And then they continue ranting about sprawl and new buildings, they are the most opposed possible to building new buildings, offices, skyscrapers, but especially new homes: they truly hate the idea of societies building new homes, "killing nature" and such. And why is this ? because they all have their own homes, they are all owners of homes, they could care less about how much a homes costs in terms of rents or buying for a new young couple or for the new generation or for the emerging economies, they truly want to stop all possible building imaginable. But there is a real solid, economical reason behind this: they want to protect theirs, especially their own home values, they will do anything to keep the prices of their own homes as high as possible, rents as high as possible and in the meantime stop all and any building of new homes to protect what they have, what they got and accumulated during the good times: they had theirs, they want to maintain and protect their status quo, they want to crystallize the money they accumulated when high paying jobs were available in the high home values their homes have creating a barrier and wall for the new generation to ever rent or own a home. But they hide this (and they hide this even to themselves) by using the excuse that they want "to protect nature", they want to protect the "future generations" and so on. They are hypocrits, egotists who want to keep theirs and not give anything to the future generations or anyone who didn't get theirs when the going was good.

And so it is when they rant and try to do everything against new subdivisions in suburbs, new highways and roads, new Malls (since they have the money to buy things in small boutiques and such), against the automobile, against TV and so on, against industry - Malls - consumption - new cars and houses, etc., always against all and anything that can create jobs and a future to those who still don't have a future.

But they don't notice this, they can't see how class based their ideology is, they are oblivious to what their choices imply economically and socially: they imply no future economic growth, high home prices, stagnation, no future jobs or development, no new projects, only the ever higher protection of the status quo of old spoiled brats who have had theirs and don't want to give anything to anyone else anymore, Nature is always "way more important", people are "crap" especially their obsession of the imaginary worldwide "population explosion", another subtle class position that really means: get out, I don't want other people, I want to protect mine and keep mine, everyone else get lost, you are all too many people, "nature must be protected" (you mean the value of your own home "must be protected" don't you, only you don't notice this).

And in Europe and other countries this green movement is even more class based and even worse: they are even more oblivious to what this movement implies. Try asking any green how the high home prices or rents problem can be solved, see what they answer. They will not even know what to answer since they never thought about it, they could care less, it is a false problem for them since they all live comfortably in their own home and such. God forbid you suggest building more homes, they would jump on you.

And these old boomers, mostly the 50 to 70 years old old hags that have learned to "love nature" and "protect nature" have reached what they think is some kind of advanced ideological and political opinion: they are special, they care about the environment, all other people are killing nature and such. They have their pets and dogs, they have their jogging, all old hags thinking that they are good, ethically and morally good and feel good about themselves. But also many of the younger generation have been brainwashed by these relics of the hippy generation, these spoiled brats ever and always against "Development", "Industry", "Plastic" (as in the old song "Plastic People" and such).

But so it is, especially when they concentrate on morality, who is bad, who is to punish, who is robbing money, all of JHK's attention to finding who is guilty of the financial rackets and all: this stuff is totally irrelevant, the morality police is useless in the larger scheme of things, we need development and projects and buildings and low costs for homes and rents, consumerism and so forth, who cares who robbed what, people will always rob money, will always fool others, there will always be corruption, this is a useless non issue, it only serves to distract everyone from the much more simpler choices that are needed: namely we need to build millions of homes so the prices go way down, we need thousands of new projects like high speed trains, space exploration, nuclear energy and so forth, a never ending list of projects, of future, of hope, of constructions, we no longer need these old spoiled brats, these whiners always against everything, these old hippies dreaming of some utopia (since they always came from rich families) and so on.

And notice how politics is really very simple, is really and should be a very simple yes and no answer to all issues (when in reality politics becomes a never ending struggle and debate and mind games and such): do you want the new Malls here ? yes or no, end of story. Do you want the new subdivision here ? yes or no end of story, no need for endless debates and theories and studies and so on, but this is because our mind and thought is excess capacity compared to the really simple problems we have to solve, and also how would all those politicians and reporters and opinionists and economist and so forth and so on pass 8 hours a day working and debating if everything became as simple as it really should be ?

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