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The Party is Over for Banks and the "Paper Economy"

The Party is Over for Banks and the "Paper Economy"


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The Party is Over for Banks and the "Paper Economy"

AZT New York - 4/13/2013 : The governments of the United States, Japan and the European Union along with the US National Security Agency, the Pentagon and the CIA along with other international similar organizations have decided to deploy a stealth - hidden change of economic policy: namely the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Bank of JAPAN and the Federal Reserve will, from now on, no longer give their printed money to financial institutions but will deploy this money directly to large scale global projects intended to "Spark Growth" and economic development across the world. The central banks have been printing and giving trillions of dollars to financial institutions worldwide with the hope that this could spark economic growth and employment with no avail. The only real possibility is to directly finance and deploy large scale projects that can start employing some of the millions of unemployed and create a positive feedback loop where the projects themselves start to create more demand and need and so forth initiating a real economic growth cycle.

Many large scale, global projects will be deployed aimed specifically at creating the real conditions for future growth and well being for millions of people especially in the recession racked and stagnating economies of Southern European, Japan and parts of the USA. These projects include a massive worldwide home building plan to build millions of new homes in all of the major metropolitan areas worldwide so as to dramatically decrease housing costs for million of people that up until now could neither rent or buy a home given the very high prices compared to their going salaries: so these homes should be in the range of of 100 square meters (3 bedroom homes or apartments) costing about 150 to 200 dollars a month rent (or mortgage) or a price point of about 50,000 dollars.

Amongst the many projects are included a large scale construction of many new high speed train lines across all continents, a large scale public (or private public) BUS system so as to dramatically improve public transportation worldwide along with many new commuter rail lines (especially in the USA). Other projects include a new wide roads consumer oriented infrastructure plan for Europe and Japan, a "sprawl like" infrastructure project to create wide roads and highways since most countries outside of the USA have a hard time consuming as much as the USA given their tight roads, small homes, few shopping Malls etc. and given the fact that highways and many Mall like shopping centers especially in Germany and Japan and Southern Europe are badly needed to kick start a solid new cycle of consumption and growth. A plan to "suburbanize" as many countries as possible as only through large, wide roads and even single family home type configurations can countries achieve the high growth and consumption the worldwide economy really needs.

Other projects include new space exploration projects, worldwide space projects intended to land a man on mars by the year 2020. President Obama has declared recently that NASA alone intends to land a Man on Mars by the year 2020, so this means a lot of new financing and projects for rockets and space technology and so forth. Other projects include new energy networks using Solar Energy and Wind Energy along with a new plan for Nuclear Energy: Nuclear energy is needed so there will be many projects aimed at building many new Nuclear Energy Plants using the latest generations of technology. Other projects are the construction of thousands of new skyscrapers in all of the major metropolitan areas, many new automobile factories, new factories for all kinds of consumer products and so forth, in all areas worldwide and such.

Also, amongst the major projects that shall be deployed is the intention for the governments and public private organizations to hire millions of young and unemployed people mostly in fake jobs type of positions, civil servants type of positions, many people will be hired mostly with the aim of providing them with a salary: this will eventually be phased out and they will simply receive a salary even if they do not work. This is the only way to give a living salary to millions of people who are structurally redundant simply because modern technological economies need fewer and fewer workers automatically.

This plan has been concluded after a few years of studies conducted by many independent groups to come up with a solution to the present and future "Economic Crisis" problem. This is the result of a large worldwide study conducted by all major universities and think tanks of all political colors, by MIT, Harvard, Stanford, NASA, the CIA and other universities worldwide and so forth.

This hidden agenda of governments and security agencies has been approved and has been accepted as the only real possible way to avoid mass poverty, turmoil, conflicts and the real danger of nuclear conflicts, political instability and so forth brought forward by a huge contradiction operating in modern economies: there is no way to distribute wealth anymore since even the "old fashioned" circuit of employed work no longer is functioning since technological economies will need fewer and fewer workers and hence can even pay them less and less.

The "Invisible Hand of the Market" can no longer work in a 21st century world, the only way to create future growth and wealth is by huge planet sized projects, by directly financing them through trillions of dollars (printed by central banks), and financing these and many thousands of other projects. All of the central banks now agree that throwing money at paper and banks and financial institutions will never achieve anything.

All of the above projects will start being deployed, engineered and designed from the First of June 2013 on.

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