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Music has finished Discovering

Re: The Future of Music

Postby nameta9 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:46 pm
Honestly ? ... Most First Principles in Music have been discovered and applied and in fact I arrived at this discussion in music after analyzing the last 400 or 500 years of Scientific and Technological Inventions and Discoveries and concluding that maybe 70 % of what could be invented and discovered has been done essentially (we won't be discovering something as big as Electricity again or Microprocessors or Relativity theory or Quantum Mechanics and so forth, now we can only change our Brain and create new universes by changing our Brain circuits and design, but at that point we are no longer even in This Universe...).

So the first principles of Music with classical Music creating the basics from 1600 to 1700 then the romantics from 1700 to 1800 then more romantics and such from 1800 to 1900 and then the 20th century that finished the job of invention and discovery. And you can see that classical Music did create the most generalized form of Music construction by the fact that Movie Music, Cartoon Music and such is essentially written formal Music that can describe any situation, can create any possible atmosphere and feeling and pathos and so forth, the most generalized form of Music, anything can be described by a Musical Comment, Music written that can describe anything at all as seen in Film Music and such.

But even just looking at pretty songs and "commercial music", I think that 80 % of the best and prettiest songs and such have been constructed and invented in the 20th century: all the possible pretty songs that could be written have probably been written, now we are left with creating noise and crazy.

Case in point, what music as pretty as Burt Bacharach's Music has been written since the year 2000 ?
Where is a song like "The Look Of Love" or "Alfie" or "Walk on By" or "What the World needs Now is Love" and so on ? Where are songs as pretty as some Beatles songs ? Where is the "Somewhere over the Rainbow" or something like "People" sung by Judy Garland and such ? Something like "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" Simon Garfunkle and so on: the list is very long and quite impressive...

And also songs and Music from other countries like Italy "Senza Fine" or Lucio Battisti and so with many other countries, and the list goes on.

WHat I am getting at is the best songs have all been written, the first principles have been established, now it is all a game of combinations, of creating new myths: of course Music is Culture, is Tribal, is Fashion so maybe a new generation will not consider any of the above worth anything but only some new form of Rap or Noise or anything else worthy as Valid Music, Subjectivity is always King, as MAN IS THE INFINITELY PROGRAMMABLE MACHINE that can create new artistic inventions having any arbitrary value a consensus of a corresponding social group assigns it...anthropology...

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