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Reference System (Einstein is a fool ...) ?

Reference System (Einstein is a fool ...) ?

Postby nameta9 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 1:57 pm
Reference System (Einstein is a fool ...) ?

1) In what reference system is Einstein's Time and Space in ?

It is assumed that they are contained inside something else so that they can curve and you can apply equations to it and all, but then again that just brings you back to a bigger all containing space - time and such. Circular reasoning or is the physicist simply fooling himself that he has a bigger view of it all from the outside, inventing a more all encompassing reference system ?

2) Is it not maybe simply his logic, language, mind and the principles of identity and non contradiction the ultimate reference system ?

3) Is this the ultimate difference between the probability theories of quantum mechanics that so troubled Einstein and his all encompassing and elegant but "probably" "wrong" (as wrong and right don't even matter) general relativity ?

Ultimately the difference between Quantum and Relativity is the difference between the activity of "Science as an activity with the construction of an all encompassing general theory of all" and "Nothing at All", the void, no explanation of anything as the very concept of explanation is void of any meaning and use.

Probability has no cause, is random, is outside of any patterns, can't be explained any further is the end of all logic and reasoning and hope of really controlling existence, reality completely. Probability is the End of Science.

Probability is also the end of an outside world, a world of consensus, a world of common laws amongst common observers, there is no Time and Space, only random events, only point like events reciprocally defined and perceived but nothing any further, no further explanations, no further cause and effects, the end of science and logic.

The Outside world with its time and space and illusion of being eternal or of extending in time and space between observers is simply an illusion, is false, is non existent.

And this is what troubled Einstein as he can feel that probability, random chaos killed all his theories and all possible theories and science once and for all.

God plays dice, since he "probably" doesn't even exist...point like events reciprocally defined and perceived only for a moment to disappear forever and never have "existed", and not even point like since points themselves don't really exist, no structure, nothing at all, not even the principles of identity and non contradiction...nothing any further, no further at its heart is actually still the very concept of god and is mostly a religion itself...
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Re: Reference System (Einstein is a fool ...) ?

Postby nameta9 » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:28 pm
And this also justifies the idea of inventing your own universe: don't discover how the mind works, invent how it works, invent and live in your own world, don't be a slave of consensus, they are simply other self similar observers that need to find the rules of engagements between each other to navigate the laws of physics. But you can be your own universe, invent it all, consensus is not important it is an illusion.

Einstein himself said imagination is more important than knowledge, and in fact use your imagination and invent and live in your own universe, it is just as real and fake as any other. (Maybe he knew this but never said this...) Real philosophers and genius use only pure imagination and nothing need to respect any constraints as contraints limit you and make you a slave...

Hence modified minds, simulations of new worlds and all the other things I always talked about, but especially, the true genius is completely unknown, uncontrollable and doesn't communicate it to anything or anyone as real genius is not a social engagement, is not in need of consensus of others or doesn't need to measure itself against anything, not even the laws of physics (if only for survivial, but survival is trivial), real genius can only measure itself.

Real philosophy and real genius has nothing to do with anything social or communication, can never communicate the levels and concepts and ideas reached, no one can ever hope to understand or reach it, it has truly nothing to say as nothing outside of itself can ever judge or measure up, or it really doesn't matter what the world outside of the real genius is, since the real genius and philosopher is his entire world and universe...nay he invents the most incredible worlds constantly...

Beware, the real philosopher and genius doesn't waste his time on trivial ordeals as mathematics, science, logic or anything else communicable socially, or finding mathematical solutions or logic solutions to problems or social solutions or anything at all social, they don't waste their time on anything that can be measured or seen or perceived socially, hence they will never solve any problems or be intelligent in the classical sense everyone thinks it means,...the real genius and philosopher will always be totally invisible ...

Real genius is his own universe, is his own boss, the need of consensus makes you a slave...

So the name of this thread is true..

The real philosopher and genius is usually a total social failure, can never succeed socially as social success is so trivial compared to the worlds he can construct, imagine and inhabit as in Free Physics...

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