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The problem of Quantum Observation Resolved

The problem of Quantum Observation Resolved

Postby nameta9 » Sun Sep 21, 2014 2:56 pm
Quantum Observation occurs when the principles of Identity and Non Contradiction are imposed upon reality and forces the observation to have an identity and be non contradictory - otherwise the real world and the quantum world are contradictory and have no principles of identity. In other words, anything goes in reality, we superimpose a reference system upon our observations and activities to box them in and hence superimpose upon them the principles of identity and non contradiction.

So A is A and also A is not A in the quantum world. A is B and also A is not B in the quantum world and all else: all contradictions are acceptable and valid.

This means that electrons and atoms small distances and things essentially far away from us don't behave at all, do whatever they like can be anything they want, are not constrained by anything at all any logic or mathematics or anything, hence this explains why quantum world is so hard for scientists to understand.



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