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Hey, Brazil (or Mexico, China, India, whatever) take a look at the Italian Beaches ! They have a very organized grid of umbrellas, Bar spots called Lidos, all very comfortable, lots of room, rent the Umbrellas and Bed Chairs and so forth, and at night Discos and whatever. I saw these at Rimini but there are many other similar type beaches there, actually by a street view tour it seems that only Italy devised this Private Public organization of relaxation, of the industry of "leisure" and industry geared towards not doing anything, the exact opposite of all the BS "Hard Work Myth" of the USA or Germany or JAPAN and such.

Actually Non Work becomes a real industry with hotels and a great boost to GDP. Never mind that for now the GDP of Italy is down and the crisis and all, but anyways. The point is that long beaches in Brazil or Mexico or any place else, with the right temperature could be organized like this and they could create a huge boost of their GDP, they could create more wealth for all, etc. Most beaches of the world and Brazil are unorganized, tiny or random plots (don't get me started in the USA, they don't have a clue!), bring your own umbrella public spots (but public is OK, just divide the plots equally between public and private with organized umbrellas and anyways the umbrellas don't cost much to rent daily and they are very comfortable, nice, and so forth). Of course, there is a strong ritual - cultural element to the way the beaches in Italy are, the "Environment Style" (as any spot on earth has its own quirky, particular environment style ) so it may be hard to imitate, but anyways.

Just an idea, for those countries that need to boost their GDP to become wealthy like the "rich west" (or what is left of it), create new towns with Lidos and beaches, create areas of leisure, make it become an industry and so forth.

All the think tanks keep on chanting the BS of Innovation, Resarch, Startups and so forth hoping to boost GDP, but they don't look at the simplest and best ideas that have been working for decades, this organziation of beaches and such made the GDP of Italy grow hugely during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s so it can be done in Brazil or Mexico or China or California if they decide to.

Of course all the green thugs, tree huggers, environmentalists, and all the churches and all the huge party poopers that just want Mankind to suffer forever will find all kinds of things against it as usual, but just ignore their BS.

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