Wednesday, August 7, 2013

gdp again...


Postby nameta9 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 9:21 am
The point is that GDP grows by consumption not by production: the fact that all the politics - economists are concentrated on helping industries and corporations and the work - production part of the economic equation reveals not only an old fashion 18th century hard work - production mentality that hasn't been really operating anymore for decades, but also the naive idea that more production and work and competition will make economies grow: nothing further from the truth, actually it is the exact opposite, more leisure time and free time and consumption will make economies grow infinitely faster and more than any new technology or innovation or research or competition and so forth: that is why we need beaches wll organized, the paradox is that the more Non Work, the more Leisure will help protect and increase that very little real work that is still necessary for a service economy.

And a Technological Economy needs more work like a hole in the head, it needs leisure, well organized and comfortable beaches, and so forth.

Of course the USA style of increasing comsumption and propping up the service economy is to increase "Health Care", make everyone think they are sick, make them all sick, give them procedures and drugs to help protect them from "possible future sicknesses" (that probably would never occur and anyways is so vague and intractable, go figure) instead of creating nice beaches and concentrating on leisure and pleasure and enjoyment and so forth. They should take a good look at those beaches in Italy and finally get civilized, in this sector Italy is light years ahead of anyone, no doubt.

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