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Postby nameta9 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 11:20 am
In fact technology is at the end of the line, progress is over, we won't be discovering or creating new fangled things anymore like Electricity or Computers of Jet Planes and so forth. New Smart Phones containing old hat functions like phones and cameras and the internet just won't cut it anymore. At most we can replicate millions of models, produce a huge number of items of the same type, increase distribution and production of the old things we already have (fill the third world with cars and computers and skyscrapers and so forth), but we can't really invent any really new things anymore, we are at the end of the line now.

So relax, find a nice beach and don't do anything anymore, just create nice leisure places like Rimini, Italy or similar, nice towns with discos, bars, girls (or boys if you are a girl (although I suspect we are all very old hags on these blogs but anyways) or whatever), you get the idea, hose the Work mentality, the production mentality and so forth, the "always having to do or discover or improve" crap and BS, we have done it all, it has all been achieved, now relax and free your mind, don't think about anything anymore, give up, end of story, end of the line.

Or you can cram a V8 engine and jet engine in your skull and explore new experiences...(I prefer to relax and throw all this progress BS away)...


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