Thursday, July 12, 2012



"My sense is that the only reason this stuff exists is one reason and just one reason only: A. Bombs. B. Energy so we can stick it to the arabs and stop buying their oil. "

Not the most important reasons: the most important reasons are to buy a lot of equipment and machines and wires etc. from a lot of manufacturers hence creating a nice money cycle in the economy where a lot of high tech or even middle tech companies can work, sell and hire and give jobs to college grads, etc.

To hire and give work to all the college grads on tech, science, physics and electronics and mathematics, since they have been all chanting, in the last 50 years, since I was a little baby, "WE NEED MORE MATH AND SCIENCE GRADS, AND ENGINEERS AND INNOVATION AND STARTUPS AND TECHNOLOGY AND SILICON VALLEY SUCCESS STORIES AND THE SELF MADE MAN INVENTING SOME NEW CRAP IN HIS GARAGE AND SO FORTH AND SO ON."(in all truth, this technological economy needs more engineers and workers in general like a hole in the head, the measure of the success of the present economic model is how many people it can leave at home producing the same amount of goods (not services which are all make believe, unecessary, a lot of hot air and craporola) and in fact it amazes me that the USA economy still has 100 million people employed, that number should and will go down, way way down to maybe 5 million people tops, the rest are just not needed, fluff, a waste of space, time and money, etc.).

In all truth, I don't think that there is anymore possible technological applications at the particle accelerator energy levels: we are way beyond anything that can be used and any possible applications. After all, this particle accelerator and particle physics stuff has been going on for decades now, and still no real new application has popped up from it: and don't confuse the old fashioned technologies used to accelerate the particles like super conducting magnets and such or the software and computers as "applications": they were designed and invented without any need to know or use any of this physics, etc.

The great Mother of all Models for all of this Science and Technology and Startup and Silicon Valley and Innovation myth that has been going on in the last 50 years all comes from a very simple, once in a civilization's lifetime story: the applications of solid state circuits on slabs of Silicon and the Moore's law of transistor integration and such, and those few lucky breaks allowing Bill Gates to invent his little BASIC programming language for the first PCs and Steve Jobs to invent his first little PC and such: and hence the myth that that could go on forever with ever new inventions and such. But that game is over and done with, 90 % of the inventions and applications that are possible have been made, now very little is really left, and you just have to look at all the new technology being applied in cars and compare the numbers to cars of the 1960s: Lamborghini in 1967 could travel 300 km/h and go from 0 to 100 in 7 seconds: now after 50 years, the numbers are 350 km/h and 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds: wow what a big deal after 50 years of Research and Development: same with gas consumption, you get 20 km/l you had 10 km/l, wow what a big improvement, etc.

The tech game is mostly over, we are just doing the same things over and over again, putting a digital camera in the IPAD, etc. Calling the Internet with a new name "The Cloud", etc.

The only real novelty will be changing how our neural circuits are arranged in our brain and free salaries and cheap rents to all and huge public private projects, the same BS I have been talking about for years all over the Internet...

But most of all, no one can cross control the results of the LHC, it is only one experiment done in one place with a one specific group of persons etc.: Science really means that the same result must be obtained in a different place, with different people, independently, etc. So it can't be controlled, so in a sense, the Higgs Boson discovery is outside of the realms of Science already, no possibility to control the truth of it all in you garage...

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