Saturday, July 14, 2012

One Bit Event


One Bit Event
Notice the huge mismatch between the imaginary accumulation of result in labor, corporations, people always working, always fooling themelves that they are "Producing" (no one one knows exactly what is being produced and for who, what or for who or whatever, but that is ok, only the ritual counts), they work "So many Hours" (as that is the only real thing that can be measured, the passage of time, time, the conquest of a another second, the passage of another second, another second dedicated to the accumulation of some imaginary result (but the only real result, the only real accumulation is the accumulation of Time, the Number, the Hour and Years passed, "what Time is it, what day or year is it, how many years have passed in that "job function"", etc.), when there is nothing behind it all but fluff and the expression of power and status relationships, heirarchies, winners and losers and that is all, no common good here, or anywhere, or has there ever been, the myth of the "Common Good", go figure).

And then the simple One Bit Event, the Mass Layoff deletes it all in a jiffy, exposes how void, useless and redundant all those people were, with all of their labor and "Experience" and such. But so many point like, One Bit Events delete anything, delete entire careers, people working for a promotion for years and the simple decision of any given random turd with the power to "decide" simply decides that the other guy will get ahead, you have been hosed, all your effort has been assigned ZERO, deleted, all those hours and work and overtime simply never happened, etc.

The comparison of accumulation of effort and the accumulation of extension compared to One Bit Events that decide all, that simple accident that killed you, that simple loss that hosed all your work, that simple One Bit Event that decided something, so easy, so light, just One Bit and all extension is deleted, etc. That simple document that you need for something, that simple Bit that is missing and so on and such (and often that One Bit simply reflects a power relationship between people or groups of people, a simple conflicting will power opposing yours, a simple hidden fight, conflict, opposition that is always assigned as Neutral or Objecitve according to some mocking and clown economic laws).

Simply: Don't beleive in anything, it is all a joke, all an illuson, all a deception.

Every Man Brain (person) is right always, every person is a universe, a separate universe that is trying to force the entire universe to be how he decodes, decides and wants it to be, how his will power wants to force it to be, hence other Man Brains and universes fight the contention of how the "Common World" should be when the common world doesn't exist, only contrasting decodings and interpretations and will power events and choices and the fights between people trying to force an imaginary, non existent commmon world to be one, to extend through all time and space and mass energy according to only one Man Brain, since every Man Brain is an entire universe.

But with modified and ever more radically modified Man Brains having new designs and new circuits, the contrast is ever more greater between our Man Brain and the New Man Brains, the possibility of a Common World is ever more remote, the conflict ever higher, the impossibility to establish absolutes ever higher, and considering how many newly designed Man Brains are possible etc. the "Common World" becomes absolutely not even conceivable, so many distinct, contrasting, disjoint, related but unrelated Universes (as every new Man Brain is a New Universe, since only the Experience the Man Brain is Executing is Reality, and these can be so many different types according to the new circuits shoved inside new Skulls) all thinking that they are the Real and One and Only Universe, when they are all irrelevant, a ghost, a make believe, they are all 100 % Wrong (but also 100 % Right), etc.


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