Friday, July 13, 2012

LHC Salesmen


I am really pretty sure of the following:

1) At those Energy Levels, at those complexity levels, at those theoretical levels and such (a 7 billion dollar machine 27 km wide, 3,000 scientists - technicians or so) the result of the discoveries, the results of the experiments WILL NOT AND CANNOT LEAD TO ANY REAL PRACTICAL TECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS. There is nothing we can apply those Energy Levels to in order to provide a function to some kind of problem or some kind of gadget or some kind of solution to some practical problem, it is way beyond any possible practical use or application, bar none;

2) The LHC Salesmen on the other hand always chant the examples of the NASA Moon Landing Program that helped discover Integrated Circuits and other things and such and the Myth that Basic Research can and will lead to new technologies and applications, etc. Maybe in some fields some breadcrumbs are still left (mostly Chemistry, Solid State Physics, mostly Biological - Pharmaceutical or such but the Energy Levels (they are very much lower) involved in these sectors have absolutely nothing at all to do with the LHC Energy Levels). Like the Myth of the "Invisible Hand of the Market", we are always expecting Magic and Miracles to come out of disjoint activities, results that magically appear from nowhere, etc. so basic research will give us some new miracle solutions to problems;

3) The Theoretical - Mathematical - Metaphysical results of the experiments are the only things of any real value that the LHC will provide: but those theories are so detached and far away from any practical life and everyday use as to be closer to ART than anything else: John Cage on Steroids.

Hence, why not just be honest, why not just say: We are doing these experiments only for theoretical and philosophical reasons, there is no Return on Investment to be expected, there is no new application that will pop up from it, it is only for our Knowledge and to further our theory ? AMEN .

And thank god that there is no new possible applications, we now have the ability to integrate 4 Billion Transistors on Integrated Circuits, enough to give us IPAD devices full of APPS and functions to occupy our Mind and Time for decades on end as in "Give Them a Function They Will Be Happy", like little babies who always have to be occupied by some activity and function, to saturate the mind and time instead of being able to just do absolutely nothing at all, what Man should really do, absolutely nothing at all, a void, etc. We don't need any further applications, any other novelties, we have more than enough, as in the machines are programming what we have to do, what we do and our activities and behaviors, we no longer program the machines, the machines program us (or the programmers who programmed the machines are programming our life indirectly by making everyone interact with these machines through all the silly APPS all day long).

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