Friday, July 13, 2012

New Brain

typewriter writes:

[quote]There are two ends to the equation. One is our lack of sanity. The other is the ever increasing power available to us. The problem can be solved in either direction. We could become more sane, or become less powerful. The problem is, nobody is really all that interested in either. We want our cake and eat it too, and so we will have neither, sooner or later.


I find it really interesting that we have the courage and vision to tackle the most fundamental aspects of nature, but relentlessly assume we can't fix the real source of our problems, us.

The APE replies:

So you agree with me and my solution: change the brain style, the brain functions and arrangements, the way the brain operates, change the organization of the neural circuits in our brain - mind - memory, in our SKULL, AKA CRACK OPEN SKULLS AND SHOVE JET ENGINES AND V8 ENGINES INSIDE IT TO CHANGE THE WAY THE BRAIN OPERATES, THINKS AND DECODES AND BEHAVES, ETC.

Really, are you serious ? The only possible way to make "Man Sane" or to make him "Do Right", to "Fix The World", is to open all 7 billion skulls on earth and substitute the neural circuits in them with a new circuit, possibly designed by computers or some truly Objective Contraption that eliminates all possible "Will Power Functions", all possible "Conflicts and Fight Instincts" against other Man Brains, etc.

The only solution, crack open skulls and change the way Man is programmed, change his Man Brain. AMEN.


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