Monday, July 2, 2012

Same Old Problem Forever...

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Same Old Problems Forever...
"But the point is that the US government wastes so much of their tax revenues on nonsense things like starting wars in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and giving away trillions of OUR money to corrupt banks. I could go on and on. With just a portion of that money services could be increased dramatically AND we could have tax cuts."

The Law of Conservation of Conflict, or the Law of Conservation of Poverty, or the Law of Conservation of Status or Inequality, or the Law of Conservation of Misery, etc. Even if you gave trillions to everyone, and the economic system could readily do this, people would just reorganize themselves along the same old divisions and boundaries of have and have nots, of boss and slave etc. They would always find a way to outsmart any system that tries to give at least the basics to all, they would create inequalities of power or cut off some basics to some portion of the population, just because, because Man and his Man Brain defines himself according to how he measures up with his similar and in order to measure up always higher and win the confrontation he always must create some unmet need for someone else to then exploit it and create the same old political - power and economic fights that have always been going on and will always be going on as long as we remain with this old clunker of a Man Brain: this old clunker on the top of our body must be changed, reprogrammed, all of these ancient Stone Age circuits creating all of these conflicts and power struggles and fights and winners and losers and bosses etc. must be reconfigured, must be erased, a new Man Brain must be designed, a new Man, with a new Contraption on the top of his body doing completely new things and no longer measuring himself against other Man Brains in order to win the game and confrontation, etc.


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