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China Spearheads Forward

China Spearheads Forward

Postby nameta9 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:20 am
China Spearheads Forward

SO China landed a robot on the moon: they are going forward, they want to go forward, they like large, huge collective endeavors, they have to keep their millions of young and potentially unemployed doing something, they create large scale, collective efforts, large scale efforts that occupy many thousands of people for a collective, generalized good, for all, and so forth, the idea of a collective effort, many doing for one objective and so forth. The exact opposite of the USA and EU idea of everyone becoming their own boss and inventing their own startup (all an excuse to make everyone become poor and blame it on the poor workers who couldn't invent the next big thing).

The USA is in low gear now, they just print billions and hand it out to banks and the rich: no money here for huge large scale collective efforts like high speed trains all across the country, rockets to mars and so forth.

Europe is even much worse: a continent of greedy little punks always chanting that money must be balanced, you "can't spend more than you make" and all other kinds of insane, crazy and absurd BS: how is it possible that they don't notice that the world is no longer the 18th century manufacturing sweatshop and that the technological economy has changed all the equations once and for all: Work is not needed, is an optional, is obsolete, is destined to disappear more and more, hence you must, you are forced to give out free salaries and hire millions of young kids to do NOTHING AT ALL, exactly, to do nothing since there is no work needed anymore: we need consumerism more than anything else, huge consumerisms that prop up "Growth", work is no longer needed, is a dime a dozen, can be done anywhere on earth for a few pennies, work is totally irrelevant to the way the modern economy works, we have huge excess capacity (both as number of workers and as production of items both abstract and concrete) in all sectors, in all specializations, we have way more than we will ever need, hence the Euro zone should print trillions of dollars and hire millions of young kids and finally give them a salary, even to do nothing at all (although the hypocritical and stupid psychology of people will always invent millions of useless activities just to show that they are "working" when this activity is irrelevant).

And by the way, the world is awash with trillions of dollars, there has never been so much cash hanging around not doing nothing, trillions upon trillions looking out for some return: that money is automatically generated by a technological economy and will never run out and can never (even if it wanted to) run out, actually it keeps on increasing more and more, you just can't stop it, but the rich keep on hogging more and more of it, they are stuffed, they are choking on it while all the economists and governments worldwide keep on chanting that they can't hire millions of young kids (even to do nothing at all, who cares) and give them free homes because they are "broke" and by creating all imaginary interdictions and rules that can't be broke, all fake imaginary interdictions and roadblocks that are simply a ghost and figment of imagination just like all thought is based mostly on imaginary roadblocks and rules of what is or can be while most entities, activities and things are all open and free and there are very rarely any rules only arbitrary interdictions and will powers operating and power structures and inequality of power and so forth.

But alongside this we need huge collective projects and goals, huge transcontinental goals hiring and activating millions of people to do "real work" like building trillions of skyscrapers, making Atomic Energy Power PLants (the only real future energy source ever), Rockets to Mars and so forth: so we need the USA and JAPAN and Europe to print trillions of dollars on the one hand and hire millions of people to do nothing at all and hire other millions of people to do all these large scale global collective projects and goals and so forth: we need to go forward and get out of this idiotic idea that the invisible hand of the market will hire people and create jobs, that the Startup myth will create the "future jobs" (when all of this technology and startup - innovation stuff will kill ever more jobs by automation and so forth) or that we need more training and education so the young unemployed can be hired and so forth: exactly hired to do what ? exactly what training is needed ? computer programming ? call center jobs ? are they crazy or what, we have millions now trained to do anything worldwide, work is a dime a dozen, what we really need need is that governments hand out free salaries and especially cheap rents to all the young who will never find any job and be able to rent a house and so forth.

And especially build millions of houses, millions of apartments and real estate so that the value of real estate finally becomes ZERO, what its real value is given how easy real estate could be built with so many millions of unemployed and idled youngsters worldwide.

Get it all through your think heads: we are no longer in the 18th century, the game has completey changed, go back to school all you economists (protecting the rich with this sick work centered mentality) and learn something real.


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