Friday, December 13, 2013

The Final Solution.

The Final Solution.

The point is that there is no future for anyone if the governments worldwide don't start huge projects, projects building homes, hiring millions upon millions even to do nothing at all, it doesn't matter, what counts is that those hired get cash and can consume and buy stuff from the other parts of the economy, etc., projects building high speed train lines across the world, rockets to Mars, hiring by the millions, all kinds of projects, etc. Cheap rents, and free salaries, cheap rents so that real estate doesn't drain huge amounts of money from the consumer economy especially in Europe JAPAN and the developing countries like Russia, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia etc.

This is the only thing that can create "Economic Growth" and Development and Distribution of wealth to all of the other 100s of millions of unemployed slobs worldwide. But we live in an era where everyone wants to beat up everyone else, everyone is seen as a liability towards everyone else, no one deserves anything since they are considered all lazy layabouts (everyone considers everyone else worthless and non deserving and guilty for being alive), all lazy welfare queens and kings who "don't want to work" and so forth. All in punishment mode. No one deserves anything, only if they invent some great Startup do they deserve anything: there is this obsession with having to deserve it, with having merit, with being better than the other slob and so forth: a totally obsolete, old fashion idea, that no longer operates in a technological economy, a technological economy operates on automatic drive, it is all automatic, the personal talent is meaningless, it is all about large scale networks and structures, large scale networks of transportation and electricity and energy and economies of scale and so forth.

This crazy idea that the market will create jobs by itself, that everyone should invent their new job everyday, everyone is an entrepreneur and inventor, (in other worlds it really means that everyone is left to their own devices and good luck with that which also means we don't give a crap about millions of unemployed and poor people worldwide, they may just go and fly a kite, they "deserve their unemployment since they are not trained enough") that the economy will automatically create jobs if the enterprise owners are left alone "to hire" is totally flawed and doesn't work: the jobs the developed world has are more than 50 % due to government money one way or another since they would never be enough jobs for everyone, not even by a long shot: just think of how much is dumped into education jobs, health care, the military and so forth, the financial fluff industry and so forth, all indirectly government money, all indirect money: nothing natural or automatic here, it is all forced expenditures since nothing is natural and automatic anymore.

So then just be honest and demand the governments to dump trillions upon trillions into hiring millions and creating large scale projects, the invisible hand of the market will only kill ever more jobs and make everyone poor in the end. The FED should dump their trillions of dollars into this instead of handing over all the printed fairy tale money to banks and the rich.


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