Tuesday, December 10, 2013

up, up and away



This also explains the obsession on "GROWTH", on the GDP growing, on growth and expanding of all kinds of things, this obsession with numbers getting bigger, the "INVESTMENT" obsession, the idea tht something has to grow automatically, always, it must grow, it either grows or it contracts, either up or down, either you are winning or losing and so forth. The graphs with the lines all going up and so forth, all the meetings of corporations with all of those graphs showing a line going up, always up up and away.

But this is obviously not realty, reality cannot obviously really operate like this: you have periods of "growth" and periods of contraction, ups and downs, growth is not natural or automatic or a given and if you are not growing it doesn't mean you are dying and sick and so forth.

But this growth concept is really a proxy for "profit", for gain, for "I am winning more" and so forth, the idea that something can't stay still but must generate a profit, a return, it has to go up no matter what: and this is what happens, in the form of inflation, growth in the end is forced by its own obsession, only nothing real grows, only inequality (and the creation of new power structures, new strong guys against weak losers) and prices of basics where you can squeeze people, so the health care prices grow and inflate forever, same with homes and college costs and this is really the sign of a dying society, people must squeeze each other to death since they can't come to terms with a different outlook and accept free salaries, cheap rents and that work is no longer necessary since a technological economy got rid of work once and for all.

But people obvioulsy love inequality since they all think they are "better" than the poor loser...


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