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The Singularity in the FLESH

The Singularity in the FLESH

Postby nameta9 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:26 pm
The Singularity in the FLESH

I was reading a great site, a great read, very interesting:

So one idea that popped up in my mind is that the singularity doesn't really have to be computers becoming ever smarter and designing smarter computers: the opposite may happen, human FLESH brains, wet brains becoming ever smarter and smarter with the help of computers, the Internet and computers as an enabling technology making human minds smarter and smarter by letting these minds (and all kinds of minds across the world, all kinds of random interacting minds no longer limited by physical proximity) interact across the internet (and through transportation, jet planes, cars, etc. bringing people from other countries and continents in contact, technology expanding by using people as an enzyme and people expanding by using technology as an enzyme) and combine and expand knowledge and signals and information: in short computers are used as an enzyme by Man Brains to enhance themselves and so forth.

The Singularity in the FLESH, the human brains start self modifying themselves through all of the possible knowledge and interactions the web and computers can allow and so forth.

Just as Music is Mathematical Relationships upon (or on or of) Undetermined Entities, so consciousness, experience, existence may be viewed as Information Relationships on an indifferentiated substrate made up of FLESH and STEEL, Man and Machines, Carbon Chemistry and Silicon Chemistry, all kinds of delimitations of Matter separated into arbitrary entities, some made up of carbon chemistry, some made up of silicon, electronics, signals, microprocessors all interacting in a one block solid state civilization a one block solid state Observer Processor entity self manipulating itself: then you may distinguish FLESH brains and Computer Brains, and microprocessors, but the singularity may be diffused amongst all delimitations, some singularities happening in FLESH Brains and some in computer brains, a substrate of Matter divided into Men and Machines interacting, confusing each other creating ever more possibilities: like the internet can create millions of new brain designers, designing complex graphs and components, an art work describing incredible new brains, and the FLESH singularities occur by beholding such incredible new complex art works describing new brains, complex schematics trillions of pages long having trillions of components, etc. not the evolutionary singularity, but the instant singularity created by shoving a jet engine in a cranium and similar.

A combination of Man and Machines, of civilizations and mechanisms, a combination of ever changing and wildly different groups of people (countries, societies, individuals, etc.) interacting with and through machines and the machines interacting through and with the human FLESH portion of Matter with other machines all interacting in wildly unpredictable ways...using all kinds of theories and ideas, economies and programs, and new Universes and Laws of PHysics appearing all over ..


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