Monday, December 16, 2013

Don't believe me ?

And if you don't believe me just look at what happens when a war breaks out: countries can make all the "debts" they want, they can impose all possible expenditures they want, it is an "emergency" now, etc. Nothing further from the truth, countries can always impose any and all expenditures they want since money doesn't run out, since it is just a proxy for activity, for relationships and interactions, and when a country, a civilization, a region decides that it wants to do something, it does it no matter what the cost is. Money is never a problem only to become a problem when the powers that be, the ruling class decide to tighten the belt, just because, for no reason at all, just to squeeze the weak. Germany fought a world war against the whole world for 5 years and spent money like there is no tomorrow, the USA did the same so, now what happened to the "moeny runs out", "resource scarcity myths" ?

All the USA, EU and JAPAN don't want to spend to hire millions just because, for no reason at all: actually notice how the unemployment figures of JAPAN are always so low compared to the USA or EU, how does that work ? if the numbers are not cooked (which is a possibility, we can never know any truth), because they indeed do hire many millions to do nothing, bu hide the fact, they know that work is obsolete, but only to force them to make believe they work even harder by forcing them to stay at work until 10 at night until the "boss leaves": a better example of how little real work they do couldn't be found: beware, all those putting in so many hours are a bluff, they do very little real work always. It is all just a make a good impression on the boss...

tardy ted

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