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1) Evolution is a theory that can be explained perfectly only with words and concepts, and in fact applying mathematics to the theory will give you a less accurate theory and idea, a case where mathematics takes you farther away from the precision and understanding of the theory not closer.

2) There are really no explanations, nothing that must be explained or known or figured out within the process of evolution: it is just a long chain of casual actions and reactions, each step a totally random fluke, that leads to some temporary useful "functionality" (for the item) within a very random, quirky, temporary environment that will surely change, and change again and forever.

3) A good way to understand it : take a walk outside, find the first 3 pebbles on the street, measure the distance between them and write down the numbers. Now explain why those are the numbers. Explain the exact sequence of events from present time minus a billion years that lead up to those 3 pebbles being exactly there. Now that is the same random, intractable sequence of events that lead to a human and his mind, or a dog or a fish (or a mountain shape, or a cloud shape) etc.

Hope that clears it up somewhat.


But even if you knew all of the exact steps, the exact sequence of action - reactions, of configurations Matter underwent in 1 billion years to lead to that exact organism, the Man, the Man Brain, the Human Mind, and even if you knew all of the always partial repetitive patterns (the Bit Set, the Repetitive Bit Set, the frequency modulation of another frequency modulation of another frequency and so on for many levels and many levels deep that create the resemblance of "laws of Physics") that matter transited through, traversed through, the partial laws of Physics and Chemistry (since there are many little, partial, local laws and effects and applications of the laws of physics that are being executed as Matter traverses all of its intermediate configurations until it reaches "Man", the "Man Brain"), all of that knowledge and detail, the knowledge of all essentially would be worthless anyways since it would be just one example of one path Evolution went through to obtain an end result.

It would be just one fluke example amongst a virtually never ending set of examples and possibilities that evolution could execute, all by chance, by purely blind chance (just 10 molecules for 100 configurations can combine in more than 10^100 possibilites, etc.).

But you could reply, that by knowing even a small sequence of events, a small slice of evolution could make it repeatable in the laboratory, we could repeat some of the tricks of evolution, we could put matter in a configuration and feed it actions to make it react and evolve into a first cell, or partially so, or any other subfunction or subset of an organism, etc. But I doubt this is possible since the three body problem can't be solved, the initial conditions, even if slightly different can make the evolution diverge largely from what we expect or could lead to nothing, just like the 50 years ongoing experiments with the attempt of creating something more than simple amino acids have lead to nowhere no matter how hard they try.

I repeat, this is no longer within the realm of science, there are no repetitive patterns discernible, it can't be repeated, or every possible repetition will lead to a different outcome, etc.

Also, if you look at all of the finely tuned "purposes" and mechanisms of the Human Body, or any other animal, from the molecules, to their intricate folding process to the signals and processing going on in all of the billions of cells, the nerves, the brains, etc. and then the end result of all of this "purpose" and complex machine is simply animals that don't do anything at all all day long, that have a very simple behavior, eat and hunt and reproduce and that is the end, such a simple program made up of only a few instructions, then you see how totally without purpose evolution and its results are: and Man being an Excess Capacity Item with a Brain that tortures itself, forcing it to have more purpose than simply nothing at all, which is its real purpose, has to desperately invent ever new purposes, ever new repeatable patterns, rules and games and interactions just to keep on living and not get "bored to death": the most useless and without purpose of animals is Man who thinks he has and even needs a purpose, incredible, how totally void man is of any meaning and purpose and how complex the mechanisms underlying his living are. Nothing shouts out more clearly than this that "Evolution, Nature, Life Are Absolutely Void of any Meaning, Value and Purpose, are Irrelevant to the Utmost Extent".

Also, it is mostly an artistic choice, an aesthetical choice, what "looks right", what looks like it "makes sense" to say that a certain mechanism created the heart, or the heart must be explained and such. And why does that even need an explanation ? Why is simply saying "there is no explanation" not enough ?

And why is even a long chain of complex mechanisms, even if discovered and even if correct so much more valuable than saying "No Reason At All" ?

And, if you condense all of evolution (see it in fast motion, all in a microsecond ?) , if you look at the ball of matter that the earth is, and see it self manipulate, talk to itself for a billion years and generate Man and Minds and oppose this to a "One Shot Act of Creation", what is really the difference ? They are both the same, the path that lead to any configuration of matter is irrelevant, could be any at all, could even be a one shot assignment from nowhere and nothing, or it could be a path with 10^1000 intermediate configurations of matter that lead up to the "Result".

The debate between creationists and evolutionists is only about where to put the miracle, if in a One Shot Act of Creation, or a 10^1000 Step Act of Creation, etc.

Matter slowly starts to interact and talk to itself, and starts to create repetitive patterns, a bit set, a set of information that repeats and interacts with other chunks of matter, and so on, and the bit set becomes larger and larger and then sometimes gets destroyed and the process goes on and on until a stable bit set is reached and memorized and copied to other chunks of matter and so on.

The way Matter can self organize itself through casual chance and actions and reactions is mind boggling and a miracle in and of itself, much more so than an Act of Creation, an Act of Creation is actually the logical, simplest and most turstworthy explanation compared to trying to figure out how matter can self interact and create internal repetitive patterns.

And can you imagine how many other possibilities matter may have, maybe inside Star Plasmas, having many trillions of levels of bit sets, all creating a form of life and consciousness, and other forms of life and Minds and consciousness that don't even depend of any underlying material substrate, or any substrate at all, or any relationship imaginable at all!

The more you ponder it, the more you see how we will never know nothing at all, the possibilities are truly without end...

And how will evolution evolve when man starts to change his Man Brain ? Starts to manipulate how his brain works and how it decodes the world, other actions and reactions, and processes and so on.

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