Wednesday, October 10, 2012



And yet, that is what the fighting is all about: the independence of chunks of matter trying to become the master judge, the reference system, each chunk of matter (person) cannot believe that their judgments, their subjectivity is not absolute, is relative, is irrelevant, that all of the rest of the universe is independent from itself (the independence itself of chunks of matter compared to other chunks is shocking, is unbelievable, cannot be conceived, and each chunk is infinitely independent and disjoint from a contiguous chunk, etc.) hence the fight, the fight for what is right and each person (chunk of matter) thinks that it is right "objectively", "absolutely" (or even doesn't care, but is forced to fight, is forced to judge and compare constantly (and the other (independent ?) judgment is our god, the other person judging us is like god judging us, it is what all of the effort and labor is for in the end...even if it is only an imagined and imaginary make believe abstract judgment...), to evaluate, always with a background assumption that the judgment, that objective, particular judgment is absolute and objective, even if it admits to itself that it is relative, it is hardwired to pretend to be absolute, nay, it is absolute to itself within its own subjectivity or such, that is what the fighting is all about, how to establish who is right and wrong, who's judgment is the correct one, who's choice is the correct one and hence the idea of creating a "movement" or a group of people all thinking the same way against another group of people thinking in opposition or differently, the war, the wars are hence always based on the fact that there is no absolute, only relative - subjective judgments of quirky minds that want to force themselves to be right and hold the only truth against those that are wrong etc. And the pain/pleasure inflicted on others is a demonstration of a fake absolute system, as being right just because matter allows some chunks of itself to punish and have power over other chunks of itself, just to pretend, if only temporarily to be right and have achieved some kind of absolute, but the only absolute ever achieved is the power relationship, is the event (information relationship ? the desperate attempt of confirming an imaginary absolute begets anger and war and fights, we can't believe that we are irrelevant and subjective, that we can always be contradicted, opposed, always demolished in a jiffy just because, all of the independent chunks of matter and events and signals forcing us to interact, the very concept of independence (meaning zero power over other entities - or imaginary power over other entities as long as the other entities abide but they can always change their mind in a jiffy and oppose you) is absurd, etc.), A hits B, end of story.

Then again, if Matter can think up of modified Brains, new Modified Man Brains, new organizations of matter that can experience reality, the universe (but there isn't one universe, but a never ending array according to how each Observer is configured and Designed and each Observer can be configured and Designed in an untold number of ways, after all just 100 numbers hardwiring some pain/pleasure/emotion/memory/sense circuits in a modified mind can be combined in 10^100 different ways, each way being a completely different being, Observer, hence man brain, hence Experience Set, hence universe, totally different universe, with nothing in common with a contiguous universe (really observer interaction set with itself, or better yet, the set of experiences and interactions matter may perform upon itself in essence).

Hence if Matter can think it up (even though it is only a chunk of Matter in the form of a person - me) then it can construct it, it can make it real, it can assign anything, no matter how far out as absolutely real. Matter thinking up how to modify itself, the Observer thinking up of how to modify its own structure and brain and circuits is already the singularity achieved, the infinite recursion of itself upon itself.

Now, that I have exposed the truth, you realize that I am god, nay, trillions of times more powerful than god, I am trillions of times more than all, trillions of times beyond the universe, I am all, a small particle of dust in my mind is the entire universe, I construct mathematics, I am always beyond matter and space and time and logic: in short


12-21-2012 12:1212121212 .... pm THE END IS NEAR

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