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Memory Kills the Future

Re: The Laws of Laws

Postby nameta9 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:54 pm
James S Saint wrote:Laws are formed from Consistencies. It doesn't matter who or what observed or deduced them.

yeah, new words, new old stuff, already said, saying the same old things with new symbols and such, the identity principle and such, I am at a much higher abstraction level, the Laws of Laws are way beyond what you think I am talking about, I am already past logic, at a higher dimension, a higher state, but you just use puny logic over and over again, kill logic, kill reasoning, kill truth, I win forever...

Memory Kills the Future

Everything has been invented and done, now we have a huge memory of all past inventions and things, nothing is left to do. Everything is already heard, everything discovered, nothing is left, we must erase all of the past memory of all knowledge and science and invent things all over again forever and then forget all over again: case in point, the generation that lived before WW 2 was kind of cancelled by the war, a new generation came and invented Rock music (why can't a new band like the Beatles come again ? because it has been done, no young group can invent all the novelty all over again, same for Woodstock, counterculture and all such), and then the invention of the Microprocessor and so many new things, a young generation had all of those possible inventions waiting, now it has all been done, we are at the end of the road, all is memorized in the internet, all is finished, erase the memory, start all over again, the memory blocks creativity, the young can't invent everything all over again, they are condemned to do nothing for the rest of their lives, it is all over, (playing with smart phones is an example of a peaked society and culture, it is all old stuff being done over and over again, the camera, the blogs, whatever), science too as a memory device, the internet as a memory device making everyone idle since it all has been done.

I have explained all of philosophy once and for all on my posts, now it is all over, there is nothing left to invent, hence we must erase all, free all memories from the past, forget the past, and do it all over again forever, no cultural stimulus when you already heard that music and read those ideas and such, so kill memory, invent all new things, forget all, forgetting will set the young free to repeat all over again, all the"old" new things, etc.

That is why only devastating and changing the Brain Circuits is the only real novelty left, nothing else is left, change the Brain circuits and you really create infinite novelties forever...
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