Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Splashing Brains

Splashing Brains

Planet sized contraptions containing thousands of trillions of Brain Accelerators criss crossing each other for the entire volume of the planet with untold high energies (accelerating all kinds of units and entities all together, all splashed together, car engines, rockets, brains, computers, mixing and converting everything into everything else creating brain - engine - rocket hybrids that are experiencing and thinking new lives, and creating new creations of matter expressing itself and its new experience set, a new potential experience set), crashing and splashing thousands of trillions of Brains together, creating a momentary new Hybrid brain made up of many brains, all the signals mixed and merged and confused, all of the units and delimitations mixed and combined, sense signals become thought systems become memory segments, trillions of logical thoughts connecting and disconnecting, trillions of emotions and new experience sets, space and time deconstructed, reality deconstructed and reconstructed in untold number of new ways, just imagine two brains colliding at extremely high speed, just like particle accelerators and how they splash together creating a new hybrid machine, experience set, a new universe, and now extend that to thousands of trillions of brains all collidings and splashing together at high speed and now extend that to a planet sized contraption with thousands of trillions of criss crossing brain accelerators (and put in all kinds of items in the accelerators, V8 engines, chips, skyscrapers, you name it, make it all collide and splash together and mix, the signal becomes the brain, the brain becomes the signals the delimitations are constantly changed and assigned differently time and space expand and contract locally according to how the instantaneous contraption lives an entire experience set, an entire lifetime, a universe time, local time expanding to trillions of years, but the global time of the instantaneous brain mix contraption is only a picosecond and so forth.

And then within this completely filled and densed up planet full of splashing brains and colliding brains (together with all kinds of other configurations of matter, like chips and TVs and transistors and ships and jet planes and so forth, cities all colliding and creating new thinking machine hybrids having bricks and steel slabs inside of them and cylinders and atomic bombs exploding inside of them and so forth, the crazier the better), a Brainium Matter going from solid state to liquid to gas to plasma and back again and all mixed up creating entire civilizations and entire universes, untold many, and then throw into it and make them explode thousands of trillions of atomic bombs and make it jump around even more wildly, the crazier the better, the wilder the better, matter showing off what it can really do, break away from the past, the peacock showing all of its colors, Dragon shining with all values known...


12-21-2012 12:1212121212 .... pm THE END IS NEAR

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