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Quantum Computer



Quantum Computer
So they say that the quantum computer can do an infinite number of operations, hence then you can simulate and create any virtual reality or universe: but then the only constraint and limit at that point, since then all is possible, would be what the Observer wants to do, what could he possibly want when everything can be achieved ? (internal pleasure loops ? metaphysical engine searching infinite abstractions ?) anything could be, but the limit is in the process that generates the configuration of matter as an end point, as a result, and hence the constraint of matter to pass through some kind of Natural Evolution, some building process that creates the new brain, universe, mind experience set, Information Relationship sets, whatever. So the Observer will be forced to look at himself in the mirror finally and understand that all constraints and limits are only within himself, within his own structure, his fundamental design, so then he will have to modify his design, his brain structure, the construction of the Observer will have to modify himself to obtain ever more, since all that he can obtain by modifying the "Outside World" has been and can be obtained.

So the Observer himself is the limits of Science and Progress, but there is no intrinsic limitation on how matter can be organized, it can be a planet sized complex brain full of chemicals and circuits and particle accelerators, computers, chips, you name it any possible end result (but matter can be configured as the start point and end point in any possible way, and any possible path can be travelled, you can always force impossible paths just for the fun of it) , but the constraint and limitation is on the process generating the observer, the natural evolution, the path that matter must pass through in order to obtain an end point configuration, but the start point and end points can be any at all, the paths the matter goes through can be any at all (even respecting the laws of physics 8 but this path is not necessary, you can assign matter to be configured all at once, in one chunk, the Instant Singularity (and even fool it that it occurred through a process by creating fake evidence and memories and such), you imagine it, so you can imagine just one bit being the observer of an infinite universe, or the universe itself observing and manipulating itself and anything in between, and the mismatch between parts of it to create independence and opposing will powers, infinite differences between chunks of the same brain creating infinite independence and so on, all kinds of configurations of matter as an Observer Universe set (but which is which ? when does one merge into the other ? and who is who and so forth, all of the delimitations, combinations, all kinds of weird things).

So the process creating an end point seems to be too improbable, can't be figured out, can't be imagined (just like all of the millions of steps from creating the first living cell to man, a long complex process, a building plan so to say), but you can just assign matter instantly to be a configuration and skip any building process (or even create all kinds of very fast or very slow incredible building processes where matter can go through all kinds of weird intermediate evolutionary steps, like first you where a skyscraper, and then a cadillac and then a man and then a star and then an new brain, (and you can imagine so many intermediate steps and processes and forces creating that very quirky path, and all within the laws of physics and without any real intrinsic limitations of how matter can be configured) a funky wicked build process and plan even through all kinds of extremely improbable play of forces but even respecting the laws of physics, but even not respecting the laws of physics, after all you can just create a one shot assignment of matter to be in a certain way, just one step, the instant singularity step and so forth.

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