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Beyond Moving and Still




Re: "Poof There It Is" -- how do you argue against it?

Postby nameta9 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:42 am
James S Saint wrote:But if you redefine energy such that potential energy is to be "negative", then you are saying that positive energy converts to negative energy when anything stops moving. So as long as everything is moving, the universe is positive.

The balance of the moving and the non-moving is not likely to equal zero, especially when you consider that movement is relative. The same object has positive energy if you are moving past it. But if you stop beside it, it suddenly has negative energy.

Take a scale: if 0 is still - not moving ; and 1 is moving (doesn't matter how fast or how much), then what is 2 ? what is 3 ? what is 2.43 ? what is 15 ? what is - 4566.78 ? (and 0.45 doesn't mean moving more or less or fast or slower, but some kind of abstract property that is completely different from either moving and being still but related to them in an imaginary abstract scale with wild new funky properties that are outside of the possibility to model for our neural circuits and our logic and our brain style, etc.) remember, we are not talking about how much something is moving, but simply an abstract new property or entity or relationship (but those words are just very gross approximations to what I want to think, something like more than 10 dimensional space, or the square root of negative numbers, but much more impossible to imagine and abstract and impossible to relate to in any way, so much so, that no mathematical relationships can and must be established past moving or still (but you can always invent them anyways, just to create ever more abstract ideas and entities and systems, nay, trillions of ever more abstract scales and ideas and concepts) etc.) the most abstract as possible (the most impossible and counter intuitive concepts) to define moving compared to not moving, still compared to not still: so you extend the concepts beyond what we can conceive, you extend them beyond any possibility for us to imagine them at all, but nonetheless define them anyways, make believe they exist anyways, create them anyways and identify them as something new, albeit impossible to imagine, but new, and you can keep on extending on an imaginary scale other concepts, ever more so, even though you have no idea what they are, etc.

How can there be something that is not still and not moving, but doing something else, or being in some other state that is neither moving or still, but an extension, an abstract extension of these 2 concepts ? That is Free Physics, break the boundaries, break away from the past, beak away from anything you can possibly imagine, invent the most abstract entities and properties and relationships possible, and create new universes with all of this...

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