Wednesday, October 31, 2012



How big is a computer program ? how much space does it occupy ? or how much time does it occupy ? none or a trillion, it is an Information Relationship, independent from Space and Time (and don't confuse the time with the time it takes to run the program since this is a variable and can be any according to what you run it on, etc.). Time and Space is just a substrate upon which Information Relationships express themselves, but as such, anything can be a substrate to anything else, etc. Each point in space has a local clock time according to how many events occur in that point compared to how many events occur in another point (since only comparisons can be made, no absolutes here, only relative to each other), so some local clocks tick very slowly, very few events occur (that rock under the surface of Mars has been still for many years, etc.), but each point in Space has a clock and potential events could occur, so each point in space is a possibility, but according to time, so Space multiplied Times is the effective size of the universe, each point can host anything and anything can be hosted in any time slot, so Space times Time is the size of the combinational universe, the potential universe, each point in the universe (and which size is the point ?) multiplied a trillion years is the substrate upon which Information Relationships can be expressed, each point multiplied a very long time line, each point disjoint and independent of another, each point in Space multiplied each Time slot in time (or Time Quanta, 10^-100 picoseconds ?) is the substrate available...but you can invent TIME X SPACE X TIME X SPACE X anything you want and create New Science, as everything is a new discovery and absolute truth, everything is 100 completely new, I have discovered new things continuously, a new discovery every moment..

But can you saturate all Space and all Time with events, does the fact that points are separate and disjoint limit the number of concurrent events that can occur ? or independent events can occur, or does the distance between points mean a distance of influence and interaction making some events change the events next door and such ? Each point is free to express a set of events...multiply the point in space by how much time it was still or by how much time it occupies doing nothing or by how much time it could be doing something and such...How big is the point ? is a planet a point ? is an electron a point ? multiply each electron times a billion years and that gives you a substrate size upon which events can occur...or multiply a volume of space times a billion years...


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