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imaginary fake world

Re: Can Computers Think?

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"You may not have read a lot of my postings, because if you did, you would have seen that my primary concern IS the potential collapse of our civilization, particularly at this time when we stand on the threshhold of marvelous advances in computer processing, medicine and physics. I can see in my mind's eye what our lives could be like if we were to continue to advance, and to possibly lose that breaks my heart."

Only what is actualized is real: what is imagined, remains imagined and doesn't exist until it becomes real. But alas, you think, as most do, that forcing things to go in a direction, imagining the causes and effects and interacting with them will lead to a final (never is there any final, only temporary configurations that last a moment only to be erased and substituted with another temporary configuration, all of them equal, irrelevant, worthless or worth anything you want (especially according to how it affects your pain/pleasure circuits and such (and most pain/pleasure is mental and logical, is expectations denied, comparison of the "imagined and desired world" with "what ends up being", is the future as imagined it would have and "should have" been denied, hence the pain, self inflicted useless pain provoked by an imaginary fake world that didn't come to be (but who on earth ever said that it should have been in any way at all ?!?!?)))) desired configuration: nothing further from the truth, it works sometimes, maybe often, but often doesn't, it is pure random, chaotic, with no direction, only an imaginary world made up of what we imagine we would like: the future is an imaginary world that doesn't exist and which you have virtually no control over in the end: and the same with the past, it is an imaginary world with which you have no control of what happened (only to regret and make believe you could have done it differently or it could have been different, when different may have even been, but maybe even much worse, etc. only to torture yourself with all the regrets, the "broken heart" of what was "supposed to be", (but there is nothing that was ever supposed to be anything, since nothing is controllable, nothing exists, only what happens randomly, casually, chaotically exists and only the moment it exists, etc.)).

On a side note: the entire idea of worldwide economic growth is doomed in the long run, no matter what the economists say since there is no way you can create 200,000 new jobs a day needed worldwide (even taking into account fake jobs like office politics and constant human interaction blowing hot air, health care crap and education crap and such and even considering those not more than 10,000 new jobs a day needed for real work like construction and factories and in the meantime many thousands are optimizing and using technology to hose all the real work needed anyways), etc.(for a puny 3% growth a year, go figure) and there is no way large swaths of populations in the emerging or third world can become rich if their housing costs are totally insane, they don't have a chance to buy or rent a typical middle class house as the USA did in the 60s, hence worldwide economic growth is another fairy tale destined to be denied by the facts and also because most of the world doesn't have the room or space for the cars and malls and for people to buy loads of stuff from the all the malls (they don't have anyways) like in the USA...

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