Wednesday, November 28, 2012


You are extracting something from context in order to predict "IT", whatever "IT" is, as "IT" is a delimitation, a part of something else, a number that connects a property of something to something else, to some other idea, word, relationship, to some other item, as we predict the evolution of items, how they flow from one item into the next, the succession of events, the succession of configurations, of combinations, the next configuration of bits, the next design of symbols, one after another and your prediction jumps past all the intermediate steps and zeros in on the final step (but which is the final ? which is the start and end ? the goal ? the target ? so then you already predicted your prediction ahead of time by assigning the target ahead of time and just making it up, inventing it, creating it, forcing it in the end, as all of our predictions are mostly related to gears and engines, to machines, to mechanisms that we already designed in our mind, hence not "Natural" but "Fake" and "Make Believe From the Beginning").

And where does the number start and the item end ? how does the number flow into the item ? how are they separated ? a continuous flow of numbers becoming items becoming events becoming symbols and becoming once again Mass Energy, an item, a chunk of Matter and such.

The opposite of infinite reductionism is infinite unrelatedness, everything is completely unrelated to anything else, everything 100 % disjoint, a new invention. And predicting the unrelated is assigning the prediction from the outset. The organic molecule of biology already knows how it will fold, already predicted its future, already knows how it will be, how it operates, so the item contains its future and past within itself... stability and instability, stability needed as a reference point to measure the unstable, to define something that is unknown and must be predicted...but the prediction itself is another item, is another entity, so prediction (in the form of numbers and formulas or whatever) is something that implies that it itself must be stable, an invariant, but a prediction itself is being assigned stable and invariant arbitrarily, it is being delimited from its environment to become something separate from the environment, but who or what defines the separation ? how do we divide ?


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