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No Work? Make Work!

No Work? Make Work!

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No Work ? Make Work!

I am amazed by how much Software and Computers went backwards, exactly did all it could to kill optimization, efficiency, productivity (and all of the other imaginary concepts the Standard Economic Model blatters about all the time, never defining really what they mean but used just to confuse and project abstract denotations meaning nothing just to gain something according to some agenda (like firing public workers because they are "not productive" and such, when only the governments worldwide can hire millions of people (to do boldly and proudly and truly absolutely nothing at all, which is actually the most productive thing they could do), for which there is and will never be any work anymore since the Technological Economy got rid of work altogether no matter how many illusions everyone tries to sale you all on this)).

The sector that should have been optimized and automated first (and that actually automated most work, go figure) and the most decided that there would be way too little real work left for millions of graduates and kids, so they started to invent all kinds of new programming languages, complications, all kinds of bureaucracy, so to say, all kinds of interdictions, impediments to producing that little real software that is really needed, but only stealthly and mostly hiddenly just to Make Work, Invent Work that is not needed and not possible and there, create structures that create fake work and activity just to keep millions occupied and such.

Case in point, during the early 80s we had BASIC as a programming language that had everything you needed and would ever need to write any complex software you could ever write already in place, a simple language that does all that you will ever need (and the machine language of computers is even simpler and more basic than BASIC consisting in only MOVE, ADD, SUBTRACT, some register instructions, some logic instructions and such, END OF STORY) but somehow, somewhere the fashions of the time decided to "change", to complicate things: so they started with Pascal (which is still good anyways) with semicolons (why the complication ?) the begin end stuff (why the extras ?) the distinction between := and == and such and so many had to learn a somewhat more complex language, etc. Then there was a proliferation of other languages (mostly from C, another huge productivity killer if ever! why the complications ? why all of the memory allocations ? why so much crap ? this should be all automatic just like BASIC did, etc.) and so forth, the curly brackets, another complication and so forth.

And finally JAVA and C++ that completely devastated the brains of generations of kids with absurd complexity that is not needed and is just there to confuse and stop people from programming and such (anyways, just as a side note, today the best languages you can use without wasting time is Visual Basic, PERL and AWK).

But this was done on purpose to create work, to create change which creates work since no one was (and still is) honest enough to say that the era of work is over, work is done and over with, is no longer needed.

And just imagine if we perfected, starting from the 80s (but you already had COBOL and FORTRAN in place which did and still today can do anything you want no matter how complex, shove JAVA and C and Object Oriented crap and especially C++ a huge waste of time, brain destroying idiotic complexity that is just there to waste hours on end) all of the BASIC programs and routines and libraries, everything possible, we could have completely automated 90 % of programming by now, just using one language, concentrating on the problems and not the languages and such. But it would have been too easy, too few new "programming jobs" would have been created, the deception would have been revealed, and the same deception would have been revealed in many other areas and sectors (the huge myth that Research and Science and Technology and Innovation and Education somehow magically "Creates Jobs", what total idiocy, it creates jobs only as inventions, only as social constructions, as behaviors and rituals, not because there is a real fundamental need for any of those fluff jobs like stupid APPs on IPHONEs and such), they couldn't say that computers and software and technology would create and need so many new workers and such crap.
And even the line numbers in BASIC and the use of GOTOs (which was demonized by so many fools!, the very machine language of computers is all about gotos jack asses!, you just needed to know how to use the flow of a program and be careful how it is designed, design it correctly and you can use all the GOTOs you want idiots) was probably much better than all of the JAVA and C++ confusion and complexity and useless abstractions.

As in real work, there is little to do always, just build some cars, some houses, some services, end of story, most work could be done with a few thousand people, end of story, everyone else is redundant, too many people for too little real work (so put them all in educations and services, all talking to each other and wasting time and not producing anything but status challenges, and office politics and all kinds of crap needed to make everyone think they are important and doing something important when in all truth, they are all excess capacity, useless, not needed, they just have to be occupied producing fluff all day since the governments worldwide can't be honest enough (and societies and culture) to say THE ERA OF WORK IS OVER, NOW WE ARE FORCED TO GIVE EVERYONE A FREE SALARY SINCE WORK WILL NO LONGER EVER BE NEEDED, AND CHEAP RENTS FOR HOMES AND ALL KINDS OF FREE STUFF, END OF STORY. (but as usual, even that would have been too easy, no more excuses for fights and conflicts etc.).

About the Future, we want to be in our imaginary movie, in an imaginary world where things play out according to "our dreams" and such crap, but this is false (and the future and dreams and goals becomes our prison and our constant regret and unsatisfaction for not having reached it, for being just unlucky (and you blame yourself for pure blind chance making you unlucky and you have to activate sadness and madness to hurt yourself, another automatic circuit in your mind that must be hosed), but this abstraction just like religion and god must be hosed, stop making abstractions and metaphysical inventions punish you, stop making ghosts punish you), there is no future, it is an invention there to punish and torture you and all of your plans (we should have grown old together and such absurd plans don't make sense when you analyze them logically) there is no movie and imaginary movies (where you see yourself in, you want to be in your movie, but the movie is an invention) and goals, things just occur, end of story, there is no denotation and metaphysical reality of the future, only events, a sequence of disjoint and unrelated events occur with no meaning possible, no plan possible, no future (or past or anything for that matter) possible, etc.

I AM THE OVERMAN (as imagined by Frank Zappa).

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