Thursday, November 29, 2012

Secret Formula...

Re: Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

Postby nameta9 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:26 pm

Secret Formula...

Two numbers: 4.677.8 78.997 the formula that predicted those numbers was composed of a rock on Mars, a mountain on earth, an electron in the center of a star, and 6 events, a cloud that blew through the air on earth 4 million years ago, a car that moved 10 miles now, a rock that will be thrown 500 years from now, and a photon emitted from an atom 2 billion years from now from a star 1 billion light years away (actually the precise time is 2454756709 years from now, and 21 days and 12 months and 2 hours and 4.5467787 seconds) a small wind on venus 5,000 years from now, an earthquake on earth that happened 200 years ago. And there are other formulas, other combinations, other mixtures creating 2 or 3 or millions of numbers, all mixed up time wise, past present and future is irrelevant, the positions in space are irrelevant, there are many wild formulas, many connections, and all disconnected, and so forth. And the two numbers above predict the ocean wave yesterday, the two numbers may also predict the moon, or a stellar plasma, and so forth. And you can mix numbers and predictions and formulas and so forth, all upside down, the numbers are the formulas, the formulas are the numbers and the rocks are predicting the numbers (change the arrows, the cause and effects, rocks -> numbers or numbers -> rocks and so forth), but the numbers are predicting the electrons (so to say, I am thinking of Ultra Abstractions and Ultra Creations, Ultra Inventions and such, Ultra Constructions trillions of times past what even these words seem to say, I am so far out and so far away, I have effectively exited this puny universe and this puny Man Brain and so forth).


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