Friday, November 30, 2012

Cause and Effect ?

Cause and Effect ?

A sequence of rocks on Mars, X Y and Z, if the imaginary time arrow passes through them then they become a sequence of causes and effects (but then just extend the sequence to up to your car tire and then X causes your tire, or your tire may be made up of X, or you can even include the idea of reductionism, everything is composed of everything else, the car tire is made up of Z then Y then X, or any other mixture and other random design the imaginary and very real time arrow makes, make it make a wild design crossing all possible items, each is made up of the other (ever smaller, or even ever bigger, the small item is made up of the big item, if you look at the small item under the microscope you will find the big item, the rock Y under the microscope gives you the car tire, and the car tire under the microscope gives you a star and so forth), X causes Y causes Z, etc. But then if the time arrow changes direction from Z to X, then the opposite is also true, and if the time arrow makes a circle and hits on other rocks, and if the time arrow becomes wide and includes many items concurrently, simutaneously, causes and effects, all mixed up or indeed very precise (but very precise, infinite precision only for an Ultra Mind that understand this type of style), but especially the cause is not a point like event but the entire rock, in parallel causes the other rock, but then all items, just by being in parallel can cause all other items, they are just associations, any painting or picture that has all of the items in it means that those items are associated by an Observer delimiting them and associating them, hence they imply the presence of one itme (no I meant "item", or "time" ? how I love wrongly spelled words, they make all the sense of an idea go out of the windw (window ? or is that a new concept trillion s of times more complex and abstract then ever ?), the (they ?) always expose the truth, how untruth and iun invetnion (inventions ?) all is.) means the presence of another, but you can have a parallel to serial converter (or serial to parallel converter, history all written down in paralle at once, all the events become a solid item, one after another and you can visit them, the events and story become a landscape to visit, no more time here, now it is all available (the myth of the past and the future dies finally!)), an existence to events converter and organize the items as a succession of events, as a series of causes and effects, but you can confuse the causes and events and which is which, and you can have very vague causes (but are they just associations, just items next to each other that make you think they are a cause and effect and a functioin of time ?) you can have completely atomized causes where nothing causes all and all causes nothing and everything in between etc. and very vague mixtures, ever more vague, impossible to understand, mix and confuse and make incoherent, and then make them all infinitely precise and so forth, you get the message...

And then extend to include wide parallel time, a volume of time causes a volume of Mass Energy, but it is impossible to follow how, since we invent how, or just mix and redefine all, the rock is TIME and the car tire is SPACE, then what is the transistor in that TV set of 1966 ? and extend and invent, projections ultra abstractions and so forth...


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