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Justifications for Free Physics



Re: Free Physics (like Free Jazz)

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Justifications for Free Physics

1) Infinite reductionism, since everything is made up of everything else (an electron is composed of a universe at a smaller scale, it contains an entire universe, and that universe contains electrons that contains other universes all the way down forever, for infinity etc. and all of the possible combinations of universes are expressed, etc.) then anything is the cause of anything else, all possible causes and effects as expressed as relationships between any two items at all at any point in space and time at any size level, any delimitations etc. (so a rock present on Mars a billion years from now, and a coin in ancient Rome that fell on the floor are the cause for the transistor breaking on that TV set in 1966, and such, all items can be combined and related and all possible causes and effects imagined and invented and forced without the need to respect space or time or logic or sizes or anything as in Free Physics as in Free Jazz, you get the idea...).

2) Everything is just a configuration of Mass Energy expressing a combination of particles, of information chunks, as in time travel and going back in the past and living at the same age as your father and such, since there is no need for logical coherence in that the old style time travel imposed the impossibility to be before you were born by imaging some kind of metaphysical constraint that imposed Mass Energy to be organized in successive obligatory steps, whereas it is now known that there is no obligation for Mass Energy and Information configurations to obey any coherence at all, the coherence was just a metaphysical ghost that was never necessary, so now you can be 20 years old and talk to your father who is 20 years old simultaneously since you and your father are just a given arbitrary combination of Mass Energy, a given configuration of Information Relationships that have no obligation to be be coherent or respect an imaginary history, an imaginary imposed succession of events, etc. So even the memories of the two persons and all of the universe as they see it is just a configuration of information in their minds imposing imaginary causes and effects and an imaginary history (but it is all just a memory that has been written to, it is all just a combination of bits in minds imposing an imagined history as history is just a set of bits, a succession of recorded events without any metaphysical or deeper meaning than just simply bits written to memories, with no further reality than just an arbitrary set of bits written to memories, so you can write any other set of bits and they are just as real, etc.).

So given that any time travel is possible in that any configuration of Mass energy or Information Relationships representing any time travel to an observer according to what he knows and sees and thinks (going back to New jersey in 1950 for example is exactly the same thing if it is all simulated, if the configuration of Mass Energy corresponding to how New Jersey was in 1950 is exactly replicated, exactly copied, etc., but even more so, if only the Information Relationships as perceived by the Observer is exactly the same, if the resulting experience and perception is indistiguishable from the "real" thing (whatever "real" means anyways since real doesn't really exist)), then any relationship at all between items, any Information Relationship can be always forced, invented, simulated, replicated, no matter how incoherent and far out just like any time travel can be created, invented and made real, nay, even more real than real, if real is 100 you can make it a trillion, hence trillions of times more real and such.

So then any two numbers can be decomposed into a set of invented relationships predicting why those numbers are such (just invent it, lie like crazy, be as dishonest and full of lies and full of BS as possible, don't respect the truth, the truth has always been the real lies...) anything has been predicted as prediction is already implicit in the stability of any item, any stability means that a degree of prediction is always already achieved by matter itself) and then why so much importance on prediction anyways (to be on top of the rules ? to avoid problems and such ? but you can assign all problems solved and all predictions you make as true anyways and always win 100 % anyways).



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