Thursday, November 29, 2012



The prediction itself occupies Mass Energy, Space and Volume, the prediction itself is an event, is an interaction, so there is a prediction that predicted that there would be a prediction relative to some item, entity, event, some need to know some information related to reciprocal items and events for some Observer, like the Observer wanted to predict the exact poistion of a small rock on Mars after a small wind moved it: in order to have the exact position he applied the infinite determinism equations of physics to determine the point where it will stop, and use the formulas and initial positions and such, etc. But the formulas (giant sized formulas, where a simple variable is a planet, and such) themselves occupy space and write over other items that were predicted by other formulas, hence there is a prediction of a prediction, an infinite recursion of predictions predicting each other and themselves and so forth. And what if the electron wants to predict the position of an atom in a star that is 100 million light years away from it, from a given time to 5 hours later, given that the atom is undergoing movements by the hot stellar plasma inside the star ? and what if the electron wants to use planet sized symbols and numbers (numbers that have a design and style that to write them down you need an entire planet, just because, because the electron likes to use large characters and symbols so it is easy for the electron to read it, or numbers that in order to be expressed need an entire planet, there is no other way to show them and design them, what new weird numbers, special numbers, numbers that must be made up of things in order to express themselves, semiabstraction, a mix between abstract and concrete, but what I mean is way more far out and abstract then wnat you are reading or thinking what I mean, and I keep going on with more and more abstractions, impossible to understand concepts, only my Ultra Mind understands them, all of you puny, fairy humans will never reach my infinite level), or the planet itself is the formula, the rocks are numbers and the entire ordeal is predicting numbers, random numbers written by a random will power and so forth.

And what if any two numbers correspond to any two rocks, and every number is a new Mass Energy entity, and so forth, predictions that self replicate and such. And if 3 represents the number 3, then what number does a rock represent ? as usual, project extensions, abstract extensions and so forth, 3 is number 3, 4 is the sky, the rock is something else and so forth, and add them all up and so forth, wild formulas and so forth, everything mixed and confused, the more confusion and mixing, the more surprising relationships and unknown mysterious relationships the better.


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