Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Computer guys, here's a good question!

Computer guys, here's a good question!

Postby nameta9 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:48 pm
Computers that can Self Program themselves ?

Now if computers are "Advancing" so much that they will be equal to the power of a brain in a few years (according to some simple math, like the number of neurons equals the number of transistors or something like that or whatever), then why hasn't anyone been able to simply automate "PROGRAMMING" computers in the first place ? Why hasn't all the BS of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning how to play chess better than humans, the IBM watson thing being smarter than a person in quiz games and so forth and so forth, not been able to automate simple programming tasks ? Like simply state what your program must do and the machine figures it all out perfectly in a language like Perl or Visual Basic or Java without anyone needing to do anything at all, just like the really smartass chess programs can beat humans ?

After all most programming tasks are perfectly cut out for machines to figure out, just like chess, in fact they are much easier than chess, and even complex programming tasks could easily be licked: so why hasn't any Microsoft or IBM or GOOGLE (with all the billions of cash in R&D they all have) come out with a spectacular show demonstrating how "advanced" they have become in this regards ?

This would be the perfect application of "Artifical Inteligence" ever, of "Expert Systems" (remember those ? now they have gone out of style for "failure to advance" ) and so forth.

After 50 years of "Research" Artificial Intelligence and Software and Computers have barely advanced at all, go figure...

Any ideas ? Am I wrong ?

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