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We are black holes ...

Re: Growth is Over !

Postby nameta9 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:09 pm 

We are the way the universe overcomes the "Laws of Physics": we are the points of the universe where it relinquishes the Iron Fist Prison of the Laws of Physics, we are the singularities, the black holes, the volumes of Space and Time where these concepts and all other logical concepts are no longer valid. Our simple random choices and free will, what we do moment by moment follows no laws accept random laws we decide to make exist at the moment for any or no reasons at all, we are actually the points where "Free Physics" can actually instantiate itself, we are where all kinds of random, quirky, illogical and senseless "cause and effects" can be invented for obscure, intractable personal reasons or models or ideas a civilazation, the human race self programs itself to have and so forth.

I decided to write these symbols on this page: what logic could have ever predicted this, what equations, who could have guessed it ? and what other new sequence of symbols will be written where and for what reason any place in the universe ? and so forth and so on.

And so it is with all the actions and reactions, the interlocking interactions humans have between themselves, all the fights, thoughts, struggles, wars (who could have predicted, in that exact moment and place the explosion of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima if an alien race where looking at the planet from far away and noticing this effect ? how could they ever know why or how ? and so forth).

So if just one human, one Man Brain one person is a point of space time where physics is no longer valid thanks to that person's free will, then imagine hundreds or billions of people interacting, the laws of physics are no longer operating at all if only as a background, a stage upon which the real events which are all arbitrary and random and a fluke are taking place, and where all the real events, exactly because they pertain to humans and the effect they have on their pain/pleasure circuits, the only ones that really define reality occur.

So being that the "Economy" is based on these "elementary particles" which follow no Laws of Physics, nothing can really ever be said about it, it is totally unpredictable, outside of the sphere of science, any science.

But then again, the laws of physics break down as soon as you try to predict the motion of three interacting particles, the three body problem has no solution, so the universe and reality is essentially lawless, has no laws, only some vague laws that we use to format reality according to our mental models, so that we can use it to speak to ourselves essentially, it is all a game of dependent and independent parts, surprises, and control, logical segments flung upon the world, but imagine how many new logical segments can be flung upon all you see, all that exists, according to all kinds of paths and according to all kinds of observers, the tree is an observer and the logical segment is a car tire to interact with a sun and so forth.


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