Thursday, October 24, 2013


Re: Growth is Over !

Postby nameta9 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:36 pm
Of course it would be funny if this prediction was all wrong and we had decades of hypergrowth in the near future, millions of jobs, high paying jobs, cheap homes and so forth: it could be since our minds are always wrong, any model or theory is always wrong no matter what and this is because of the nature of "Irreducible Complexity": a system can undergo any phase transition and become something else without any possibility of knowing how or why, the reasons are intractable or probably more correctly, there are no reasons or theories or models for the way irreducibly complex systems evolve and change. Anything goes.

But beware of all the politicians and economists blaming this or that for "low growth" or chanting that we need more competition or flexibility or education to "spark growth" and create jobs or that we need any other things like less taxes or any new laws or anything at all and all such BS: nothing further from the truth, they all have an agenda, they are all biased to obtain some gain against someone else, to change things in their favor (mostly in favor of the capitalists and owner class and rich) and so forth. And beware of all the morality BS, the corruption BS and so forth, always blaming some group or someone or something for some "Morally Wrong" behavior and such (too much tax evasion or too much corruption or Obama sucks or anything else), this has nothing to do with the economy: the econmy is independent of all of this and depends only on a chance configuration of interlocking forces and conditions...


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