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Growth is Over!

Growth is Over !

Postby nameta9 » Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:57 am
Growth is Over !

Look at all the homes and buildings and stuff built in the USA, EU and JAPAN in the last 100 years. Are we going to build all the stuff all over again from now until 2100 ? No way jose', so how are these economies actually going to "Grow" anymore ? (you would have to demolish all structures, buildings, houses, cars, etc. and build them all over again, look at the google street views of JAPAN for example or the USA or any other place in the Developed World) Are the populations of these places going to go up as they did in the last 100 years ? No way jose' (as population going up means building more houses, more stuff to buy and throw away etc.) so growth will never come back again.

All the markets are saturated, can easily be saturated by goods and need little labor to produce all these goods, so growth can't come back again anymore no matter what. We can grow alot of BS and "Information" (which is mostly useless crap, just like this post), financial BS and "Services" (another word to say, lets play status and power games and break each others chops over who is going to be an impediment to who else according to who is stronger and so forth, nothing real and useful being produced here by a long shot, just like real estate prices going up and hosing everyone and health care and education costs going up and hosing everyone and so forth, everone becomes a problem to everyone else).

And especially are we going to enter a period of Technological Progress like the last 100 years that allowed to hire millions building Cars and TVs and Computers and all such NEW things all over again when technology is over and done with ? everything that could have been done has been done and anyways most things are built in poorer countries due to their low salaries and such. I don't see any new technologies or inventions needing huge Industry hiring millions of new workers worldwide in sight here for the future. I see a lot of layoffs and restructuring and robots and technology taking away those few jobs left.

BUt the economists keep on chanting this myth of Economic Growth (dont't believe the numbers they say, like the USA has grown 3 % in 2012 and such, they have to make up the numbers or else admit that the economies are all failed now), they have to, the debts that the USA, EU and JAPAN have are trillions upon trillions of dollars and with essentially ZERO ECONOMIC GROWTH (if not NEGATIVE) there is no way on earth that those debts will ever be paid back no matter what. These places are essentially bankrupt, failed entities are over and done with. Just look at reality:

1) is it easier to find a job now ? NO, never been harder in fact;

2) even if you find a job, is it paid better ? NO! often it is paid way lower than in the past


3) EVEN IF YOU FIND A JOB (IMPOSSIBLE) AND GET THAT PUNY PAY CAN YOU RENT OR BUY A HOUSE THAT ISN'T MORE THAN 80 % YOUR PUNY SALARY ? DOES HOUSING COST A DECENT PRICE COMPARED TO THE PUNY SALARY ? no way jose', houses either to rent or buy always cost you your entire monthly salary whether in the USA, or EU or JAPAN, (in the areas where the "JOBS" are, since if you go live in Detroit they cost peanuts but you starve) go figure, the economists never say that in order to have growth housing costs must go way, way down compared to the puny salaries being dealt to all the losers, but they have to hope that "prices recover" which means they are hoping that the rents or costs of houses increase even more compared to the puny salaries.

But then again according to the economists, the puny salaries are all the workers fault: they didn't get enough "Training", they don't have the right "Skill Sets", they don't "Innovate enough", they are not "Competitive enough", they are not "Flexible enough", they didn't create that brand new "Startup" making billions and "hiring thousands", and so forth and so on, a never ending list of execuses hiding the fact that relations between people is just a power struggle, a war, a fight where no common good or economy will blossom anymore.

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