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Progress over, here comes the New Brains !

Progress over, here comes the New Brains  !

Progress over, change the brain now...

Postby nameta9 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:07 pm
Found an interesting blog:

scott locklin: ... -progress/

he says:

I think this particular article is also quite germane to this blog, as it’s about the disturbing slow down in the rate of technological progress we’ve experienced in my lifetime. I realize this is going to be controversial, and it may seem insane since you’re reading about it on my personal little network broadcast system, but it is an important subject worthy of your consideration. Technological progress isn’t what it used to be. Oh sure, the direction is remains generally positive (though not always), but the rate of new innovations and human power over nature seems to have slowed considerably. I don’t think I have any simple answers as to why this is so, but I want people to think and talk about it. As far as I know, there are no voices anywhere in the blogosphere or any other popular media which are saying this, excepting perhaps Charles Murray. Someone has to start the conversation, and that someone apparently has to be me. Sure, you could dismiss this idea as depressive rantings caused by economic apocalypse, but I actually have had this idea in mind since 2003 or so, when I was procrastinating writing up my Ph.D. thesis in the LBL library. I spent a week or so reading the yearly journal, “Advances in computers” -a wonderful experience that was probably more valuable than writing my thesis up. It was also humbling in that there have been very few recent advances in computers which aren’t simply advances in lithography.

If you’re a scientist or technologist, obviously this should be an interesting subject for you. If you’re a financial type: this should be even more interesting for you, as economic progress is ultimately fueled by technology and improvements in human power. I consider it the most important subject of our time. Why aren’t we doing better?

I’m impressed and humbled by the caliber of people who have read and commented on my blog, so I hope some of you take the time to read and think about this short piece, and maybe leave me some useful comments for or against my thesis. Because I directed the article at a popular audience, I skipped over a lot of technical details. Obviously computers have made possible innovations like Supply Chain and Operations Research type things, which are a form of progress, but not a revolutionary one: things aren’t really much different. Keeping less product on shelves isn’t really progress to my mind. Inventing, say, double entry book keeping: that made stuff incredibly different from how things worked before. Inventing trains and trucks to move product around: that’s real progress too. Blogs are … well, they’re a sort of democratization of technology: very positive, but not exactly progress. Some wise-acre I spoke to had the nerve to use Twitter or other social networking websites as an example of “progress.” If you are tempted to do so, I would assert that you don’t know what the word “progress” means. Anyhow, here is the article: ... z1iX8riIl1


so I have been replying for years what must now be done: change the brain structure, change minds and mind circuits as in:

Re: can science and religion be reconciled?
Postby nameta9 » Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:13 am

nameta9 wrote:
Hence this justifies the "Scientific Program" of designing new Brains and Minds having any possible interaction set with any possible outside environment created for it, any possible pain/pleasure circuits and so forth (the true evolution of technology, "Technology Achieved", technology on steroids, as only the pain/pleasure circuits count in the end and technology is only a means to achieve more pleasure than pain, etc.), this justifies the fact that reality is just an event, a point like event that can be emerged within any Interaction Set and Information Set and Experience Set, since the "event" is only ever all reality and truth, independent of any laws used to navigate it, nay, the laws can be invented, can be any at all, hence science is truly arbitrary as it pertains to only one set of interaction laws set up by Natural Evolution with respect to this quirky, random chemical set called Man.

In fact technology is at the end of the line, progress is over, we won't be discovering or creating new fangled things anymore like Electricity or Computers of Jet Planes and so forth. New Smart Phones containing old hat functions like phones and cameras and the internet just won't cut it anymore. At most we can replicate millions of models, produce a huge number of items of the same time, increase distribution and production of the old things we already have (fill the third world with cars and computers and skyscrapers and so forth), but we can't really invent any really new things anymore, we are at the end of the line now. We can make trillions of old things (what we should do anyways, we need huge increase of consumption and production of all kinds of things and remember that consumption is way more difficult to achieve than production, producing is easy, consuming is hard because people are still too used to the Resource Scarcity Mentality (not like the USA, the only real consmuer society), and all the economists and politicians think that GDP grows by helping corporations and production and competition and companies when in all truth, GDP grows mostly when you hike up consumption hugely, consumption should be the name of the game and more money in people's hands, not companies and production and so forth, consumption is infinitely more important than production and much harder to produce since it depends on people's culture and mind and hesitation to buy and waste like crazy, what we really need!) trillions of skyscrapers and rockets to planets and TVs and computers and so forth, mostly trillions of examples and permutations of mostly old ideas and concepts, but nothing really radically new like the Jet Plane was, or the Rocket to the Moon was, or the Automobile was and so forth.

In fact, you can really feel the desperation of our civilization that can't really go forward anymore (let alone all the political - social - economic problems that will forever be intractable and without any solutions because the Man Brain is simply a fighting against each other machine having will power machine and so forth), boredom, not knowing what new exciting thing to invent and so forth, what new possible market can be created, the constant chant for Innovation and Startups and Research and so forth hoping to gain something and so forth.

But the only real way forward now is to proudly and boldly and bluntly modify the Man Brain, the Observing Contraption on the top of our body, the Skull contents, stick in chips and new designs, make the new brains do all kinds of incredible new things, technology on steroids, technology achieved, modify the Mind and Brain in infinitely new ways, create trillions of new universes, all other past inventions and novelties will seem so tiny and worth so little compared to this.


So keep on waiting and hestitating civilization, keep on playing puny games with old products and inventions, keep on devising new smart phones with other cameras and old hat things instead of doing what must be done: stick jet engines in the skull and mind, stick wild symbols and circuits in brains, change the brains in infinitely new varieties and types, do it man, you can do it, first gear - its all right, second gear - hang on tight, third gear you're out of sight.

Then again, even this theory and ideology may be a desperate attempt to keep on producing an imaginary progress when progress is mostly terminated in that modifying brains and minds will simply lead up pain and death since biological contraptions are so complex and intractable that it cannot be done: remember the three body problem can't be solved even with supercomputers executing a trillion operations a second...

and in :

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Re: Progress over, change the brain now...

Postby Daktoria » Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:40 pm
A lot of the problem is that people are focused on synthesizing efficiency now over information and transportation technology. You don't see any new "real" technology being made since people insist on learning from experience instead of coming up with new things to do.

A classic example of this is in the music industry.

Centuries ago, people were actually inventing new technological instruments to be played.

Today, everything is based around synthesizers, and even genres themselves are synthesized.
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Re: Progress over, change the brain now...

Postby nameta9 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:45 pm
What does a modified brain - mind really mean ? anything, anything can go, any result, but the problems are that all the assumption of a "common world" fall apart, all the rules of the game, all ideas, reference systems, all social conventions and so on fall apart, become unknown or variables and so forth. There is no longer any consensus on what the "real world" is if there is a new modified brain thinking, decoding, and interacting with the world differently. After all a civilization - a culture, the human race is only the sum of billions of very similar mind brain machines decoding and interacting with the world according to a very small subset of possible models and thought schemes and language systems.

A new brain can be slightly different and already be in a completely different universe (just notice how different the tribes that populated the world in history are so different just changing their mental models and rituals and prospectives, etc.). Imagine how different the world could be to a new mind brain designed in many new different ways: and then even just one mind brain is equivalent to a "human race" as the number of similar brains all talking to themselves can be viewed as just one Man Brain by itself, the number of instances of the same brain type doesn't really count, it is the Information Relationship Set that the processing machine can experience that creates the reality.

Now a completely different brain can be so different from us as to end up being completely unrelated, so far away from us that there is no way we can even remotely conceive or know what it is experiencing and so forth. Not even the highest abstractions can give us a feel for brains that end up being so different as to not having anything at all in common with us anymore: not saying that it can have trillions of more emotion systems or sense organs or sentimental experiences and so forth, but having things and experiences for which we have no words or concepts or anything no matter how much we try. So the rock on the street can be a possible new brain having trillions of experiences so removed and different from us as being impossible to communicate anything at all, hence it is irrelevant for us what the rock is doing, it is too far away from us, even though it is a complete universe, mind and brain having trillions of experiences and so forth. Just the fact that we see and know everything with denotations, indirections, symbols as opposed to a possible a new mind that could feel (like touch or pleasure or anything as far out as possible?) everything it sees and interacts with deeply, so deeply that we would appear to be completely dead compared to minds feeling everything infinitely deeply and so forth, not only reasoning about it or symbolizing things in logic schemes as we normal Man Brains have always done.

What could happen if Man finally decides to jump the gun is that many new parallel minds and experiences could start executing new lives and universes: but then at that point we are at the end of history and the human race (and the universe and laws of physics and for that matter), all what happens in each new brain (and there could be trillions of new experiences and experiments) is a world apart, there is no longer history or progress, (there is no longer a "common world" a consensus on what is real, nay, a consensus is no longer needed, each mind is a universe unto itself, self sufficient and infinitely powerful, Man Brains having billions of instantiations of itself talking to itself like the human race is is just one particular kind of organization, there can be trillions of other organizations, many consisting of only one brain, others consisting of millions of radically different brains talking to each other (with no consensus) and all the possibilities in between) what happens is disconnected from the linear arrow of time of progress and history, it is outside of all and such.

So will it happen ? maybe, maybe very slowly and gradually or maybe not...

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