Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Absolute Observer

Who is going to write the equation L = f1(O1) = f2(O2) ? Who is, what is the Ultimate Brain Design that can see what all possible brain designs have in common ? So if the Absolute Processor, Absolute Observer Oa can write the equation, then the equation is valid also for itself hence L = fa(Oa), but then that means all Brain designs are equivalent, they are all just the same Processor. But then that would mean something similar to a baby being equivalent to an adult (or a rock being equivalent to you, since all items are possible Brain designs, as in Brainium), they know the same thing, and then to verify the equation, you would need a different Processor from Oa, an Oc to confirm the truth Oa finds, the equation Oa finds. But then Observer Oa and Observer Oc (confirmer) would have to live in some kind of Same Reference System, same Universe with the same Laws of Physics and such, demonstrating the equation even before knowing the Observers and such. And then if you choose a Rock as a random new Brain Design and random Observer, that Rock would have to communicate to you that the Absolute Observer is right, or would have to send some information to confirm this, but a Rock cannot talk and such.

The observer writing and confirming the equation would have to be some kind of superset of all possible observers and live in some kind of superset of all possible universes and so on. Of course the universe is a function of the observer (once an observer, for example a Man Brain with eyes and touch and sound and logic decoding the world according to space and time is designed and invented, the universe where that observer can live and interact is also defined, one implies the other, etc.), so once an observer is established, so is his universe and such, but then it can never be a superset of all universes and observers it will always fall back into just another distinct random observer, maybe having many properties and looking like a superset, but effectively being only just another plain observer, etc.

And then you can always assign an Observer O3 that wants to contradict or lie or simply doesn't want to abide to the equation, who is going to tell that Observer that Oa is correct, and what does the rebel Observer even care about Oa, he can dismiss Oa as being nothing at all and such.

But then by the same reasoning, you can assign an Absolute Observer where the equation is true and another Absolute Observer where the equation is false and so on and this can justify inventing anything at all, any truth at all since you can assign the rules of verification in any way you want, you can invent all and assign all True or False or Anything else and so on and such. You can also define and assign yourself as the Absolute Observer deciding all, just like I like to do, just like the APE JOB does, and wait for the rock to contradict you or wait for another Observer to contradict you, but then the other observer would have to speak your language and decode the world according to how you decode it, but then it wouldn't be a very different observer from you, so you can always assign an observer that can't contradict you (or can contradict you, according to what you want to demonstrate), or you can always say the rock is the Absolute Observer, etc.

Hence this is the End of Science, as soon as you start changing the brain, you enter new worlds where Science is no longer operating.

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