Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Laws of Physics Revisited

Laws of Physics Revisited

I was reading how scientists are discovering how certain parts of the Brain works: but that is the point, we shouldn't be discovering how the Brain works, we should be inventing how the Brain works, we should be inventing and designing how we would like the Brain to Work, we should be inventing new Brain Designs and new Brain Styles, new interactions, new Observers, new Observer Types.

And if you change the Observer, the ground point from which all is measured and observed and how the Observer interacts with what it observes and measures, you change everything, the very structure of existence changes, you enter a new world, an new universe having new laws of physics, nay, even more, you enter something so new and different that it can't be described or associated with anything we already know: saying that you enter a new universe with new laws of physics is too reductive, is too modest compared to how deeply all could change, to how hugely different and new, completely new and revolutionary all of the structure of existence and information and interactions and new events occurring can be.

But then which Observer will measure and compare the new Observer to which (and how ?) ? Which will serve as a ground point ? And if the laws of physics are valid for us, how does that translate to what the laws of physics are for the newly designed Observer Type?

But any Observer, interacting or mixing with or measuring a new Brain Contraption would still have to be aware and remember what his laws of physics are compared to what the new Observer sees, but at a certain point the measuring Observer, in order to more fully perceive and measure the new Observer would have to gradually lose his awareness and memory of his original world and laws of physics until he becomes the new Observer ? So then the laws of physics are only a function of which particular Observer is interacting with the physics...


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