Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Invariant ?

But, but, but .... So let's put this thing up on two feet. Here's the deal:

Are the laws of physics invariant for all possible Observers ? If you have Observer1 O1 and Observer2 O2, are the laws of physics the same for both of them such that:

L = f1(O1) = f2(O2)

where L is an invariant form of the Laws of Physics in all possible reference systems according to all possible Observers ( all possible Information Processing Networks in newly designed Brains, all possible Processors), f1 is a particular function relative to the particular design of the particular Observer O1 and f2 is another specific function relative to the specific design of Observer2 O2 such that they transform the expression of all of the invariant repetitive laws discovered in one reference system O1 into the equivalent, but one to one association expression of the corresponding invariant repetitive laws discovered on behalf of Observer2 ?

Does L and f1 and f2 exist for all possible Observers ? And if so, does it even matter ? It matters to us because we like to discover mathematical relationships valid in all possible situations (aka reference systems), but in the end what counts is the Experience the Observer undergoes in his world, and that is his reality and his universe and his laws of physics.

On the one hand, I doubt that L, f1 and f2 can exist given how radically different an Observer (a Processor) design can be, aside from the fact that you can hard wire Observers so that they can never discover their underlying laws or any laws, or you can hard wire an Observer - Processor to perceive any wild and random laws as far out and detached and unrelated to our laws (or other laws of physics existing for any other observers - processors) as possible, or hard wire an observer so that it always only Lies to itself and falsifies (simulates ?) all reality.

On the other hand, no matter how hard we try, we are always seeing everything through our reference system, our logic and our laws of physics, we are chained into a fixed f1 and O1 so to say and cannot say anything at all about f2 and O2, or something like that. And even if we can see some of what O2 sees, and even if we mix O1 and O2, and even anything else, no matter how hard we try, we can never be all possible Observers, and see things through all possible Observers, we will always format everything automatically according to what we already know, to some kind of fixed but arbitrary logic and processing machine, etc. We are trapped in our reference system no matter how hard we try to escape it and see beyond it and see a number of distinct reference systems from a more general reference system, from the outside looking in so to say, but we are never outside, we are always inside since we are trapped into some very simple laws from the outset like the Identity Principle and the Principles of Non Contradiction and such (and Space and Time and Extension references and so on).

So the only solution is to simply crack open skulls, crack open your own skull and pour wild stuff in it, design crazy circuits and contraptions and stick it in you skull, Jethro Skull, go for it man, or simply assign the V8 Engine as a new Man Brain and Observe what it is observing from the outside, imagine how the world appears to that engine and such, be crazy, be wild, party on folks, party on....


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