Thursday, May 24, 2012

Europe ?

Europe ?

Why doesn't the USA and the Federal Reserve just get it over with ? Why don't they just print a few trillion dollars, give it to Greece (and to the other "Failed States" of Europe Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.) and just absorb the entire continent as a new USA state, maybe call it NEW TEXAS or EAST NEW JERSEY or something like that and cut all the BS and crap ? We all know that there is nothing behind all the debts and economic laws and rules, just power plays, just make believe interdictions and crap, just a make believe cartoon world of economics that doesn't make any sense and is mostly insane.

Just get it over with and give them the CASH BABY, CASH, they will be alright, they will understand that it doesn't matter, that they are all insignificant turds on the Worldwide Economic Radar thanks to the Technological Economy generating Free Wealth and Excess Capacity by the boatloads.

And what is wrong with Europe anyways ? Why can't they be ONE UNIT, ONE POWER, ONE FEDERAL STATE, ONE POLITICAL STATE with "Liberty and Justice For All" according to the only model that can work, and namely the USA model ? With one Language (American English, the Neutral Type, the Standard International English that everyone understands because all the local, baroque crap of the UK is done away with once and for all) ?

How many European countries do not have the EURO ? Oh, just the richest, bar none, (the hogs, the ones that should be giving their cash to puny Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy, but they are too egotistical and greedy to give the cash out for free, the craps, they should be forced by a higher power (the only Real Boss: the USA) to pay for the mistakes of the weaker clowns, bar none) : those that don't have the EURO as a currency are the UK, SWEDEN, NORWAY (which has 400 billion dollars stashed away thanks to their oil sales), SWITZERLAND (other billions of dollars stashed away since they are the worldwide bank, and clean money from thieves and such) DENMARK and some others. Aside from the fact that you can't even pinpoint down where Europe starts or ends and who is part of it (is Serbia part of it ? Ukraine ?, Romania ?) who knows and who can keep track !

They all have their puny local language and "culture" and "history", they have their "Identity" and such. Are they crazy or what ? Kill all local identites, one Nation, one Force, that is the model, they all have these petty little fights between themselves, they are all such special little turds, Spain is divided in various factions, Ireland against the UK and so on forever. Their history and identity and such is "so important", what idiots, what clowns!

Well who cares about their identity, throw it all down the toilet, the world is now a fight amongst Gigantic Economical and Technological Blocks of Power, China, the USA, India, Russia and so on, all these little identities have no room and no business surviving anymore, they must all be forced to be part of a MONOLITHIC BLOCK OF POWER FIGHTING AGAINST THE OTHER BLOCKS, we are not going to care about history anymore, now it is all about HUGE ECONOMIES OF SCALE, THE TECHNOLOGICAL ECONOMY AUTOMATING ALL PRODUCTIVE ENDEAVORS, THE DEATH OF WORK AND LABOR ONCE AND FOR ALL, TRILLIONS OF ROCKETS TO MARS, TRILLIONS OF SKYSCRAPERS, TRILLIONS OF NEW BRAIN DESIGNS, THE COLONIZATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM, THE FUTURE, no more history or local fairy tales and baroque identities, Europe must be one Federal State, including all of them from Norway to Albania to Ukraine to BieloRussia to Poland to Romania etc. One Monolithic Unit, and if they can't do it on their own then they should just become a State of the USA (or of China or Russia, let them decide to which BOSS they must abide, puny fairy tale craps always fighting and being greedy and not helping their weaker clown states: what they did to Greece would never have happened in the USA, go figure)...

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