Monday, May 28, 2012

Short Story

Science is a short story, the greatest invention of all will also be the last invention of the Human Race, we will EXIT this world in a jiffy, in a moment and we will be gone (or is it the world as we know it, decode it and format it going to be gone ?).

"We have to discover/understand it before we can re-invent it."

There is no IT. There is no objective reality, there are only subjective events and sensations, each person a point like event happening in a moment and nothing else.

You can go the route of trying to discover "How the Brain Works" and learn all of the repetitive patterns and rules, and especially keep on applying your logic and implied outside reality world and implied objective reality world (implied because you think your Man Brain and Experience and Your Life experience somehow represents the ONE Objective, Invariant Reality when it is just a random quirk of sensations and mental models and memories of things and sets of events and actions and reactions a randomly designed Observer experiences with no Truth or Objectivity or Deeper Knowledge than any Cartoon World and Simulator you can invent) and then manipulate a new brain accordingly, but you would never know :

1) What exactly the new brain would experience with your "logic" applied to it, since applying your logic, the logic of your world and brain to a new brain would be to make believe that all brains and any observer must operate accordingly, according to something you already know, the new brain as formatted or as designed according to another brain, but since there is no Ultimate Objective Brain, they are all random subjective, arbitrary quirks, you would just be mixing brain styles and the corresponding universes with them. A observes and manipulates B but B could also observe and manipulate A, but both A and B are arbitrary relative quirks and flukes, neither is an absolute reference system, so since there are no absolute reference systems, all brains are just a quirk and random design not containing any truth or any reality at all, just designs, just Information Relationships;

2) How your own brain and world would appear to the modified mind, how it would interpret it, how it would like to apply its "logic" or rules to your own brain, and would like "to see how your own brain works and what happens by manipulating it" and such.

The point is that modifying the Brain and Designing a new brain is such a total and radical departure from anything ever done before, that there is no point of contact between what the new brain and its corresponding universe and new laws of physics observes with what we observe: they are so different and so disjoint, that simple any random and wild manipulation of a brain is equivalent, is equally logical, is equally correct since there is no longer any correct or incorrect operating, there is no longer any logic operating, any history, and connection to anything we model in our mind.

It is the End of Science and the beginning of completely new worlds, there is no longer any linear accumulation of knowledge since the Measuring device containing the accumulated knowledge (our brain) is no longer a fixed and stable invariant item, but a variable, unstable, new Observer open to any events, any interpretations and actions and reactions, and therefore totally alien from us, the most extremely alien and different from us than you can possibly imagine.

What happens when you change the Observer of the Universe ? You also change the universe totally and completely and you discover that there is no fixed universe, only an infinite array of possible observers and universes without any direction, or history, or reference system, not even the reference system of time and space, since time and space is done away with completely in many new types of Observers.

We may approach these experiments very gradually, with very small changes and with simulated universes, since the departure from what we know would be too radical and sudden for our Man Brain to accept and Decode...

"I mean really do have mastery over nature, then sure."

There is no "nature" and there is no "mastery of nature", only new designs, new wild and wicked Man Brains doing things completely unknown and alien from us...stick wild chemicals and wild signals in the Man Brain, shove a V8 engine in the Man Brain crazily and irrationally, make a mess, don't use logic, use ART, make it jump in a new universe...

Oh, what I wrote is all wrong, I am using my logic to disprove my logic and such, so cool, how I love to contradict myself constantly, WORSHIP CONTRADICTION, THE HIGHER MODE OF REASONING, BE WRONG ALWAYS, BE AS WRONG AS POSSIBLE!


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