Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Number

James S Saint wrote:
nameta9 wrote:Are the laws of physics invariant for all possible Observers ? If you have Observer1 O1 and Observer2 O2, are the laws of physics the same for both of them such that:

L = f1(O1) = f2(O2)

where L is an invariant form of the Laws of Physics in all possible reference systems according to all possible Observers ( all possible Information Processing Networks in newly designed Brains, all possible Processors), f1 is a particular function relative to the particular design of the particular Observer O1 and f2 is another specific function relative to the specific design of Observer2 O2 such that they transform the expression of all of the invariant repetitive laws discovered in one reference system O1 into the equivalent, but one to one association expression of the corresponding invariant repetitive laws discovered on behalf of Observer2 ?

Else they aren't the "Laws of Physics".

In fact, what I am searching for are the most General Laws of Physics possible given any possible Observer or Processor design. And this project is destined to fail because it is always biased by my own Universe and Reference System from which I will never be able to escape unless I become something else, totally alien and totally non communicable.

The design of the Observer defines the design of the Universe that the Observer will interact with, the design of the Observer implies automatically, from the outset, the only kind of universe and hence laws of physics that it can live in and have, the set of Information Relationships that it can express and "Experience", as the kind of life it can Experience, etc.

Interesting to see how Man has gone from being the center of all in old religions and even Science, to being an ever more relative item compared to the rest of the Universe, and then at the End of Science, he becomes once again the center of all, as the design of Man defines the universe he can interact and live in, but at the same time, automatically makes the design of man the utmost arbitrary and random choice, just a fluke choice amongst many trillions of possible Observer designs, of possible Processor designs and formats, and each Processor design can interact with a completely different Universe and set of laws of Physics. And hence even Man's universe is just one of many possible Universes and Laws of Physics, his very Science and Logic becomes Arbitrary and Relative, the last substance of any ground and reference system evaporates forever. Bye, bye any Absolutes...

We are just a number written on a wall, with other numbers looking at us...

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