Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Instant or Gradual ?

We are always fighting our "Mental Model" of things, of the way we imagine that they are supposed to be, etc.: but things are independent from any of our Mental Models and we are always surprised to discover how random and independent from us or any model we have in our mind reality is. And we fight ourselves because reality contradicts our Mental Model, what "We Thought Should and Would Happen" and such: like I wanted my kid to go to college (Mental Model) but instead he became a thug and such, and so I fight myself and try to force reality to abide to the Mental Model, when the Mental Model was false and must be hosed, accept reality and give up, etc. Don't fight yourself, jut accept Reality and get rid of any Mental Models or Plans or Projects or Expectations, etc.

Back on Dice: in order to help you all contradict me, I will give you a clue: it is true that the Observer implies a Universe that he can Observe according to how he is designed, the Observer fits in perfectly with the way the Universe he Observes is designed (according to how he himself is designed, a kind of positive feedback loop fitting the Observer to his Universe, each to each other perfectly, one implies the other) and how he Interacts with it and the fixed set of events the Observer and the Outside Universe expect to occur during the lifetime of the Observer (the possible Information Relationship Set and Reciprocal Interaction Set).

But the design process that created the Observer (the Man Brain as we know it and according to the Universe as we know it) was executed by Natural Evolution, through a gradual adaptation of every new "Functionality" to the environment in which the Observer found himself in, through a constant testing and trying of each small change, making only the most functional changes survive etc. Compare this to the imagined "Instant Singularity" where there is no "Evolution" or trial and error process, but a one shot radical change of the Observer and the expectation that this Observer can survive and Live and Be Conscious in a new imagined Universe (or his Universe).

But we can imagine that all and all we are simply inside an artificial contraption where Natural Evolution and the gradual trial and error adaptation is just a make believe, a simulation, just a joke. And we can imagine any other contraption with any other radically new and one shot designed Observer Instantly adapated to a corresponding Universe and Law of Physics, as fake as can be, but since the only thing that really matters is the one shot sequence of point like events the Observer is experiencing and "Living", Evolution and Gradual are not not necessary, only the Information Relationship Set and Interaction Set count and are effectively perceived by the Observer as he lives in this "Artificial Universe": we may very well all the same be inside an "Artificial Universe" of some alien race, where a microsecond of ours is a year of theirs or a year of our life is a microsecond of theirs and so on.

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